Trump Sold us out


Well… :expressionless: I don’t think that the elections next year are gonna be anything short of an epic Trainwreck…

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Tell you this much, I’m very far from convinced to voting for the GOP in 2020, and if I fail to be convinced after being convinced the time before… I get in a very punishing mood. I keep having urges to vote for the DNC, full ticket.


The entire asylum system is a complete usurpation of national sovereignty, and nobody granted asylum should get to become a permanent resident. The fact that they don’t ever go home is enough to make me say the entire concept is a scam.

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Yes… A much bigger train wreck than the Communist running the Democrat Party ever expected.

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It is about to get real for the scum in the swamp.

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Recently caller “James” shed light on this issue with Owen at I believe last hour of Alex Jones Show. Same day Mike Adams in War Room broadened the view on limited capacity of President Trump’s to singlehandedly implement the objectives he laid out as prescription to reorient the Nation’s Constitutional intentions. The necessity of Conservative Congressional support and action that would accommodate President Trump’s actions which could expedite desired changes.
The idea of any President unilaterally realigning long-term errant trajectory of a 300mil citizenry social structure is misinformed, nearly mythological version of humanities ability for change.
Certainly on a micro scale i.e. localized civil community adjustments can exhibit easily observable course correction.
The analogy I received years ago, that exemplifies micro vs macro of social realignment is appropriately mentioned here.
That a Navy Aircraft Carrier requires approximately 50 miles to make a u-turn, conversely, little motorized rubber landing craft makes same course adjustments in matter of feet or yards.

President Trump’s accomplishes unbelievable feats, against insurmountable odds, despite “Never Trumpers”, Neocons, or general atrophy stricken conservative base.

Another fitting analogy appropriately due,
"The President being the Captain, however lacking properly outfitted sailing vesse limited undermanned crew, requires him to chart the course, adjust the heading, secure the wheel, trim the mainsails, correct the heeling, tack or jibe, run a chip log, etcetera.

Point of the conversation mentioned above were in my understanding being that Progressive and Conservative both have for individual organizations purpose have inflected systemic damage to social fabric design being amicable with developing these great achievement of know history were are exchanging ideas on presently.

American uniqueness a product of the USA Constitution.

Considering the historical facts of civilization as taught, simply measured the amount of dark ages stagnation of advancement verse several hundred years of stratospheric advancement from modernization of manufacturing into technological and digital development are evidence of these new structure being similar with uncharted territories. Yet humans intoxicated with advanced existence have bloated self imagery running them wildly into catastrophe calamities.

No recognition of the precarious precipice, the majority of the populace have been gallivanting alongside mindlessly inebriated by superiority complexities.

Simple percentage 1000’s of years predominantly darken tribalism, plot farmers, Hunter gathering verses 200 years Chariots of the God lifestyle.

Humanity hasn’t advanced the ability to coexist within the Capitalist system which brought this epic experience together.





So many traitors in one feed. Please vote Democratic full ticket. We will all know who to blame. A bunch of ignorant cowards on Infocomms.


Who says we support either side? If you think voting in a rigged system makes any difference then maybe you might want to check your level of ignorance :rofl:





Oh plaese MammyPotatoes Tell us what you believe in today.


A. This is painful to watch.
One truth is you will Never get another Trump, you will never see another real Republican president again, unless it is Trump.
B. If deep stake, mainstream pedia and wall streek are allowed to persist, and I intentionally use that word, the USA will not.
C. If you are deep state, please understand that the whole world knows what you are and does not want you to continue either in their government or the USA. So, have your Jesus moment and repent and get out of our government.


Trump is going after these scumbags…Be patient…its coming…



My main concern for people is the level of disillusionment that will inevitably fall sooner or later… I don’t particularly care one way or another how the political circus rolls but I do care about the people who become so tightly wound up in a politician and truly believe that a politician will save this country… And I care about the division that has spread amoung the people because of the games that politicians play… We the people are the only ones who can save this country, and they knew that, so they divided us … Wake up and smell the corruption… Even Trump played the game… He’s apart of the system and the greatest “player” the system has ever known… Just wait and watch and try not to catch feels within their games…


I find this thread funny. Please tell me who knows enough to not have sold out in one area or another? Before waking up this much I was foolish enough to think the right man could get anything done. After waking up and doing research you realize we were fucked 100 years ago and multiple generations have dropped the ball in massive ways.

Trump is the best shot we have at normal and that’s only for a little while. I say it’s simple, buckle up and enjoy the ride!


Well, although i do see your point…but my faith is NOT founded on Trump. #GodsGotThis

God told Mark 2 or 3 years BEFORE Trump ran that he would run, win, serve 8 years and that their would be justice served (#MilitaryStyledTribunals) through his Presidency and that Obama would be exposed and stripped of the Presidency…I’m not sure what that means or how that part works but IF the Lord did speak to him & I DO believe He did we will need to watch & see how His plan unfolds.

But, that being said…I DO understand your frustration and concern. We can NEVER but our faith in a human other than Jesus Himself too!

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Amen brother @GreggHuestis67:grin::+1::heart:

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