TRUMP WILL WIN RE-ELECTION in 2020. Dems are Imploding


I Think Trump is not worried about winning 2020. Not that I agree with him, but he is going to show he will win with his hand tied behind his back, Conservative Censorship. I Believe he has the Neocons Aboard, maybe some deal he made. He knows Patriots will stand with him, and Dems are Imploding… Beto? Bernie? Moochelle? Kamala? Give me a break. Jokes. He will win with such a landslide, that he will put to bed that russian bot conspiracy theory, and totally discredit the dems. Their house of cards are crumbling now.

I think his, BE GOOD statement to stand against censorship, just Means, Dont Mess it up for him, by causing some stupid incident, that will give ammo to the Dems. The phrase Owen says, Stay Classy Infowarriors, comes to mind for me. I think Trump believes he can win this on his own strategy and work,
and doing it HIS Way.

I believe the dems were Intimidated by his Neocon Support, and Backed down on the Impeachment issue.
I cant think of anything else that stopped their Impeachment Frenzy Sooooo COLD, than Neocon Support Deal.

Trump will win, but what his Presidency will look like next, Who knows?


That actually makes more sense when you state the stay classy line and not wanting to incite an incident to ruin the whole thing. Dems are no longer dems, they are literally cannabalistic in behavior by infighting with one another with anything that is not socialism. Moderate dems will swarm to the right and realize they have lost their party to a misguided generation.


Yeh, Thats the only thing that keeps coming to mind. He has set his ducks in a row,
and letting the dems discredit themselves.


He is a very smart individual and he understands this is like a controlled demolition as opposed to a nuclear bomb. Slow and meticulous as opposed to fast and sporadic.


I fear they’re gonna make damn sure to rig the election this time around.


They have had 4 years to fix what ever went wrong for sure but no Democratic contenders stand a chance, even with the rigging. Thier only hope would be let’s say a Biden and Michelle Obama ticket and that’s about it right now that they can rig and the public will believe imo.