Ttuurrrbbo fooorccce!💥


Turbo force is rocket fuel! I’m a pretty mello person, I took an 8th of turbo force it with super male vitality and I’m bouncing of the walls!


Awesome can’t wait to try it!! :wink::+1::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Will let u know, I’ll try it tomorrow as I’ve just gotten my order today.


I don’t think that you guys will be disappointed, this stuff is powerful. Its not like a normal energy drink that makes you feel like you’re going to have a heart attack, its a steady energy.


You took about an 1/8 of one serving and it had that effect on you? Are you hyper sensitive to caffeine?


hahaha that is funny. I for sure can’t take that then. I can’t even drink coffee.


I am… big time… though i just said that. lol


I think it was a combination of the turbo force and the super male. Next time I’m going to do one or the other instead of both.


Mine is on way…can’t wait!


I took the rest of the packet last night to stay awake because I turned 21 yesterday. I was piss drunk by 1:00Am, I fell asleep and woke up at 4:00Am wide awake with no hangover. I’m not exaggerating when I say wide awake. It felt like someone taped my eyes open. It usually takes me a cup of coffee or two to stay awake in the morning. I also don’t like waking up early but this stuff gets the job done. You’ve been warned Turbo Force is POWERFUL!

  1. I will consider a purchase, I’m getting ready to do another order.
  2. It would be nice if Alex took a monthly subscription so I could be a select few (one of 63 million) that gets a discount on the vitamins.
  3. But what do I know about business models, I don’t have many customers.
  4. When I attended an internet business workshop seminar, I couldn’t believe I went there, but actually sensed some pockets of goodwill in the participants.


Happy Birthday Alex. When I turned 21 I was in Hawaii via a ship and I was having so much fun I forgot it was my 21st birthday till the next day. Glad you remembered yours.


I’m a morning person so naturally I’ve got energy in the mornings. But I’m a firm believer of supporting what I trust. I took the first 2 days with half the packet one day before work and one day weekend where I could be lazy and nap if I wanted.

This stuff is no joke. At work off a half a packet I had 0 zombie tired moments. 0 yawn my butt off moments. I was hyper alert and super focused. Today I took a whole packet so we will see how different it is from the half. But so far it’s an absolute game changer when compared to anything like it. Coffee can’t touch it, energy drinks make me tired not wired, the pills are just plain dangerous. Turbo Force us the real deal.


Thanks hxtr and yeah its awesome. I also like how it doesn’t have the dyes and all that crap that’s bad for you in it. This is my new favorite product for sure.


Ok on 1 hour into a full packet. Please note if you’re a natural high energy individual like myself. Only take half a packet, I’m a rocket of energy currently. This stuff is legit


I just washed an alpa power down with a full pack of turbo force and then took half a shot of secret 12. Hopefully I’m not in news tonight.


You just strapped yourself to a rocket. LOL


Hahahahahhaha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :joy: :sweat_smile: hilarious


The best energy, mental clarity and focus product, period


Happy Birthday, I remember when I turned 21.