Ttuurrrbbo fooorccce!💥


Its definitely long boost energy! I am taking the day off turbo force, just drinking coffee. Turbo force is great, but its good to be able to relax sometimes. Its just like Monster Energy only better! Give it a try. I ordered 9 more boxes a couple days ago. :sunny:

Thanks Infowars!


IF you look at supplements in general, (esp their name) they only give you a couple extra percent on whatever you are doing. Most of us are not living a lifestyle that would put you at the 80 or 90 percent, and therefore a couple percent bump will seem insignificant. If you are an extreme athlete at 90+ percent performance, then these would probably put you up near your max. Nothing wrong with getting the help from supplements, but i see it as a boost and mostly a way to fuel the Infowars, not a secret to my everlasting vitality.


These supplements help a lot especially doing hard work, exercise, and feeling healthy. If your body is full of toxins it will be slowed down. If your body is depleted in a type of vitamin, it can be limiting on performance. I have found Infowars supplements improving my health and vitality a lot. Try the super male vitality and z shield twice a day! Try the vitamin mineral fusion. :sunny:


You’re right about the caffeine tolerance. The more I drink turbo force the less I feel it. But then again the same thing happens to me with coffee, if I drink coffee everyday it has no effect on me. That’s why I try to use caffeine every other day instead of everyday so that my tolerance stays low.


If you are familiar with energy drink(s) and their respective compounds; I would assume you could have inferred the reaction to this product by simply reading the ingredients list.

You call yourself freedom fighter yet actively trying to subvert Turbo Force sales in favor of another, ‘cheaper’, product…



Took Turbo Force today for the first time. I didn’t really expect much as I drink the poisoned energy drinks at work. Today I didn’t need or want the energy drink…This stuff runs circles around any energy drink, coffee or anything else that claims to give you energy besides illegal stimulants :laughing:

Wish it was a little cheaper though but going to do the math on what I spend per month on the poisoned drinks and compare it to Turbo Force…GOOD PRODUCT!!


Take a half packet at a time. Its that good. I took half packet of Turbo Force and drank 6 cups of lower concentration Wake Up America coffee over the course of the day. I just got back from walking the dogs for 3 hours and then ran 3 miles plus an additional mile or so at the gym plus warm up and cool down laps! Its the real deal! I also recommend the Washington’s Reserve CBD and Super Male Vitality before workouts. Taking all the Infowars suppliments right now actually! Yeeeeeeeeha! :sunny:


Shhhhh! Don’t give the Infowars store any ideas…They may start putting half the amount in the packets now :laughing:


Like I said before, sometimes Alex gets a hold of good products, and some products are meh.
When I try a Jones product, I like to reverse engineer it only because being a FREEDOM FIGHTER you have to manage your funds, I would rather have money for guns and ammo, storage food, medicines, before I drop money on iffy supplements, TF is not that good, it is my opinion and I am entitled to it!