Tulsi Gabbard will be strongest Dem candidate, and is the only viable Dem option. BEWARE ⏳


I took notice of her in the Trump campaign that she is a patriot at heart. I stated then that she is a woman I would vote for, before I knew she was a democrat.
Left wing, right wing… Same Bird!


Feel free to post all things Tusi Gabbard (d) of HI here.
… I would be curious to hear what Greg Reese’s take on her… Greg are you in the IW Army?


I want to bang her too


No way in hell she’ll win the Democrat nomination. NO.WAY.IN.HELL


Tulsi is a centralist the Dems will discredit her, they say centralists need not apply!


She will win the debates though…


I agree with you guys. She was my fav Dem too…
But now it looks like she’s pandering to the Socialists.

Check it out:


Ha! They can not be allowed to shape our children’s minds!
AT least Tulsi has 1/2 a clue. I can see where she has to pander a bit and hopefully she at least teaches the idiots a lesson or two.