Twitter Is Down Worldwide


If you are getting something else please post it here!!!


Good…maybe they will take out Google Apple and Face Book


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Retaliation outage.

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Dude. GTFO

A Multi-Billion Dollar Company Run by a Man-Child. Unreal.
Can’t make this stuff up! haha


Too bad it won’t stay down for good!

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The site proper isn’t down, but rather the cloud nodes are down. I was able to get into it OK.


Twitter is Back Up Now.


Twitter announced an upgrade several days ago, ironically timed for the summit.
Right now, Twitter is asserting their power. All the while, testing our reaction to the shutdown.
Making us wonder if they will come back at all and if so, what will it look like


Wait. Never mind. Twitter is still having problems.


Will Sommer

The social media summit features Kellyanne Conway interviewing Diamond & Silk.


Millie Weaver’s take:


Damnit; it didn’t stay down long enough.

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Twitter is back up!
For now anyway lol


Twitter has been partly up but I wasn’t able to see Trump’s Twitter as of 2 PM PST. Now, at 3 PM, I can see that Trump shared a video from Jon Voight on Twitter.