UFOs: Us, Them or Other?


As many Infowarriors already know, UFO’s are as real as the bags under George Soros’ eyes.

What we don’t know is who is behind UFO’s. Is it Us (humans), Extraterrestrials, Extradimensionals, an ancient breakaway civilization from earth, time traveling humans, or even as far out as it sounds some inner earth civilization. Or maybe a mixture? Or something or someone I missed?

What do you think?



Mind - Blown!!!

definitely extrasomethinoranother






Definitely US, as in our race, testing secret technologies on each other.


I have seen things not from us …face to face… both in my lane man and not man…


If that’s true that is really amazing. Not to doubt your experience I just think the simplest explanation is that it’s us.


I lean towards us personally, the breakaway civilization is interesting as well


My stepmom is a gov contractor who does security clearances for military in Maryland outside of DC. She has told me the things she has seen on an unnamed base shocked her




I will post more… the time line with my family and myself have been something that others in my family cannot and will not track to anyone… my kids made me Cow-Boy-The-Fuck-Up with what we are living because they have now started to be tracked just like I have… with my kids we track it all now and took a stand … some evil as fuck… other are light and knee dropping energy… this world is so much more than I thought it was…


Intriguing however I’m not sure what you are saying exactly.


Are you talking abduction/MIB, or just good ol fashioned government tracking?


Alien abduction myself my brothers cousin waking up in fields outside our home in the middle of mudflats and Thistle fields no walk in prints… in our rooms… and then they tracked my kids… evil and light… both sides have tracked my family matter of a fact to tell you the truth last night I had black shifters in my house…


I think it’s demons, because we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against powers, principalities and rulers of darkness in higher places. Satan has the.power to call fire from the sky (paraphrasing) do he would have the power to create UFO’s.


I have called the name of my lord to shift the dark shifters away I have seen angles of light in my room… there is a fight that tracks this earth from those not from earth… I have seen face to face things not of this world but they have light and are good I have seen the evil face to face and the finger print of their evil… I also have had the fingers of light put concepts and thoughts to me that I have shared and it helped build things that have and are helping this world fight evil…


I have seen beings of light - dark- gray- bug - orbs - ships - god - demon - when your door is open the energy is like a flashlight… thick skin deep faith…


Google Santilli telescope…anti matter telescope that can see antimatter entities floating above military bases