UFOs: Us, Them or Other?


Satan has so far got this far with the Globalists, rfid chip, and since Satan has the power to put boils on Job…kill six million Jews, make a hologram to appear like a person, then I think he could make UFO’ appear. Also if UFO’ were really aliens, they would not be appearing hear. They would have all ready tested are air, saw it is poison.
and left. I believe not sure but Raswell was debunked.


your zeroed on that… I ran Army Ranges… I have seen amazing things… they have tracked me my whole life… pre set steps I feel sometimes…


Also I think that that place in Anartica is a nucleor testing facility.


All interesting answers, seems as though there is far from a consensus. I’ve gone over all of the angles trying to form an opinion of the subject.

it’s really hard to zero in on a definitive answer, the “us” theory while easily corroborated compared to others, dosent really explain the sheer volume of sightings

This tech is undoubtedly extremely expensive to develop and produce, and if we just look at the $21 trillion we know is unaccounted for in 2001 the numbers don’t really add up to explain the number of sightings imo.


I forgot antimatter(dark matter), thought I covered all of the options!

Most of the universe is dark matter…

I think the Angels and Demons argument could be explained by antimatter or other dimensions


Demons. Project bluebeam


Antimatter is different than dark matter …dark matter is still theoretical… antimatter is proven


I saw a giant white light in my room, a few days after my father died when I was 10 so I think it was an angel.


I tend to think that if other civilizations have discovered us they have nothing to gain from us except that we would one day grow into our own, so to speak, bringing a refinement of higher being to the table from our place in the universe. If there are higher beings who got there they worked through their own worlds history without any others out there showing them the way.


Nice user name by the way, obama lol


Blue beam, great explaination for the volume

Project Paperclip is another government project that runs hand in hand with UFO’s


Great operation bring all the nazi scientists over here. Thanks guys🤦‍♂️


Thanks for the correction, I’ll have to do some digging on antimatter


Also if you look into the beginnings of the space program it’s all based on communicating with demons/lucifer. JPL was not always called jet propulsion laboratory :wink:


We are living in the 4th riech,

Prescott Bush anyone?

Nazis lost the battle but won the war.

Jim Marrs did a great job laying that out… RIP Jim


Yeah wasn’t there some sort of demon summoning involving L Ron Hubbard and Crowley or someone linked to him at JPL with its director maybe?

Apparently that sh!t got real! I’ll have to brush up on that as well

If I recall there was a good credible source


JPL = jack parsons laboratory. He was a disciple/peer of Crowley. He got kicked out of the group for being to satanic lol sounds like a great guy. Their original goals were to find lucifer apparently on mars according to Crowleys channelings


Aiwass was the name of the entity Crowley was channeling


There are 2 things we don’t know generally. First, there are things that we know we don’t know. Second, there are things we don’t know that we don’t know. Whether or not there are aliens, parallel dimensions, etc, is pretty exciting to think about. But some of that reaches into the realm of things we don’t know we don’t know.

It might be more important to focus however on things we know we do not know like the technology that other humans seem to have. We could look at what might be on Antarctica for example. And we do know about 5G. And Facebook. And we may see stuff in the sky. There is chem trails in the sky. There are drones. There are some things that we do know. We can begin with what we do know. Better to start on the shallow end of the pool before going in too deep, that is before learning how to swim well enough in the realm of what we do not know.


I filmed this weird UFO last year. I don’t know what it is. I do know it is about the size of a 727 at around 5-10,000 FT. I also know that no natural object can move like this does for almost 10 minutes consistently, maintaining the same height and following a horseshoe flying pattern. No balloon or drone can move like this. A balloon would drift in the wind and either keep moving up higher or fall to the ground. Of course I am shadow banned on ytube so my first upload on another channel got 125,000 views the first month and then they shadow banned me. Since I uploaded it again almost 4 months ago I have had 32 views, lol.