UPDATED !Help! #USASaveTommyRobinson JULY 8



Project #1 (July 6th)
Alright Infowarriors Im in the process of getting a GoFundMe put together for Tommy Robinson and his family. It is being reviewed right now. My hope is to get Tommy and his family in the United States under Political Asylum; or at the very least to get his wife and children here and safe and Tommy at a later date. Please stand by and please help spread the link once approved! I will share it form my FB Page ( https://www.facebook.com/Minutemen-Of-America-1134926776711299/ ) as well as Twitter (@RebelWith_Cause) when approved.

July 8th: FAILED
GoFund Me was Taken Down…

July 11th: NEW EFFORT! Thanks to this Patriot!!!
Heard a Caller @2029ItStarts on the Alex Jones Show whom Started a White house Petition to Save Tommy Robinson. Please share!

If we can make sure the staff at Infowars sees this so once we get the funds in order it can be put into Tommy Robinson or his wife’s possession.

Post a Meme, Image, or Video
Post a Meme, Image or Video
I made this White House petition for Tommy Robinson
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  1. would be up for it. On different sites, I am advocating for his asylum.
  2. Don’t forget to post the link here so I can click it.
  3. Try contacting Oathkeepers, maybe you can post the link in the comments section and the President of Oathkeepers will pick it up for a story.

Thank you @keyrobinfo18 I haven’t heard of them are they a news publication?


Here is the site. You can sign up and then post. (don’t take my word for it)

Maybe it would be a better idea to read the site and figure out if it is for you. Then you click on Join in the left border.

Oathkeepers was the first site to announce Micheal Flynn’s hearing in DC and that was deleted from my iphone before my very eyes, very mysterious !.



That link brings you to the OathKeepers main site

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@firstfire508 @keyrobinfo18 Thank you!!!

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Just an update…I just received an email from GoFundMe and they won’t give this a green light. Anyone have connections to PJW or someone close to Tommy in the United States that can get this rolling?

I’d take all the revenue from my MOA shirts and dump it in this GoFundMe until the goal is met so we can save this man and his family!

Any help? @OwenShroyer @iwarmy @Mischief_With_Griff @MAGAWheeler @GreggHuestis67 @Bingozee


I’ll do my best buddy


@Mischief_With_Griff if we can get the word out to save this guy and get him to the USA or at least his family (If he is sent to prison) and then work on getting him. You’re a great video creator and a great mind my man.

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I appreciate that. Hopefully you understand I’m not trying to divide. I didn’t want that.

I got to finish this piece up and it’s going on Twitter to be played on a loop.

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None at all dude I was feeling the same way you did in that thread with my topic. I was thinking on my way home about things I said about @OwenShroyer and said to @GreggHuestis67 and personally at a gut level felt like a jackass. Especially later this evening seeing @GreggHuestis67 video (Seemed like a real good genuine dude).

I really felt that I needed to apologize… Sometimes it helps it really did for me. I think you and I are alike in some ways, it’s hard to change perceptions especially when you feel taken advantage of. I noticed when I was in that funk that I was not as inspired to do great things.

I just want to let you know you were heard. And for what its worth I got your six. I might not know you or others on here but I give a care about you none the less…

This is maga titan...infowars army is back!

I don’t like it either man but toxicity has to be called out

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I’ll share that with the video I’ll send out.


And your good bro.trolling is fun but mission makes you feel better.


Well my friend I appreciate you! You are a person of integrity who TRUELY loves this nation and the Infowarsarmy & it’s members.

I want you to know that Griff & I speak and/or txt often & I know his reasoning for the campaign…I PERSONALLY wouldn’t handle my grievances this way but I DO understand the frustration too!

My local infowarsarmy members are working on an event that I at first was not sure I wanted to be involved in here in Austin…but one of my peeps Stated that we are NOT going as protesters but as independent Journalist to document the local event & that gave me a new prospective on the idea that my buddy in San Antonio pitched to our local group (giving credit to whom credit is due).

I’m NOT revealing who, what or exactly where we’ll be at the event for safety sake but know that video will follow with a post here on the comms so that our footage can be picked up and promoted should infowars chose to do so! At this moment I cannot confirm that anyone from infowars will be present on our mission so we are going to document our endeavors to encourage others.

I am ALSO asking for a prayer covering from my infowarsarmy peeps who believe in and KNOW how to pray for our protection from harm and that our mission like the one we did at a #Beto fundraiser a few months back will be successful at redpilling some in attendance!

Here’s A Video From Our Mission On: 4 May 2019