**Urgent News from Dave Hodges! EVERYONE needs to listen to this REPORT! RED DAWN is coming!


THE MOST IMPORTANT INFO EVERYONE NEEDS TO HEAR!! Dave Hodges and Paul Martin are very respected and reliable sources! They are saying that America will be invaded SOON from South and Central America and our government knows!! VERY IMPORTANT!!! Secret meetings were held between the leaders and allies … The illegal migrants are apart of it and the sanctuary cities and the new emp executive order… This is about to get real… Seriously!! Hope everyone is prepared…

  1. What is the only difference between the United States of America and Everywhere Else?
  2. There are this many people with this many guns here and will take no orders from any european union or communist.
  3. We will take no orders from the Mainstream Media nor believe any polls that are published by them, we do not recognize the democrat party.
  4. That being said, then we can conclude that the next election will be invalid. The United States of America can not hold an election with democrats attending in order to gain a seat.


Except that they have been successful in dividing the country on the topic of guns and other ridiculous issues… 🤦 There may be some ready to stand and fight… But will it be enough??? Imho… It won’t be…

  1. I agree that the one or two people might have been divided, but check the numbers of guns in the United States and that might indicate that disinformation is being used.
  2. It will be a continual battle, so every US Citizen will now have to be armed and be the United States of America Police Force. Bare minimum, concealed carry, whether a gun, knife, mace or other weapon.
  3. SOoooo.. Trump has given up stopping the illegal aliens breaking our border?



The only thought that comes to mind is, which “side” are the guns on? What will the “establishment” spin out to their “advantage” to turn the “tide”? Who will be the “enemy”? I can see an agreement coming to fruition and a “plan” being set up that sells us out and anyone who dissents becomes the enemy… Christians, truthers, conspiracy theorists, Patriots, white supremacists, etc… they have already been changing the defining/dividing lines and blurring the truth… :expressionless:



There are 200,000 chinese troops stationed in Mexicom when they blow the grid with an EMP attack they will come up the southern border through the Yuma sector with their land forces.

This is the reason I EMPLORE President Trump to declare a REAL emergency on the border and call up the Militia!!! We need to get regulated and organized and there is only one way to get that done. Me posting online, constantly battling FBI subverters is not the way to do it. These FBI Militia infiltrators are commiting literral treason BTW, but I digress. The southern border needs to be militarized, there is no other way around it, each day we wait is another day wasted not getting prepared.



Dave Hodges is excellent. He has been on The Hagmann Report several times. Thank you for this post!