US Formally Asks UK to Extradite WikiLeaks’ Assange


“A European government source familiar with British extradition procedures said it could take anywhere from two to five years for the U.S. request for Assange’s extradition to be resolved.”

He won’t live that long imo.

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Two to five years to extradite? Man, no wonder they don’t get anything done in jolly ole Britain.

I realize the US court system is not exactly fast, but damn, that would fall under the US policy of a right to a speedy trial.

Oh wait, silly me. We ARE talking the British crown where rights of the people aren’t the point.

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If Pamela Anderson could go there to see him, as she did, why the Fuck can’t the US? Cause the whole thing is a dog and pony show. He knows about Hillary’s love for Walnut sauce and Adrenalchrome.

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