US "SPACE FORCE" HAS BEEN MURDERING OR DISAPPEARING US PATRIOTS SINCE 2016 - hostlile citizen murder record "2" known/video-documented as of "2017" - Victims: Michael and Mari


Silent Murder from above: US “SPACE FORCE” hostlile citizen murder record “2” known/video-documented as of “2017” - Victims: Michael and Mari
Y’all … time to get your physics books back out and dust them off… ( please see this really must-see shocking video - update banned from BITSHITE )

That was Michael Weiss. Was? Apparently the US Anti-gravity squadron aka “SPACE FORCE” murdered, or “disappeared”, him in November 2016.

These things have also chased me around even as far as Amsterdam here - but they found me. They sent 4 after me now months ago, 1 by 1, they said ‘hi’ to me. They really wanted to get my attention. So, back then I posted the other thread. They still haunt me. This is reality folks… you just haven’t been told by Trump (or Q) yet. No doubt SPACE FORCE 1 has ARV Gravatar Coasters inside. In other words, it can turn off it’s jets, and silently and safely come straight down a perfect line that make a Harrier jump-jet look like a noisy housefly in comparison.

Just Trump and Q haven’t told you about this. Michael’s videos at his “radioeast1” youtube channel date back to 2015. He was smashed by the “SPACE FORCE” for his observations of them practicing over his suburb, Clifton Park NY and ALB airport in November 2016. They first called him and said “You will never know what love is…”, then later threw a decapitated jackrabbit in his lawn as shown in his videos.

This is your current alien-class government, openly practicing with ARV platforms deployed out of Albany New York’s public airport, ALB, right over every knucklyhead down below them.

It is currently unknown what happened to Patrick McCracken of New Jersey, an Ice Cream truck driver who also was quite fond of watching them and his wife. Patrick McCrackens’s youtube channel was removed also in late 2016. Some of his videos are in Top Public - Threat Horizon. (Michael Weiss’s Youtube Channel - amazing it is still up )

Below linked is a ABSOLUTELY MUST have/watch Patriot documentary, especially the second film in this combo download, TOP PUBLIC - THREAT HORIZON (about 2 hours of RAW 100% real SPACE FORCE craft and practice footage from 2015-2016. )±+SKYNET+VISUAL+DECLASSIFICATION-911MBVersion.mp4

UPDATE: FIRST INDICTMENTS CURRENTLY UNSEALED, "ITS ABOUT TO HAPPEN. Patriots stand at the ready, and prepared, for what is about to come. THE GREAT AWAKENING! Q"

That was Michael Weiss. Was? Apparently the Anti-gravity squadron MURDERED him as he was noticing (filming?) them above his home “88 Old Coach Road, Clifton Park New York”, (suburb of Albany New York) one of their first members-of-the-public below victims.

They still haunt me too… as far away as Amsterdam here.


Maurie (girl) of WTFSKY (youtube) was also assaulted or murdered. Her interview of Michael was removed and her science and ufo channel was made into a cat video joke channel. Maurie’s interview with Michael is 1 minute into this video:


Maurie’s hijacked WTFSKY youtube channel (her interview with Michael was bit-bleached)


Does anyone here now or in the future care to investigate the take down of
two youtube channels (and their owners) who were initially documenting the
activities of the “SPACE FORCE” when they were based out of secret hangars
at ALBANY NY (ALB) Airport 2015-2016 - perhaps still today.

If so, please start your investigation by inquiring around Michael’s subdivision
where these crafts often stalked him until they apparently smashed or otherwise
silenced him. His address was “88 Old Coach Road” Clifton Park New York.
His phone number is also listed on screen mid way through his totally amazing

That documentary is the 2nd half of the combo set “ABOVE MAJESTIC” and

Here is the MP4 download.

Please NY inforwarriors…. band together a bit and find out what exactly happened
to the great silenced patriot Michael Weiss. The investigation can easily be started at this home address: His address was “88 Old Coach Road” Clifton Park New York. His neighbors were also scared about what was going on above their subdivision and concerning him. Right now I am in Amsterdam, so I can’t do that patriot silencing investigation all myself.±+SKYNET+VISUAL+DECLASSIFICATION-911MBVersion.mp4

Also, if the investigation can find out what happened to Patrick McCracken and
his wife from New Jersey who also submitted footage to Michael and they are both
in the beginning video segments of “TOP PUBLIC - THREAT HORIZON”

What does everyone think the most important issue is? And what should be done about it?
They're here! - Startling newly 'disclosed' orbitting ET STAR-STATION video (100% authentic untouched video) Enjoy

NY POSSE NEEDED: New York Infowarriors From All New York Regions

New York Infowarriors From All New York Regions