Value Within The Tenth Amendment


How do you make government smaller? Believe it or not, but the tenth amendment emphasizes on decentralized power over centralized power. Trump talked about returning power back to the citizenry, back to we the people, the local level. Private property rights matter. The tenth amendment is all about returning unused power back from the state and federal levels back down to the local county and city levels. The federal government should focus on protecting the borders and that is about it. They should not be fighting wars in other countries. They should not be trying imprison Americans who try to collect some rain water, etc, etc.

It’s all about returning power back to the local communities, back to individual private property owning Americans.





Decentralization helps with that.


That is bullshit. The power never left We the People. What has happened is the people stopped managing their representatives, so the representatives are just doing what the people allow them to get away with.

We the People still have all the power.

Just like the lie that we have been told for years, “You can’t fight City Hall”. Yes, yes you can fight City Hall, all day long if desired.

Smaller government than what we have for sure! The federal level has a severe case of “mission creep”. There are federal agencies that should never exist. There are federal laws and rules that should not exist.

There is a good reason why there is mention in the Constitution that representatives have to be in Washington for a period of time. It use to be that representatives spent most of their time in their home states, and getting them to Washington wasn’t easy, so they mandated it to make sure they would show up regularly to do federal business.

Now? We can’t get them to go home!


@Memeart, I agree with you.