Venice Beach Homeless Man Shares about Police Sweeps in Los Angeles



Venice beach is the wrong place to be homeless especially woman. Venice beach is pervert city.
Especially if they are homeless with kids.


He is a slave of the system, his problem is California…hop a damn train bro!


The true inequality is that the homeless guy in this video is smarter than most that are scamming the system…his condition is a product of his integrity!!!


Maybe take that POT hat off…would make us think your not a druggie because you cant survive on $200…take your money and bail on cali keeping your welfare card open, until you find better prospects, you can just tell the welfare agency you were out of town!


That homeless man has a good soul. :innocent:


That man needs to start walking…or hop a train like bums do and get out of Cali…it it might help to put the Meth, Crank, laced Lumbo down!


The solution to homelessness is building homes

Housing First is an approach to quickly and successfully connect individuals and families experiencing homelessness to permanent housing without preconditions and barriers to entry, such as sobriety, treatment or service participation requirements.

But instead of building homes they spend much more on social workers pushing papers and other ‘services’

If this home can be built for $4000 what would be the payments on a 5 year loan ?

People are homeless and last I checked the problem that homeless people have is they have no home but I guess the idea of solving the problem by building houses is reserved only for people like me with extraordinarily high IQs.


He is not typical profile of a homeless man. Most of them cannot function mentally for many reasons.


Obviously the welfare system is not intended to be enabling and that’s why you really should take it, except Medicare if you sick enough to need it.

But don’t take $200 and SNAP. I can panhandle more than that. But one they hook you into the system like that, the liberals immediately move to make panhandling illegal and eventually make homelessness survivable.