Video: Ignoring Warnings, "Mother of All Caravans" Prepares to Head North to the United States: Honduran Towns Stand Vacant as Former Residents Forsake all for the American Dream


En Centroamérica preparan “la madre de todas las caravanas” rumbo a EEUU, según uno de sus gestores

In Central America prepare “the mother of all caravans” to the US, according to one of its managers

Un organizador de dicha caravana, que estaría pautada para el 10 de abril, aseguró que ya son miles de personas las que mantienen informándose en redes sociales y con aplicaciones como WhatsApp.
An organizer of said caravan, which would be scheduled for April 10, said that there are already thousands of people who keep informed on social networks and with applications such as WhatsApp.



Important commentary on the migrant caravan. At the end of the video he says he fears for his life as 7 journalists in Mexico have been murdered this year, 140 since the year 2000.


It is important to highlight what Alex Backman said as to the origin of the invaders…Angola, Sudan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Cameroon and Congo. This is in addition to the countries we already know are crossing Mexico, Cuba, Honduras, Guatamala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Venezuela.

The people that are coming to Mexico to await entry to the US are mostly criminals. If you think the countries Alex Backman mentioned are sending their best people…you should think again!!!


We need to pick a spot to circle the wagons for a permanent patriotic encampment on the U.S.-Mexico border. Obviously we can’t be everywhere. But we need to geographically situate the struggle and then invite as many people as well possibly can to rally there.

Since actions prove intentions, the fact that they showed up in person to defend the border should be the only ideological test we would need. But it’s mission critical that the patriot defense be geographically situated.

No one ever won a war with an air force. A navy is good, they have a saying: Whoever controls the water, controls the war. But in the end of the day all conquest and defense are made on land by an army. We are not going to make a stand, let alone actually win, from the internet.

That means people. They enemy has the people and they are systematically moving their people on to our real estate.


Given your past commentary…I am amazed at your moment of logic in this reply!!!


That is true Leviticus. I noticed that.


Castro put a bunch of prisoners on a boat and sent them over here about thirty years ago. My cousin got shot by one. I had 46 cousins I have 38 now all first cousins.



The U.N. is screwing us thru Mexico!!