Voting Machine Makers Claim The Names Of The Entities That Own Them Are Secret


This is one of the most important topics there is in American politics.

Issues with the voting machines has been discussed for years and it still sits way in the background and out of site.

How anyone could claim they need to be secret about their company when it comes to voting equipment is just insane. If they are so ignorant that they truly don’t understand hiding info about voting is a real problem, then they need to be out of the voting business.

All those involved with voting need to be public. No way companies should be allowed to hide anything. It’s a no brainer.

Where there are shadows there are thugs hiding.

We must eliminate the shadows of the voting process.


I found this disturbing. I may go down that rabbit hole and see how far I go in uncovering who exactly makes these machines. I would suspect it goes even higher the Military Industrial Complex and would also assume they make these machines that only they can manipulate and are used worldwide in countries that they “govern” and control behind the curtains so to speak.
Lot’s of good starting points in that article.


Even paper ballots can be compromised… Just look at Florida every voting season lol

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Well, there has been a ton of research and articles over the years. Technicians have even given testimony before government admitting some machines are actually being manipulated. That wasn’t disputed yet went nowhere and the story just faded away.

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Every election cycle these articles come out then disappear, almost by design.

  1. Let’s look at the worst possible scenario. When JFK appointed a man, McDuff to dissolve the CIA, both JFK and McDuff were killed. McDuff, Kennedy’s man to smash the CIA on You tube.

  2. These people show no mercy so you have to stop thinking that they would follow any rules. How do you think the House won so many Democrats ? Cheating. If Main Stream Media avoids reporting voting machine fraud, then deep state has instructed them never to report on it.

  3. I personally witnessed in the 90s a man subtly putting his hand on the back of a machine to press a reset button in a zoning vote when the college had drivers drive about 200 students to vote, you guessed it, the college lost the zoning vote.

  4. Here is a theory, deep state is the London Banks that uses China as the proxy. Lets get a
    machine and take it apart and subpoena every supplier of each component, then we will find out who makes them.

  5. I can tell you who probably makes the circuit boards. China and engineers from Huawi. The State Department issues visas for Chinese companies to come here to arrange the transfers and the boards are shipped on secret cargo ships. The components are probably made by other Chinese government spy firms related to Huaewi so they can tap into the memory of the machines. All a DNC operative has to do is make sure that the machine is connected to the internet or near a wifi source.

  6. The machines are monitored real time and votes are changed/fraudulently changed several times during the voting process.

  7. It is the most secret act the deep state executes in stealing elections. Don’t you wonder that so many people who got screwed by obama voted R in the last election and are confounded why D kept coming up at the vote tallies?

  8. George Webb talks about hacker training centers around the world. One is in North Wales. Lets hear from a IT person out there, there has to be someone that knows something. Don’t be afraid of being knocked off, we are being killed every day by these traitors and frauds.


I guess the more evidence the better, but as I posted the videos, this is not a secret and government officials have been told more than once in an official capacity.

So far, the government is not responding to the proof presented that fraud and vote manipulation is taking place in the voting process.

The American public is responsible for ensuring that government answers the people and that crimes in government are answered for.


But don’t we already know who own them and make them?


To an extent, yes. But companies change.


We know w what companies make them but not who owns the companies, that is being hidden. The companies that say they make them seem to be nothing but distributers if you look into it


We all know they mostly come from Soros, right?


It’s even bigger than Soros. He is just a major shareholder in a few of the companies but doesn’t own the actual building of these things


What doesn’t trace back to Rothschild?


Look into Soros’s Smartmatic company. George Soros got those machines into 16 states in the last election. But like memart says they change hands very quickly after elections


Probably does… Like I said above, good rabbit hole to go into for sure


Yeah, his game is manipulation through social interference. He’s a front line minion feeding off the chaos he helps create.

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Soros is not even worth 10 billion and he thinks he’s rich. :rofl:


It’s almost like he is nothing but a broker, using bribes and what not to influence states to use the machines of companies that he backs(or is told to back)