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Venezuela crisis: Colombia CANCELS entry passes for Maduro supporters as Venezuelans flee

VENEZUELAN politicians and their families who supported president Nicolas Maduro are being refused entry to Colombia.

By Nicole Stinson

PUBLISHED: 13:23, Fri, Feb 8, 2019 | UPDATED: 14:50, Fri, Feb 8, 2019

Colombia’s migration office said it cancelled over 300 daily entrance passes for Venezuelan politicians and their families who support Mr Maduro. Colombia has borne the brunt of the exodus of Venezuelans fleeing malnutrition and political turmoil in their once-prosperous nation. Around 800,000 Venezuelans are said to have crossed the border and settled in Colombia.

Christian Kruger, the head of the migration agency, said in a statement: “It doesn’t make sense that while they migrate by hunger and necessity, supporters of the dictatorship enjoy these benefits and enter our country, using this card, to shop, among other things.”

Trucks carrying humanitarian aid for Venezuela arrived in the Colombian border city of Cucuta on Thursday even as Maduro refused them entry, blocking the Tienditas bridge amid an escalating political crisis.

The arrival of the aid convoy, which includes supplies provided by the US, has increased the pressure on Maduro after Washington as well as nations from across Latin America and Europe supported opposition leader Juan Guaido as interim leader of Venezuela.

Mr Kruger said that among those barred from using their entry cards are former Tachira Governor Vielma Mora, Zulia Governor Erika Farias and Caracas Mayor Sandra Oblitas.

It comes as the US announced new sanctions on members of Maduro’s government and visas for members of the Constituent Assembly would be revoked.

Russia, China and Turkey have continued to back Mr Maduro, who came to power following the death of Hugo Chavez in 2013.

The socialist leader was re-elected in 2018, but the opposition has accused him of fraud after rescheduling the date of the election twice and disqualifying some of the people running against him.

Since taking office, Venezuela has spiralled into an economic crisis with out of control inflation and widespread shortages of food and medical supplies.

Donald Trump has condemned the Maduro regime and thrown his support behind opposition leader Mr Guaido while also indicating military action is a possibility.

He said: “Military action is something that’s on the table and is an option.”

Today, Romania also revealed it officially recognises opposition leader Juan Guaido as Venezuela’s legitimate interim president.

About 20 EU nations including Britain, Germany, France and Spain have aligned with the US in recognising Mr Guaido’s leadership and pressuring Mr Maduro to call a new election.

Australia, Canada, Israel and Morocco also recognise the young leader.


Venezuela Says It Intercepted Covert US Weapons Shipment From Miami

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by Tyler Durden

Wed, 02/06/2019 - 13:05

Venezuelan officials have announced the seizure of a large shipment of American weapons which they say were bound for anti-Maduro “terrorist groups” . This comes following US national security advisor John Bolton’s pledge to deliver “humanitarian aid” into the country, covertly if need be, despite embattled President Nicolas Maduro’s vow to prevent such unauthorized shipments from entering.

A state official, Endes Palencia, the deputy minister of prevention and public safety, published photographs of the intercepted weapons shipment to social media, purportedly seized at a Venezuelan airport. According to his statement at least 19 rifles, 118 rifle chargers, 90 radio antennas, high-caliber ammunition, and six cellphones were shipped from the US to Arturo Michelena International Airport in Valencia.

Palencia stated authorities believe the illegal arms entered Venezuela on Sunday aboard an Airbus N881YV that departed Miami, Florida after which it was found in a storage yard within the airport grounds.

According to a quote in Turkish media, pro-Maduro officials pointed to “terrorist groups” and external financiers as likely responsible for the covert arms shipment.

They said they’ll find those responsible “for financing terrorist groups that seek to undermine the peace of the people of Venezuela.” Turkey is among countries that have remained vocally supportive of Maduro, along with Russia, China, and Iran, while some 19 European countries have backed US recognition of opposition leader Juan Guaido as “Interim President”.

Caracas security forces have been on high alert for what Maduro and his officials have slammed as a US-led “coup attempt” and plotting related to external meddling, which they’ve further said neighboring Colombia has played a role in fostering.

The announcement of a US weapons seizure also comes following President Trump’s State of the Union Address wherein he said, “We stand with the Venezuelan people in their noble quest for freedom,” and further, “We condemn the brutality of Maduro regime.”

Trump administration officials like John Bolton have also of late actively encouraged Venezuelan military defections, something that so far has been limited to a tiny handful of officers, at least one of them a high ranking Air Force commander.

Late last week Bolton also stated: “Pursuant to the request of Interim President Juan Guaido, and in consultation with his officials the US will mobilize and transport humanitarian aid_medicine, surgical supplies, and nutritional supplements for the people of Venezuela. It’s time for Maduro to get out of the way.”

As we noted previously this raises the interesting scenario or possibility of the US initiating covert weapons “humanitarian” shipments across the border , likely from ally Colombia. And it further raises the question: how long until Syria-style US covert weapons shipments make their way into the “humanitarian” supply line?

If the Maduro regime’s latest claim to have uncovered a covert US weapons shipment is confirmed, it appears the “Syria option” is already in full gear, which means a greater likelihood of significant bloodshed to come.


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US Recalls ‘Non-Essential’ Diplomats From Venezuela

Embassy to stay open

RT - January 25, 2019

The State Department has also warned US citizens in Venezuela that they should “strongly consider” leaving the country, after Maduro said the US should pull their staff out of Caracas “if they had any sense.”

The Trump administration initially rejected Maduro’s ultimatum, claiming he lacks the authority to make such a decision after the US recognized opposition leader Juan Guaido as acting head of state. Guaido, head of the National Assembly, proclaimed himself the rightful president and swore himself in on Wednesday, in a move which was immediately supported by Washington and its allies.

The US and Venezuela have not exchanged ambassadors in more than 10 years, but have maintained diplomatic staff in each other’s country until now. On Thursday, Venezuela ordered its embassy and consulates in the US to close. The State Department says its embassy will remain open.

With the backing of the White House, which announced it was ready to provide more than $20 million in humanitarian assistance to Venezuela through the “legitimate” Guaido-led government, the opposition leader has vowed to remove “usurper” Maduro from power.

Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza has accused the US – and President Donald Trump personally – of fomenting a coup in Caracas, while Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino accused it of waging “economic war” on his country.

While Trump’s move was supported by Washington’s allies in Latin America, including Brazil’s new President Jair Bolsonaro – Russia, China, Iran and NATO-member Turkey condemned US interference in Venezuela’s domestic crisis. Russian President Vladimir Putin said it constituted “destructive external interference that grossly violates the most basic norms of the international law.”


I’ve seen it from both sides… On one hand I do believe in the humanitarian aid but on the other, I do believe our government created the crisis… Too much evidence that they have before in other countries…so I believe the evidence that they did in Venezuela too… It’s all apart of the end times scenario…


All those people have to go somewhere. Gerald Cilente said 27% of the Venezuelans want to leave the country. I see how we want to keep control of that place so Russia/China/Iran don’t set up camp there. I think it was said they are already there, but I’m trying to find article documentation.



Its the Lord! God is sending us messages. I firmly believe that.

Isaiah 9:6
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