**War is imminent** thread for Venezuela and articles related to this crisis




There are no national interests in Venezuela, and Soros and the UN is on the side you’re arming, you damn morons. This is a neo-con scam to harm America, it’s putting America last.


This will empower leftists across the entire southern hemisphere, and put them all on the side of China. It is a scam designed to overextend and harm us, and it doesn’t serve any national interests.

I don’t place globalist humanitarian concerns first, I put American citizens and the nation they should have first, PEROID.


Either oppose it, or shut up. Preaching the gospel is not helpful, nor productive, and sends the message that humanity isn’t forging its path. Your weakness is not appreciated, nation’s can’t exist on a foundation of unwillingness and inevitability.

Stop referring to this crap as “we”, we voted for Trump, we hate neo-cons being globalists committed to destroying this nation from within. We don’t ever win in any deal struck with them, they are not powerful enough to do anything for us, only powerful enough to harm us. They are divided as they are, even in their own globalist coalition, so that no section can ever deliver anything to us. So this cannot be seen as anything other than working to destroy America, it is either corruption or cowardice.



You make absolutely no sense and I don’t have time to argue with ignorance… Stay in your lane and do some real research… :expressionless: I’m not here to cater to what you will or won’t appreciate… Which btw…I receive several messages of appreciation everyday so yours of inappreciation is invalid :rofl::joy::rofl:




You’re a totalitarian activist, and are working for enemies of our people. I’m sure your fellow activists send you all the validation you need, I pray they give you more than that for your efforts, they should be paying you for work.

I’m the Ignorant? You projected our inevitable destruction, which can be used as rationalization for harming us.


:rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy: Wow… Paranoid psycho much… Bahahahhah… :clap::clap::clap: You’ve just earned the “most ridiculous” accusation award… That tops being called a jihadist!! Hahhahaha. But seriously. I have absolutely NO affiliations whatsoever and the fact that you assume so, really shows your ignorance and lack of attention to posts… :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


Again, they should be paying you, it just makes what your doing more pathetic.


Again I repeat… :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


I don’t argue with people for fun, I don’t do this for validation, I’m not OK with injustice at the level it is. I don’t care to be seen as righteous, I just want it fixed.



Interesting video, yea the globalist left will likely provide accurate reporting on this one, not because they have any commitment to truthful reporting… but simply because they have no reason to lie on this issue. Maduro wants to stay in power, and the US military is terrifying to all foreign leaders, from the biggest to the smallest.

All national sovereignty is asserted through force, and all regime change operations are highly suspect. Meaning I oppose the destablization for reasons different than the left, mostly in that I see no clear national interest of ours. Maduro seems to be irritating wall street, and other globalist interests who oppose the American citizenry. This is why they want him gone, why Soros and Branson have both jumped on the destabilization effort. It’s also notable we can find Soros on both sides, he’s always on all sides of a conflict. He’s a master of realpolitik, on one side you see his hopes and dreams, on the other a mitigation effort to maintain influence.

The wall was a compromise… like “let us do something that doesn’t serve the American people at all, but at least I made sure our nation was protected”. Then as usual they couldn’t deliver it fully. As far as I’m concerned, no wall means we have no nation, and thus every reason to oppose destabilizing Venezuela.


You do realize that the Florida Maquis is against the destabilization of Venezuela and the interference from the US in foreign affairs?

I am wholly against those things as well btw…


Yes, I watched the video, he was also opposing intervention. However the way he presented it was a critique from the left, from a global humanitarian perspective.

The left’s methodology is more than flawed, it will oppose actions that are in your national interests… again the two sides are merely two perspectives of one globalist agenda.

That means, yes… he’s on our side on this issue, but always remember the left is opposed to us as well. Politics are not about morals or values, it is a false premise, they are about interests. Keep in mind, our enemies would much rather let the globalist left win… than a civic nationalist right.

That’s why they push their politics regardless of their own base voters, and then lose repeatedly, Trump had to be FORCED on the right… they had to be forced to win. The conservative activists, left to their own devices, will make socialism inevitable.

Their final rallying cry was “lose with cruz”, with “friends” like that …


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