**War is imminent** thread for Venezuela and articles related to this crisis








Straight out of the US imperialist playbook.


@artsyneva… Actually China and Russia sent a bunch of aid too and Maduro accepted it…he doesn’t trust the US…and honestly I think he has a good reason to at this point… It’s getting crazy!!!


I know I also read somewhere? That Maduro gave U.S. 48 hours to leave. ?






There are comments on Russian TV about US military bases being targets.

We are in the process of going to war in Venezuela to facilitate regime change. Our humanitarian aid convoys have been destroyed and, the US continues to support the new leader Guiado.

What do you guys think? Brazil has shown support for Guiado.

We should support Preseident Trump on this one, even though I tend to lean toward Ron Paul’s non interventionist model of foreign policy. I just hope it can be done without getting us into a conflict with Russia or China. Keep praying guys! :sunny:


*We are now on the verge of WWIII* Wars and Rumours of war


A million thanks for your help Mama Potato. You are a great friend! I like that last one! Thanks for the information. Remember guys, you can look up what he is saying for further information and other documentation of the story .



Let me ask just very simply, why should we provide aid and comfort to our globalist enimies?

Have they done anything besides opposing our agenda items? Are we in any position to reasonably believe we’ll get anything they likely promised behind closed doors?

So… nothing and no, would be the answers to those questions.

Infowars gave a lovely defence of Bezos yesterday. Bezos might be a “capitalist”.

However creating a platform designed to cannibalize the smaller businesses of the users it lures in, is anti-competitive and anti-market behaviour. Which was effectively described as the same capitalism that failed all of us. Yet you wonder why socialism has become resurgent? The megalomaniac has no need for America, he certainly has no need for its citizenry, and he is above the law.

The version of “America” they are defending is not a nation, it is a fraud, and it cannot stand. I voted for America first, and I would fight to build the nation I never knew, what we have now is simply oppressive to the citizenry.


Just remember that we as a nation are defined by our corrupt government just as other nations are… But we know that our citizens are not all corrupt… Just as other people in other nations are not all corrupt… It’s the government that gives the nation a bad rep!!