**War is imminent** thread for Venezuela and articles related to this crisis


I’m sorry, I truly am… Like the countless failures before them, conservatives will go down in history as weak sycophantic cowards who destroyed America as a republic. They never actually took any stand against our enemies, and they never had any faith in the people to stand with them, they just colluded and appeased until there was nothing left.

A government that is not representative of its citizenry is tyrannical, and we are at this moment. A government stops being able to give its citizens a bad name, when it is no longer representative of those citizens, when it abandons its nation.

There is and never was anything wrong with the American citizens, we are held as captive subjects.


I concur… 20 character



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Thank you for posting this @MamaPotato. Quality subject worthy of vigorous dialogue. My concern is mostly for the civilians.

Lord HAVE MERCY on the Venezuelans. Lord rescue those who are suffering, sick (in need of urgent care) and those who are losing hope. Lord, keep the head of man (our military and political leaders) cool and calculated. Lord, I ask that your Holy Spirit convict those who are eager for war and discourage those who are greedy for war. God-Father, I ask that you calm this situation in India and Pakistan. WE PRAY FOR PEACE AND PROTECTION FOR AMERICAN AND ALLIED SOLDIERS! Amen!


Yup, aid is NEVER just aid…


I remember when Iran was firing missiles in the middle of Israel, it was on tv.






A. I have said that I support the orderly entry through proper immigration any socialist ravaged human being wanting to be in God’s greatest country on the Earth.
B. I do not support recent illegal immigrants being paid to vote for globalist democrats.
C. These suffering masses as well as you and all of the USA including Patriots and enemies are in my prayers.
D. We are in a great time that is loaded with blessings. All can repent at any time and enter God’s kingdom, go to a Church as soon as you are able, God will accept you as you are, be open to doing good and you will feel the difference.



Liberate the Bolivar, their Money, their Coins, and so Liberate the Venezuelan People. From the few to the many. They need control of their Coin.

“Coins are in denominations of 1, 5, 10, ​12 1⁄2, 25, 50 céntimos, and 1 bolívar. They were rendered obsolete by high inflation…”

In 1879, silver coins were introduced in denominations of ​1⁄5, ​1⁄2, 1, 2, and 5 bolívares, together with gold 20 bolívares. Gold 100 bolívares were also issued between 1886 and 1889. In 1894, silver ​1⁄4 bolívar coins were introduced, followed by cupro-nickel 5 and ​12 1⁄2 céntimos in 1896.

"In 1912, production of gold coins ceased, whilst production of the 5 bolívares ended in 1936. In 1965, nickel replaced silver in the 25 and 50 céntimos, with the same happening to the 1 and 2 bolívares in 1967. In 1971, cupro-nickel 10 céntimo coins were issued, the ​12 1⁄2 céntimos having last been issued in 1958. A nickel 5 bolívares was introduced in 1973. Clad steel (first copper, then nickel and cupro-nickel) was used for the 5 céntimos from 1974. Nickel clad steel was introduced for all denominations from 25 céntimos up to 5 bolívares in 1989. "

America used to have Silver 5cent piece aswell.



The wonders of Godamation. Few months back I experienced a few “outages” during calm weather, thing is power just glitched, a very quick off on thing which happened same time following three days. Never seen that before.


I’ve experienced those types of “anomalies” before… It’s in those moments people should consider how much control they really don’t have… :thinking:


Control you say?
This is the blockchain, the 5G, the AI, the RealID, InternetID, XY, and the MONEY(a “wallet” of sorts). This will be solution to immigration, social scoring, medical records, licenses and certifications. This is conquered. Woe, I say WOE! Coin is not this.