*We are now on the verge of WWIII* Wars and Rumours of war



@Pipeline this is my WWIII Thread… Don’t know if you’ve seen it yet… :wink::+1::heart:




Good video, very informative.
There are so many groups in Israel infighting now, so the leader may be negotiating with Russia. (Not to get off topic because this is a really good thread) I know in Eziekiel
38, 38 it talks about the battle of GOG and Magog Russia aligning with Iran against Israel but there may be a different leader of
Russia and of Iran when this prophecy takes place (if even the interpretation is right) but ya the NWO is falling in place. Also If my memory serves correct Russia, China, etc is working on another currency.








It’s getting close




Don’t know if this hotline is or Was a propaganda piece or not.?


During the cold war Russia had nukes pointed at us and we.had nukes pointed at them. I believe this still is. The leadership before except maybe Gorbachov?. Was a Lot worse than Putin
Yet Russia never nuked us.
I just don’t see that happening now. Possibly it could because the bible States in the last days a third of the world would be burned. Yet I don’t see that being a nuke. Yes Hiroshima/Nagasagi Atomic/nucleor bombs put forth by Little boy and another plane. Hit the target. A third of the world was not burned. At the same time since a drop of plutonium could
Blow up a city, then who knows. But I think if a third of the world is burned it will be a meteorite


I remember this happening there was several videos of this meteorite hitting Russia. our atmosphere burns up the meteorite so this meteorite had to be big to get through our atmosphere. So what happens if one ten times or fifty times that big hits earth.?


Here is more common sense.


The thing is, PR I believe knows all ready where those nukes are. And I’m sure and Putin knows where those nukes are. Russia has had nukes pointed at us for years and visa versa.? So are they anything new?. I’m not that well knowing on strategy. But I’m sure Trump gets his info from the Generals.


The Generals actually pretty much have the say so, because they know all the stratified
Of war. The Generals are.smarter then the lawyers.