*We are now on the verge of WWIII* Wars and Rumours of war


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Wake up everybody…this is your new life and future! “…prepare to meet thy God…” -Amos 4:12

P.S. That Brother Nathaniel dude is weird as can be…also biased an just plain wrong!


Proverbs 27:5
“Open rebuke is better than secret love.”




We are not on the verge of war. We are still at war and I thought it was over before last year’s election in November but it is not. They just got new targets and keep harassing us for anything they can.

Matt says we are at war and he won the election voteShea.com





Trump WAS a great candidate… But he caved… They always do… The pressure of the evil establishment is great… He should have stood firm with the grace of God… That’s where he failed… That’s why I am against his leadership at this point… He should have stood firm and he could have if he had clung to the cross and faith in God who controls all… He is still serving his purpose tho… It won’t be for the reasons people believe… He is our reprieve… And time is running out…

**Trump promoting 5G** This is dangerous to US!

The question I have then is:

Do we let the Dems take 2020?
I say no. That could be a Yuuge mistake.
Many disappointments from Trumpy-Poo, but he still seems like
the best option considering the field of Dems running for Prez.

PLUS: I kinda feel like WW3 has ‘been on the horizon’ since I can remember now… but time waits for no one.


MamaPot If not TRUMP who? Who can win for sure?


We are out of options… I don’t think we will make it to 2020 honestly!!


Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez said that “US, Brazilian and Colombian officials intend to ignore the will of the Venezuelan people and launch a military intervention”




I understand you’re against his leadership. I understand why. I think you’re not really appreciating the bullet we dodged with Trump. His Presidency is nothing like Hillary’s would’ve been. The amount of progress the radical LGBT agenda would’ve made, and the persecution the Church would’ve been under because of it. Trump doesn’t celebrate LGBT month. The raging Leftists who would’ve been appointed to the Supreme Court (though I’m not entirely happy with Kavanaugh). I understand we’re not entirely happy with everything he’s done, BUT I’m looking at the ALTERNATIVE and appreciating what we have in Trump. Someone who calls the Fake News out. Someone who stopped the aide to Central America over immigration issues. Someone who is trying to build the wall, but has to get through a lot of red tape to do it. We have to hold his feet to the fire, yes, but I don’t think anyone else could’ve beaten Hillary in 2016, and I don’t want any of the alternatives in 2020. I don’t even know how we’re going to replace him in 2024. We’re going to have to pray.

It’s not “100% good or bad” or “100% all or nothing”. He’s a human.

You may tell me I’m ignorant, that I’m blindly following–I’ve already said I don’t agree with everything he does.