We Are Witnessing Something Extremely Strange But Completely Predictable


“Corporate insiders and the Wall Street elite are feverishly preparing as if a “perfect storm” was about to strike, but meanwhile millions upon millions of hardcore conservatives feel completely relaxed because they feel like Trump has everything under control.”

My Advise? Get ready to weather this storm on the horizon! There is going to be a massive sell off, BUT prices will stabilize and return to these levels and beyond. Profit taking is natural. Especially at these levels.

What I am worried about is the inevitable collapse of the bond market. If this continues, and every indication says that it will, US Treasury bonds will be costing customers to own in real time. They are already losing money due to the rate of inflation, but this will get much worse.

What happens next is what we should be prepared for. It will take about 12 - 16 months to reorganize the monetary system, meaning we are going need new money. Physical notes of exchange. Look at the one in your wallet. It’s says “Federal Reserve Note” on it. We will have to print new ones that say, “US Treasury Note” on them no matter what we back them in. They will more than likely still look the same.

This period is going to be a real rough patch for the world. There is going to be a LOT of crime. Unemployment WILL skyrocket as corporations who are currently over-leveraged WILL go bankrupt. It is going to be very much like 2008, but this time there will be no bailout from TRUMP! He is going to let them fail! AND FAIL THEY WILL AND SHOULD!

BUT, here is the bright side to this, WE WILL RISE FROM THE ASHES! BIGGER! BETTER THAN EVER BEFORE! THAT will be our reward if we can get through it. It’s not that long to slog it out. There will be work to be had, but putting up some wheat, rice, beans, sugar, coffee, etc. would be prudent. If you don’t know how to hunt and field dress a deer, learn to do so this fall. You may not get another opportunity before that skill is needed to feed your family.

I am hoping (fingers crossed) that this event will not occur until after the election in 2020. But in 2021, if the shit hasn’t already hit the fan, it soon will. I also hope that this doesn’t spark WW III as this period also coincides with a fourth turning paradigm.

Remember that China has a huge military (thanks to us) AND they are going to use it! We may not have a choice. We may very well have to defend our country from invasion on a military level, not just migration from the South. Let’s face it… We take our jobs back and we are going to piss off 1.4 billion Chinese. If there is no trade deal and their economy implodes, the odds of a full scale military retaliation skyrocket!

Hell, we might face an invasion from two shores if the EU sides with China. You don’t think that could happen? Better think again. They are already threatening England!


I like your posts @Hollywood, your on point and you get it!
50% of the infowars audience is screwed, they are young people, who dont own anything but the dirt in between their shoes, it is time to head for the bunker, unless you live in rural America, and can grow your own shit, your pretty much finished before you even started!
If this goes into a 2008 situation, with AI on the horizon, if you have no survival instincts, your going to be in the FEMA camps getting your re education or extermination. That is if the gangs that will become Raiders don’t kill you for what you got?


Here is the thing about the TRUMP CARD. I don’t think there will be any FEMA “Camps” with him in office. I really think he is going to clean house before this all goes down. At least I hope he does. THAT by itself should give us all a fighting chance at a future.

But that don’t mean things won’t get stupid for a while!


…And no sooner do I say it…

Dudley, who was among those globalists who enabled China’s tremendous ascent, and assured that [Beijing will surpass the US ] (see link 1) economically and militarily at some point by 2032 if the status quo is left unchanged… ignores the consequences of his actions, and instead slams Trump for being the one president willing to challenge China’s hegemonic ascent and upcoming Thucydides Trap (which as we noted before [virtually assures war with China ](see link 2),if nothing is done saying that "this manufactured disaster-in-the-making presents the Federal Reserve with a dilemma: Should it mitigate the damage by providing offsetting stimulus, or refuse to play along?"



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No matter what, at the end of the day if you really want to survive whatever comes you need a plan and resources. If you live in rural America I would just bug in unless you have a more secure location. If your in the city I would say bug out but unless you have a solid place to go and a well thought out plan you won’t get far trying to bug out… Maybe bug in briefly then bug out? Anyways if shit does hit the fan I’m bugging in. I know the location, the people, my family owns the land and all the properties on it. If you bug out and don’t go to land you own you better be ready to fight for it… not saying people bugging in wouldn’t have to do the same but at then no one can claim anything over you because it’s your land ect… Also this is why I’m always telling people to get off the Petro dollar! Gold & silver! Why do you think the elites are buying record gold!


How could we or should we transition from federal reserve dollars to U.S. Treasury notes or to whatever the better options might be including local bank notes in America, etc? Should there be some kind of buy-back program, possibly a temporary welfare system, where we can exchange our expired federal reserve fiat currency for up to 100% of the original value that our federal reserve notes had at the time of the exchange, or up to maybe 20% of the original value, or how much? And should the exchange program go on for a few years or should banks try to just replace the expired bills like they replace older bills that are falling apart like they do already?

That is one of the reasons why people are exchanging money for cryptocurrencies; people are hoping to later exchange some of their Bitcoins or Ethereum or whatever into gold, silver, etc, etc, and possibly some new U.S. treasury notes. To some extent, possibly, potentially, hypothetically, the theory is this, in part, and why not? Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket. Invest in many different things folks, long-term. Of course, there are thousands of cryptocurrencies and some of them are fake, some of them are bad, some of them fail, etc, etc. It is the art of the competition.

Reminds me of It’s a Wonderful Life from 1946. That film focused on George Bailey. Now, back then, banks had their own notes. In some places in the world, including possibly Hong Kong, some banks may still issue out their own notes. It reminds me of the tokens you get at arcades. I wonder what might be better, a local bank note or a U.S. Treasury Note. Also, I wonder how this might relate to what happened in 1871.

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Crypo is to volatile and dangerous. If anything happens were the grid is down or something similar… God forbid an EMP, all of your crypo is gone, your not getting it back. If shit hits the fan some people may have power from many different sources but no internet or at least very limited internet. I don’t think you will be spending or trading any crypo at that point, it’s just all gone.


Federal Reserve Notes are NOT ALREADY volatile and the free market is not volatile? When you buy a phone and the value of it decreases over time, is that not volatility? Imagine if money was on the free market in the same way a phone was. Does that mean people should not buy phones because they can lose value? But can a currency also gain value? Would you rather keep your dollars as opposed to exchanging it for Bitcoin? What if the dollar loses it’s value someday? Would you be happy to have lost so much money, that you could have saved money and even possibly made a profit by having Bitcoin? If you’re split, then why not invest in both? And, buy some gold too.


Lol no when you buy a phone and the price goes down that’s not volatility. You know before you ever buy that phone that it will lose value just like anything else but it’s planned and you know about it and usually when it will happen. That not volatility, volatility is being unpredictable. Of course the Petro dollar is volatile that’s why is tell people to get off it. USD is still way less volatile than crypo. I don’t think anything will move me off gold and silver.

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But if money loses value, that’s totally different?

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I hope he does too. Nothing significant will happen until into the second term, if anything is going to happen at all. There does appear to be a very real civil war within our government, so I’m inclined to believe Trump is legit.

No matter what though, we need to be prepared. If he’s a fraud, we need to be ready, and if he’s legit, like you said, it’s going to get real stupid for a little bit till everything evens back out. Need to be ready for that too.

The actions that will need to be taken to deal with the level of corruption these traitors are involved in, are going to be drastic.


You should have gold. I do not disagree concerning that.


@Trey060, computers are volatile. So get the OATMEAL off TERRIBLY VOLATILE computers.


Well with the phone it’s an unchanging steady loss. The value in money can go up or down and do it very fast or very slow.

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No shit computers are volatile that’s why I don’t like how they want them controlling everything.


But you use them. Same thing with cryptocurrencies. Our bodies are volatile. So, go kill yourself because you might volatile to death at any time. Right? Life is dangerous and full of risks, right? So, where do you draw the line?

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I don’t want to scream the sky is falling…
but financial markets are on the cray cray train.


Very good post buddy!! You are definitely dead on target with your analysis.
The people in the Major cities are pretty much screwed but those of us that have been awake a long time now and have made provision and possess the necessary skill sets to get through it will have a tough go of it but in the end we’ll come through it.
A lot of us have been raised in the woods and know how to hunt, trap and fish in order to feed our families. We are also very well armed and able to defend ourselves, families and neighbors.
As far as being invaded by a foreign entity goes that would be extremely foolish on their part for one simple reason. And it’s in my opinion it’s exactly why no one has ever tried it before~~~
The American people in general are very well armed and equipped and that makes us the largest standing militia in the entire world!!
I think it was Matt Bracken that had the raw numbers a while back but I could be wrong. But the American people have in their possession the bulk of the firearms in the world today plus somewhere around 80 plus Trillion yes Trillion with a T rounds of ammunition.
So what does that make us?? An EXTREMELY FORMIDABLE OPPONENT!!
The likelihood of being invaded on both shores??? That works for us but it is very difficult for the opposing force simply because it is extremely difficult to fight much less win a Two Front War. A two front war is a Logistics Nightmare!!
And their supply lines would be attacked at every turn by Patriots that have been trained in Counter Guerrilla Tactics and Operations. And yes I am also speaking of a lot of Combat Hardened Veterans of which we have a Very Large Influx at this time.
There hasn’t been such a Large Influx of Combat Hardened Veterans in Our Society since Vietnam War. And make no mistake~~ That scares the hell out of would be invaders and members of Our Own Government as well!!!
We are as Americans naturally Non-Conformists so Rules of Engagement?? Don’t make me laugh because there won’t be any!!!
On a positive note, When and I do say When not If this goes down it will Weed Out all of the Anti American Pukes running around like Antifa and all the rest of the Chemically Dependent (Meth Heads), Socialist, Communist wanna be’s!!!
In closing I would like to say~~ I like many of you around the country love this country more than life itself and we will not go quietly into the night!!!
God Bless Each and Everyone of You Infowarriors, Patriots and Veterans!!!


Buy some animals if you can and raise them because they’re murdering animals, the environment, the ecosystem, via geoengineering, Big Pharma, vaccines, spraying, 5G, etc, etc, which means it is getting harder and harder to depend on a wildlife that globalists are trying to extinguish and destroy. Real estate is so valuable. Private property is very valuable. Beyond that, during tough times, people knock on our doors like they knocked on the doors of Noah’s Ark during the global flood. Exercising grace, mercy, forgiveness, compassion, can be good and it can also be very dangerous at the same time. People will always try to take advantage of us during times of chaos and they will cry and beg and then more people will come and they can run us dry. We become the providers of welfare in those situations.