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The Following thread is currently under construction and will be updated shortly. For those whom have been following many of my posts, I will be posting UPDATED copies of the Original posts, where I aim to address errors and to elaborate where I find things are lacking, including such as Links to Starting points of discovery, Resources and References, also in efforts of maintaining constancy.

This is Part of a project I am current working on, that I intend to create a short documentary, the project is involved and complex while it discusses many different aspects of our lives and living throughout Human and Mans history.

Due to the limitation of this site, The Project will be presented by section, each covering its own primary topic and understanding. The purpose of this Project is to offer insight and enlightenment to the many things many of us never consider or contemplate, but should, also to gain feedback and input from the reader.

Included will be a “Summery” featuring Q&A and other posts that I find strongly related to the whole of this project.

Lastly and Additionally, all sections of this project are also being converted to Audio for listening rather than reading, or that can be used to read along (“recommended”).

Below is a Rough outline of the Topics already mentioned and that will be dramatically elaborated on in some cases in great detail. I have been banned by all other platforms at one point or another for these Topics and Discussions Long before INFOWARS and Alex Jones, However, With the assistance of INFOWARS, INFOCOMMS and Its Fight for Freedom and Speech, I am presenting it here.


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:studio_microphone: The Bingozee Thread, OPEN
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:studio_microphone: The Bingozee Thread, OPEN
Christian Fellowship--Bible Verse of the Day--Please Contribute
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:studio_microphone: The Bingozee Thread, OPEN
:studio_microphone: The Bingozee Thread, OPEN
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:studio_microphone: The Bingozee Thread, OPEN
Is there a way to stop expansionist islam?
:alien: They can’t stop all of us!’ 350k+ people volunteer


Audio Read “Introduction”

Hello I am known as “Bingo-zee”, I would first like to introduce myself as I believe this will help readers gain a better idea of the perspective and in what context I wish to share. Admittedly for some whom consider themselves "Religious " or believers may find the following somewhat challenging, even so I would encourage readers to open the mind and to try to see things with a sense of rationality, logicality and realistically.

I am often said to use many words while providing a seemingly complicated answer to many simple things, however, I tend to use my words and speak for myself rather than relying on others to do it for me or with me for that matter in reality, in some cases such as Post on public forums and News Groups I have used text and generated voice as I believe my true identity, voice and image are not necessary, nor do I seek acknowledgement but rather an understanding that I hope to provide for others as in all of Humanity, of those whom have free will and will I consider the willing.

I agree at times I do not use proper grammar and have spelling mistakes, however, I also openly admit to these things and often say my view may require a will and willingness to perceive in efforts to acknowledge the basis of the perspective and that I’m not politically correct, nor subject to societal pressures, also that at times things are done deliberately, such as purposeful wording and phrasing, (“Read Between the lines”).

I try not to provide or contribute what is not already Discoverable, Researched, Acknowledged or known but rather that which I have come to understand by its observation and effect onto reality, while my “beliefs” are a very different thing and not necessarily what I hope to provide, also I often say words are not meant for the telling of Truths, nor are words intended to discuss Belief but rather to Educate and Instruct how to interact with the inanimate object, technology or mechanisms. today words and speech are manipulated to propagate information and belief be it true or false, however, “Truth” is discoverable, obtained, acknowledged, known and understood when we are willing, truth is also free, just as is love as neither have any real value, yet the absolute opposite of these prove a devastating cost, those whom remain ignorant of this are left waiting and wanting by my opinion and understanding of what is perceived by the observation and example of yesterday, today and tomorrow, also by that which has long been known to a few throughout all of human history, be he of a secret society or Ancient Family.

As these truths are at times complex and complicated so are the issues, also the realization that is required to acknowledge and understand, to become aware of the cause and effect that offer enlightenment thus also solution, however, requiring Truths that can be shared openly, honestly a fallacy today for we have no unity but which is also an absolute necessity.

I have also been accused of pushing or spamming for much of what I share requires words that are at times if not most often more than the most minimal as the majority of whom seek entertainment or whatever pleases them most and first purposefully seek, thus those whom are by my perspective and understanding the unwilling and hypocrite who have not the ability or willingness to acknowledge or admit, thus manifesting a perpetual ignorance that only results with people arguing or slandering of things they lack an actual understanding or knowledge of, such as my opinion or the many understandings that I have given as an answer to the common question with words of my own and that do relate when understood correctly, again requiring the will of people who seek and share knowledge and other insight rather than drama, propaganda and rumors be it the witty comment or slandering of an individual or individuals, rather than of an opinion of the thing and not of the person or author, unfortunately, a sad reality that I have also found myself beginning to participate, nor am I perfect but I am also willing to acknowledge this mistake.

It may also be necessary to acknowledge that I speak of such things as Gods and Kings, Power and Authority, Good and Evil as an Artificiality and Devastating unto all of Humanity throughout history, it is not prejudiced against any Race, Color or Creed but unto all of these as they are blasphemous unto Humanity and our humanness in being we are human not sheep, lamb or the other sacrificial thing no matter what we may be Indoctrinated, Educated and Propagated into being. I state this because it’s by these understandings I base my opinion while considering what is today and happening in accordance with Religions, Cultures and Societies. I present much of the following as fact while the evidence of these things are what we, you, us and I literally live in just as we have for far too long, it’s disgusting by in my view Man is a disgusting beast whom is greedy with envy for a Human’s Dignity, Human’s Authority, Humanness and Beauty.

There are also people hear whom have or may accuse me of preaching or prophesying which I take as an insult, the foundation of my belief is the very opposing force of these things, not unto the belief in or of God’s or King’s but that these and the support require to sustain them are blasphemous unto Humanity according to our life and by what means we are living, while aligned with and according to their action and its manifestation of an Artificiality unto all of Humanity as if an actuality, that are nothing more than the workings and Craft, Witchcraft, Sorcery, Satanism, "Religious " rite and Prosecution propagated as if Religious beliefs and Ritual make a Human and Humanity a sacrificial thing. I’m not preaching however it’s by these realities that I tend to perceive things.

If you’re not interested or willing of taking the time necessary to read, understand or comprehend the following, I guess we could sum it up as my way of asking, what are we fighting for? that also speaks of the infighting of any community or country globally.


Christian Fellowship--Bible Verse of the Day--Please Contribute

An Acknowledgement.

Audio Read “An Acknowledgement”

The following is not about convincing anyone or denouncing the other, it is an honest truth that cannot be denied by the example of life and how we have come to live globally. The evidence is literally surrounding us, there is no copy and paste, YouTube or google search for us to argue or defend, it’s a literal truth when considered logically and practically with a sense of rationality thus realistically, we must discard the irrationality, immorality and illogicality that is Indoctrinated, Educated and Propagated every day and night by and for the sake of sustaining and slowing of failing artificiality that will result with the destruction of our reality, lives and families, civilizations, countries and Humanity for the sake of manipulating life and it’s genetic memory.

Objects, Words and Visions.

  • It started in the 3-D realm, Symbolization.

It was only after Humanity began to worship the object, image and words that man successfully told a vision of man landing on the moon, later motion pictures telling a vision that he has. Proven to be much better than Words, Bill board, Still or Stone, overtime becoming a much more effective way to publish and expose the masses to propaganda complete with the subliminal hidden trigger messages, frequencies and sounds, that are now a very specialized Craft and Study, again all efforts to perpetuate the artificiality, soon becoming the first form of Magic, Witchcraft, Sorcery, and the ignorance of the literate, exploited as authority by a propagated rite, thus symbolization and the subliminal soon becoming the first tool used by the magician’s, witches and sorcerers, the spell and cursed thing.

Gaining a deeper understanding of these craft and the use of advertising psychology today will allow us to be less subjective to it as we learn to be aware of and recognize things normally unknown to the average consumer for example.

The Pokémon Hunt.

Drones of people chasing invisible Pokémon projected on their vices, it’s a good example of how dangerous ignorance of such a thing can be, it’s because of our ignorance this type of manipulation has become a primary control mechanism of not just the individual but society, news and entertainment affecting culture and society by propagated social pressure, acceptance and trends coming in secondarily. There are of course many more tools used by advertisers, advertisers are not just add developers, advertisers also include songwriters, storytellers, movie producers, software and website developers, along with many others for example Facebook, whom are using the science of advertising psychology to entice and convince people both consciously and subconsciously to believe in their religion, purchase their products, use their platforms and to believe what they say much like they protect your privacy and to have faith in them and their policy. Again proving to be nothing more than artificiality.

Deceptions and Disassociation.

  • are humans not capable of infinite consciousness ?

It is this very belief that has been indoctrinated by god’s, kings, religions, power and authority to facilitate the artificiality,

Is for as long as Humanity remain powerless, left depending on the very things that have and continue to take from it freedoms, our Humanity and humanness.


Religions, cults, political entities, military, and even fans of particular sports teams are often said to indoctrinated followers, if you indoctrinate someone the goal is to have that person follow a particular set of beliefs or a doctrine rather than being able to think independently or know right from wrong.

None have come by god rather we laid road fire or chain the correct the sheep and lamb and the other sacrificial thing technically Satanism.

“Humanity” is infinite consciousness, meaning the censoriousness of every individual, and “soulful” thing, both consciousness and sub consciousness, the embodiment of all knowledge and awareness of life and the living, it is the acknowledgment of the realization that provides the enlightenment and the realization of the artificial, breaking out of the matrix and gaining insight and universal consciousness.

If we are to remove all Artificiality, WE, YOU, US and I are all that remain, Humanity was manipulated into believing it was not already the embodiment of infinite conscious as a whole, by the “GODs” and “Kings”, the metaphoric understanding that Humanity was convinced that Human knowledge power free will and freedoms humanities humanness and that this universal consciousness was external from it by deception. in layman terms Humanity failed to inspired and accept the responsibility or accountability by allowing “Gods” and “King’s serve as excuse, reason and scapegoats. making Humanity vulnerable to what is a lie deceptions and its resulting Artificiality’s and Dissociation from reality that Human becoming man.


Dissociation is a mental process of disconnecting from one’s thoughts, feelings and memories all sense of identity. the dissociated disorders that need professional treatment includes dissociative amnesia, dissociated fugue, depersonalization disorder and dissociative identity disorder.

In psychology dissociation is any of a wider area of experiences from mild detachment from immediate surroundings, to more severe detachment from physical and emotional experiences. the major characteristic of old associative phenomena involves the detachment from reality, rather than a loss of reality as in psychosis. dissociation is commonly displayed on a continuum, in mild cases dissociation can be regarded as a coping mechanism or defensive mechanisms, in seeking to Master or Tolerate.

A Human Without Humaneness Are Men

This does not mean the literal Gender genetically, but abuse unto it. Theoretically Woman are not gifted this capability; thus they compensate empathizing, for this is what make a woman a “mother” and a man “wise” in ancient times and today, hence woman’s position throughout all of man’s history, this is also WAY a king is a KING and a QUEEN is a QUEEN, it has little to do with gender but capability and connectivity, the King is connected to universal consciousness, and the Woman emotional intuitiveness necessary to facilitate the motherly instinct and tendency, hormonally, also pathetically.

Knowledge of The Ancients

Factually, Humanity was wiser than man is today, “He” require AI and technologies to attempt to simulate such knowledge and understandings, Humanity already knew many of these things that are in fact still being discovered by man today, people’s further back in time had greater scientific knowledge than the European nations of medieval times. until the second part of the 19th century scholars in Europe thought that the earth was just a few thousand years old, yet ancient Brahmin books estimated the day of Brahma, the lifespan of our universe to be 4,320 million years, not very far off from modern calculations, science emerged from the medieval darkness during the renascent by studying classical sources Humanity’s rediscovered old truths that had been known by the Babylonians, Ionians, Egyptians, Hindus or Greeks for many centuries.

Biblical Prophecies.

Are what they are for before the Tunnel, Telephone and Internet, the plan of the very methods of which to sustain these Artificiality’s were distributed via the scriptwriters and scribes to the various secret societies, including the Church and Popery while the general public way very much illiterate, ignorant and naive, it is not god but god’s that have prophesied the prophecies and the many secret societies that work tirelessly at making them come to fruition, some unknowingly and unintentionally for their psychopathy, it is the new world order, ABCS and 123’s, again all in efforts to sustain and support and Artificiality while keeping the sheep a sheep and the lamb a lamb.

Genetic Memory the Soul and Life Eternal

  • Is there is a spiritual world ?
    Short answer no, however I am assuming you are referring to after death and life.

We may see the spirit or soul in a different way, by my understanding of the basic and deeper psychologies, psychiatry, biochemistry, neurochemistry, among others sciences, religious and spiritual understandings I base my opinion. I am not religious but I am spiritual, I believe in energy, I say no because it really does not work in such a way to be external from the mind and body.

I’ll try summing it up using synopses and emotions or in other terms electro-nic-motion, broadcast and frequency and the resulting energy such as the soul aura, the electrical field of a living being the body and soul. telepathy is very much the expression of an emotion that the electronic energy expressed or in layman terms is broadcast, transmitted and detectable by the mind and technology today. a powerful and very well guarded knowledge and energy that can be influenced by deeper understandings, however, I will not cover it here what is ESP, or how ESP is something natural and universal to the “soulful” thing, humanities first voice and language before the Symbols or words.

It Was This Language Depicted In The Story Of Babel For When We All Know The Truth It’s Impossible To Lie.

When we pass this energy is very much expelled from the flash of the body, it is not sent on to heaven per say but dispersed and absorbed by all things. we are born again when any portion of our DNA and its memory may be reintegrated onto a living thing such as the developing fetus or seed, it is this that allows the individuality and the differences, also the similarity’s and connection, life eternal, it is also something being manipulated in very destructive ways today, by the vaccines and drugs among the plethora of other thing.

The Haunted Place
Are such because of these energies and telepathy often negative and powerful emotional energy that has been projected, literally scorching the space surrounding the individual expressing it. this is how some people whom are aware are able to describe these events long after they have occurred in great detail the projection of emotional energy that has scorched and has saturated the surrounding space, church, ancient place, becoming embedded onto stone, wood and open space, the blessed object and cursed, magic medallion and cap of a pyramid. each material having its own unique capability of recording such energies and to hold its charge. “Pure” Gold the longest and plain stone the shortest, we do not use diamond gam ruby or crystal.

We Also Should Consider
Life itself is purely because of its opportunity, a gift provided by time that which is before all things, water is the record of all living things and their memory. the water literally has fractions of all life’s DNA and its memory, thus it is very much environmental opportunity where life can be will be inevitably and eventually.

Mentality and morale is passed on now by education where before it was genetically embedded by experience, life’s harshness and survival. This is what often leads to the gifted and the pedophile as psychopathic tendencies are typically gained by some source of pain or traumatic experience resulting in the emotional memory of the experience to be temporarily scorched into the genetic memory of individual experiencing it, generations later the individuals offspring who inherit this memory often senses it as if this memory is instinct and often result in psychopathic tendencies and other abnormalities that are not always negative, also known to extend generations if sustained or embolden but degraded without, however, because of these facts we see the push to kill our genetics and humanities memory, not just of the pedophile but of all Humanity, humans and our humanness by forcing Vaccines, Drugs, GMO, Trends and many other means.

Consider That If We Are Cremated, We Cannot Be Born Again, Hence The Burning Of The Witch

If you want to be born again, be sent out to sea, beyond these things I do not believe or understand why at the point of death or after we would question or worry, consider all the things we say we will miss, we will not for at the end of the day these things mean nothing and become irrelevant while we become part of everything for we are not left wanting thy soul and spiritual energies or the physical thing.

Thought to mention as it kind of related, at a time when this awareness has not been so desensitized, people with ESP were considered a very real national and global threat, in effect we can imagine Humanity the soul mind and our individuality ridding the back of biology, the Bone, Body and Brain. Humanity exists because of nature and the inevitability of life, thus we can acknowledge that Humanity has not come naturally for we must be a part form it to Perceive, Appreciate and Preserve it for eternity, hence are living for eternity by these genetic memory and life’s inevitability, and the exhausting efforts of Man to not only manipulate but to alter it literally.

Consider Humans body occurs naturally just as the monkey and other thing, but not which is Humanity and our Human consciousness Alien to all the other living. For We are the Deliverers of life to Earth, thus Humanity and the Human are from a time before and are the curator and guardian of all life, and genetic memory, the literal record we have gathered, discovered and compiled from among many different times, thus dimension over billions of years, hence the variety and its diversity, the insect, animal, mammal, Human and other living thing. there is no such thing as evolution rather adaptation inevitability and opportunity.

The Human Experience

  • And its library
    Summarized dramatically.

In short all religions are a compilation of a very large number of materials that describe the Human experience and understanding. Songs, scriptures, volumes, riddles, carvings and even jokes gathered from around the world that come to create the library beneath the Vatican among many other locations and places, for this was the first source of empowerment, knowledge gained over the ignorant and illiterate, exploited no different than it is today. the first completed compilation called the manuscript or scrolls that was placed in the ark of the covenant and that remains hidden since the creation of these first religions Bible, Scroll, or Parchment, again so no one may discover the truth.

All ancient religions have come from one source and not of gods but men, each leader told to take from it and make it of their own, just as it has been done from the time of surfacing (Pangaea). this is why the formation of the convent and other secret society, protecting these truths about Humanity, Human, humanness and the glory of its freedoms for the sake of Influence and Power, Wolfs Shepherding Sheep.


  • So priest’s fucking young boys, morale?
  • Is cutting your head off, morale?

If you think this is a morality to advocate I would have to spit in your eye and face…

Consider all “Religion” come by Indoctrination, To teach with a biased, one-sided or uncritical ideology; to brainwash.

Religious indoctrination, the original sense of indoctrination , refers to a process of imparting doctrine in an authoritative way, as in catechism. Most religious groups among the revealed religions instruct new members in the principles of the religion; this is now not usually referred to as indoctrination by the religions themselves, in part because of the negative connotations the word has acquired. Mystery religions require a period of indoctrination before granting access to esoteric knowledge. (cf. Information security)

The initial psychological preparation of soldiers during training is referred to (non-pejoratively) as indoctrination.

Brainwashing (also known as mind control , menticide , coercive persuasion , thought control , thought reform , and re-education ) is the concept that the human mind can be altered or controlled by certain psychological techniques. Brainwashing is said to reduce its subject’s ability to think critically or independently,[1] to allow the introduction of new, unwanted thoughts and ideas into the subject’s mind,[2] as well as to change his or her attitudes, values, and beliefs.


that is most often facilitated by a facet of “Stockholm syndrome

Just some starting point to discovery… for those interested in research and study…

I stand for Humanity, Our Humanness, Human and Man, if you chose to call me anything call me a Humanist, Realist and Logical .”

Humanism is a philosophical and ethical stance that emphasizes the value and agency of Human beings individually and collectively and generally prefers critical thinking and evidence, rationalism and empiricism over acceptance of dogma or superstition.

A realist is someone who can look at things as they are in life and deal with them in a practical manner, many artists or philosophers who like to see life in its crude original form can be classified as realists.

Reasoning, Thinking, Straight Thinking, Rationale, Objective, Analytical, Cerebral, Insightful, Intelligent, Judicious, Wise, Sensible, Hardheaded.

“his logical mind characterized as capable of Clear Sound Reasoning, Reasons Well-Reasoned” and found Cogent Well-Thought-Out, Valid, Lucid, Coherent, Clear, Well Organized, Deductive, Inductive and one whom tends to believe conclusions based on evidence and Logical Argument.

I know not a God that would ask or expect I bow, rather the Gods that know me demand I stand ”.





Before Surfacing.
Life and Humanity Are Alien unto Earth, Humanity is the Guardian of Life, the Living, the Record and Memory of it, Water and Genetic Memory. We are human by the Enlightenment and by our Consciousness obtained by the Human experience and Living over very long periods of time that is Necessary to Facilitate the Human Perception that which is Alien to all other things Living. It’s by this Perspective and Sense that we Perceive to Appreciate Life and the Living, otherwise Humanity and the Human would be no different than a flock and the sheep.

Nothing Living or Alive has come or gone to or from Earth Living or Alive including Humanity and dissociated self “Man”, nor can it for the Firmament and its Purpose Exactly, by the many scars (“stars”) that prove these things, for the sake of Purity Life is Balanced Perfectly, We are the Manifestation of our Own Illness and Disease for what is Nature and Natural will always revert to itself over time eventually and inevitably as All things that have come of it and are of it, so will All things return to it, such as We use the Stone, Wood and even Steal to build our House, thus it’s by Humanities Hand come the Manifestation of All things be they for Good or Evil, All but that which is Nature and that which happens Naturally, inevitably and eventually, such is Life is blessed and gifted eternity. Humanity is very much Nature’s Consciousness that Facilitate the Acknowledgement and Understanding of one thing, it’s reason (“Responsibility”).

Upon Surfacing.
Religion is not just about god’s or devils, rather it’s the literal foundation of government, governance, laws, policy, rules, regulations and advertising that are induced psychopathic tendency and false initiative projected onto Humanity, thus no matter what we might think we are fighting for will always accomplish nothing and be in vain if we fail to acknowledge the cause and effect on to all things the Religious prosecution of Truths, Reality’s and by its mechanism, Sin. Hence my saying Religious belief is hypocritical and blasphemous unto Humanity, the very reason Jesus turned the table biblically.

It is the Priest that makes the King, the King that Enslaves his Army, the Army that forces onto Humanity the Artificial thing that comes by the Priest, a Man and his Money, the Prophet his Profit, the Golden calf and False idol, Man is learning to reverse engineer Humanity’s Truths and Technologies as Man attempts and continues to mimic such Ancient understanding today and the near future, however, because of Man’s Tainted Mentality and interpolation of these understandings, the resulting technologies are not original thus corrupt and often become weaponized, for it is not Man’s creation but rather his discovery and the result of his Stealing and Borrowing words not his own for the sake of Man’s ego, (“Evil Mind”) (“Plagiarism”), envy and greed of such human capability, power and authority over life and the living as a whole manifesting a very destructive artificiality, while Man continually seeks to dominate eternity, to hijack the inevitability of life and it’s immortality, however, for Man and all that is unnatural an unavoidable, inevitable end to all artificiality, thus Man’s calamity.

How are we to defeat that which kills the living and that which Murders our family while all efforts to defend or defeat equate to nothing more than a frantic battle with thin air while we wildly and so desperately are left wanting to connect with something and at times anything for we are left waiting.

Unity is an illusion if it is not understood, acknowledged and agreed to globally, frankly there will always be controllers of mentality onto Humanity by the use of belief and technology for as long as humans perpetuate its existence by believing in Man’s Artificiality and Propagated Authority, while Man exploits the human sympathy, compassion, passion and dignity along with the many other aspects of our humanness that we should consider these controllers a parasite unto Humanity, higher conscious and critical thinking. Thus for as long as there remains race and religion, division and divide we will have no freedom or rite, rather only the illusion of these things, our ignorance due to the lack of a whole understanding of any given thing necessary to acknowledge and be aware of its enlightenment, thus an awakening. Because of these artificiality and resulting understandings, beliefs and technologies become weaponized onto Humanity and all things as these understandings are propagated as new, while our first technology have sustained life and the memory of it for number of stars above, the image of which we first reproduce the human, Humanity and humanism on this planet we call earth that has been exploited long ago, portions and bits of its record have literally been engraved, painted and written on the wall that many are not willing or cannot read.

Today we have no freedom nor have we since the advent of Religion and our belief in such things. Much like the landing on the moon freedom has always only been propagated as a possibility, not a reality. The devil deceit is perpetuated for as long as we continue believing in evil and the manifestation of its artificiality which we are deceived and are forced into believing throughout its history until this day by indoctrination, ritual worship, and the plethora of other things and methods.

If Humanity was to be established again it would require the abandonment of all artificiality, The Literal ingestion of the real red pill triggering the exit switch from the irrationality unto rationality, illogicality unto logicality, artificiality unto reality, thus Man becoming Human Once Again.

We should already know that eating a toxic thing knowingly is not only suicidal but also silly, how do we live if not by which pleases us most or first while relying on the illusion of a right and power to vote for a person rather than of the many things that happen daily globally, for this is not the work of AI while AI is only a reflection of our own that has been taken out of context for a computer and technology will never equate to human thus these Truths are the Responsibility of Humanity for we are the guardian and keeper of all things living and of their memory, not Man that which is a psychopathic disassociated human whom suffers mental instability and illness that result with vulnerability of the psychopathic and the psychopathic tendency and trait that are devastating unto Humanity.

Power greed and other Evil thing, Evil tools utilized by the egotistical and narcissist that are Man’s insanity propagated onto Humanity by many different methods and means, so should we go running into the streets brandishing a cowards weapon with eyes that only see the illusion, delusions that are a result of mental instability and vulnerability that is often supported and sustained by the belief of anything that may be blasphemous unto Humanity for Humanity is the image of our realization of self, enlightenment and dignity, thus one can imagine monkey becoming human. Evil a result of human being deceived onto believing he is Man and to Murdering each other and his own family for the fraudulent community we call the country by the gods, kings and religion that propagate, manipulate and work to manifest these artificiality’s, thus making all belief in gods, kings and religions tainted and offered by the demented and disassociated lost people’s that are many as they preach and propagate Man’s image and religion as if a blessed and holy thing, however it is still Humanity’s dignity that is only mimicked as pride by Man for his Plagiarism.

If we remain brainwashed into thinking and believing freedom of Humanity depends on a sheet of ass wipe is for as long as we will be slave to shit smeared on paper, while we continue standing and fighting for this thing no matter how elegant it may be written, a fallacy propagated onto Humanity as authority deliberately keeps from us freedoms that are only facilitated by a unified Humanity and the one law we live by, and by those whom are willing to acknowledge and understand the choice, a responsibility of our own by each individual, independently and by the community unto all of Humanity, we must abandon the principles and beliefs of Men and the unholy thing thus the expendable beast and it’s mark in history that are a blasphemous shame.

Racism one of the most ridiculous and toxic things unto Humanity that I have ever witnessed yet the country we may claim to understand and stand for, kill and Murder for the very palaces and constructs of the perpetrators of racism and slavery throughout history as much as they are today, the division of a once common understanding that was established long before Eve and Deception, that we are all of the same family and genetic memory, a lesson obtained and acknowledged some time ago, scars unto the firmament, a new star by these the three deceivers, be he the God, Priest or King. This story has never been forgotten but only forgiven for Humanity have turned the other cheek. the belief in gods, kings, government and authority of Man’s artificiality is for as long as we continue to be willing to participate manifesting Man’s will and not the will of Humanity, thus we must subject ourselves and family, civilization, country and the human species onto artificiality for the sake and sense of power authority, perverts, belonging along with a plethora of mental disorders and illnesses that are requirements and efforts of making humans a good soldier who is told to Murder and die for glory of Man’s Artificiality while in reality Murdering and killing for nothing more than a Propagated Value of Man’s Money which is necessary to sustain the Artificiality by forcing Humanity to interact and depend thus manifesting monies that are perceived as power and authority over life and our family, country and globally facilitating while also stimulating the psychopathic tendency to Murder and commit suicide that only work from Humanity the reality of freedoms, family, our humanism and unity.

We can play Patriot, Warrior or Superhero all we like but the fact remains a Soldier is equated to nothing more than the lost sheep whom acts in accordance to Man’s belief thus the shepherd’s crook, humans becoming the sacrificial thing willingly even if unknowing due to the psychopathy and psychopathic tendency, aptitude and comprehensions that are a very well-guarded secret and study. A craft today as it has been since the enlightenment, realization and exploitation of these things. How can we say we are honest and telling a truth or to argue honestly, to give weight or meaning to their word is foolery for it has been both stolen and borrowed from Humanity, manipulated, altered and regurgitated by Man as if a voice of his own, these are the actions of the cowardly whom utilize lies as if a weaponry, a sword blade that draws flats to fade, rust and decay over time inevitably for it is Man and Man’s Artificiality that cannot be sustained indefinitely.

Humans are not harvestable sheep or expendable lamb or the other sacrificial thing, it’s a shame we would ever think so little of ourselves and Humanity, this should be seen as a shameful blasphemy unto Humanity and every individual’s dignity. At the end of the day if we subscribe to any religion we lose no matter how much we may indoctrinate or convince ourselves otherwise, also I have to wonder that once a hypocrite has not only exposed but has also demonstrated hypocrisy should the hypocrites statement be acknowledged as anything more than the hypocrite’s hypocrisy, personally I have no respect for the hypocrite or fanatic.

We are not captured by evil, rather only propagated as being, as I mentioned in other posts the religions and shadow government is a world government that has existed long before our local governments, what we see is only the curtain or better current trends and whatever it takes to keep us thinking there is an option or ever was, the simple fact there hasn’t been since the advent of God “Governance Over Disobedient” or Disbeliever but praise onto the deceiver and misgivings by the thief and devil and other evil thing as each keep from Humanity the divine rite, thus to choose destiny by the will and willingness to lawfully, globally.

Defence or praise of these things do in fact work to keep humanity from realizing other possibility by their craft we are only prisoner of for as long as we will submit and subject our families to it, Man’s religion and governance over freedom, rite and the whole holy thing, the very things taken from Humanity by the Stone, Rope, Blade, Whip, Fire, Bullet, Judges Gavel, Symbol and Word or Man’s technology or other thing meant to keep us from understanding and acknowledging the simple reality and responsibility that we are free without Artificiality, we are not left wanting or waiting for there is no Greed, Race, Color or Creed, there is only You, Us, We, I and the other thing living.

We are captured only by the illusion and fantasy of gods, kings, power and authority, value, currency, money or the other thing rather than acknowledging our true responsibility and ability today unknowingly, however, there is no free will or freedom without the understanding and agreement by all of Humanity unilaterally above all other things, the one law that has been obtained by the human experience over very long periods and the enlightenment that we are not perfect, proof of our imperfection, scars unto the firmament for which there are very many. Perfection is the balance that facilitates life in the living for eternity for Man’s dream and fantasy is forever doomed to devastation, calamity and a sudden ending.

A new star and testament to those whom fail to forget, Thus the old saying “lest we forget” a mark in history by Humanity’s mistake and failure to realize a chance of a new beginning rather than to repeat, Humanity can go straight in time, a direction Man has never been nor can he nor has his gods the capability, nor will they for the sake of eventuality and inevitability for his gods and technology are only mimicry, thus the False idol, Golden calf, Stone tablet, Dead battery that result with the collapse of Man’s Artificiality, unfortunate that those whom believe in Man’s authority will be left waiting, wanting, consuming of themselves eventually and inevitably, those whom I consider the unwilling for their ego and fantasy, wanting, desire, greed or need to be a part of something even unknowingly but subconsciously literally manifesting the mentality of Man above Humanity as if an actuality, power or authority rather than artificiality manifest as reality.

Wars are not what they are propagated to being, they are only manipulation on to civilizations, societies and Humanity as a whole, it is these things that lead to an end in calamity inevitably, something they and we should already understand clearly but that they have learned how best to manipulate, propagate, preach, advertise, promote, inspire and instigated easily by the use of technology and our tainted belief.

The NWO is only a beginning but not of a new thing, it should be considered more as the exposure of something existing long ago, however, now we are being made accustomed to it as if it was new so we are desensitized and not alarmed by the actuality of reality, thus not causing awareness or awakening from Mans “dream”, how many still stand for these things, how many Men Murder at the sound of a whistle, really how many spew the venom, the drug, entertainment, preoccupation, slavery and abuse while profiting.

There is a much bigger picture people are not seeking primarily because they’re looking at google or YouTube for answers to questions and I don’t blame them, how can we not while we are depending on the belief, indoctrination, education, religions, rule, law, manipulation, transgression, abuse, vice and other thing that is not only blasphemous unto Humanity but also all biological things living. In the end it has nothing to do with religions or technology but the choices made by Humanity and the failure to recognize and take responsibility of their own doing literally, rationally, logically, truthfully and honestly intellectually, personally before all other things as life literally depends on it.

“remember at the end of the day we are the manifestation of a word’s meaning and its effect on to ourselves”, we manifest even the corrupt and evil thing by believing, politics, race and many more things all to mislead, divide, confuse and keep ignorant the masses whom have never had nor likely to have the opportunity to discover truth on their own, they will and are in many was forced to believe more whatever they can read or see on TV, it is these artificially that subdue cognitive, coherent, imaginative, creative, logical, common sense comprehension along with desires, curiosity, confidence and the overall understanding of any given thing including self and place in society, we just have to take a look, not just see but much like hearing is to listening there is a difference.

It’s has become an impossibility to fully comprehend or truly contemplate anything now a day, first there is no time and then news offers something new every day, if it’s not the news it’s how it is presented to keep the stimulant, to keep the masses believing they are learning something and they are but it’s never going to be the truth.

Many things are presented as happening long before they actually do “Fake News”, something done every day now a day, they put out propaganda, gather, study “DATA” and plan according to how society responds, such as the war in Iraq, gas in Syria.

Truth is Iraq was a major training mission in most cases troops were fired upon by special agents and contractors while the troops are left unknowing, most of the time they would shoot thousands of rounds and munitions at buildings known to be abandoned long ago, however, that is not to say they haven’t paid and organized resistance, extremists paid with stolen goods and counterfeit money. Taking this training and study to a whole new level, something that was completely necessary to advance things much as they are being advanced today technically, militarily, virtually, along with many other advances that would not otherwise be, for some things cannot be, like the actual death of the man beside you or that you have just literally murdered someone. These are all studies propagated deliberately and financed financially with big money, 9/11 and all efforts to study how better to control cultures and societies.

Syria was a test of the emotional response by the global civilized society, they propagate bull shit like that and develop strategies and mission planning by its study, Mk-ultra was not just a psychological study, it has literally become everything you see and interact with today, since the radio people have been told things that will happen before it happens, today they collect this data and proceed accordingly, projected futures such as man landing on the moon and freedom are propagated continually and it’s Man!, not some fucking Alien, all things are manifested by our own precognition, understanding, acknowledgements, the enlightenment and its realization.

I ask are you Man or Human, considered to answer this question honestly requires honesty or we are lying to ourselves and each other, the majority of people claiming to be awake are just sleepwalking, more are just along for the ride and the majority of the remaining are just wanting to feel as if they’re a part of a thing, it is only a very few who can truly understand anything but we cannot actually blame people, it’s a fact that most people really don’t have the time or understand how time is critical for a true consideration, thus contemplating an understanding leaving most responding spontaneously and impulsively rather than truly presenting formulated understandings and knowledge necessary to discuss anything with passion and honesty, I do however believe there are a few people here whom truly try to discuss a thing, in the end it’s up to the individual the right to say and type anything, it’s our choice to read it let alone respond. I do hope to see people expressing themselves more intelligently for ridicule blame get us nowhere we are stuck in the repeat.


Christian Fellowship--Bible Verse of the Day--Please Contribute

What is it really about.

Audio Read “What’s It Really About”

I am not against God, Religion, Belief or Political affiliation, rather how these have been Manipulated, Altered and Weaponized in many ways for the sake of destroying our knowledge, understanding, sense and practice of Humaneness and Human Dignity, my use of this word literally represents the Humaneness of Humanity such as Care, Dignity, Compassion, Brotherly love, Fraternity, Fellow feeling, Philanthropy, Kindness, Consideration, Understanding, Sympathy, Tolerance, Leniency, Mercy, Clemency, Tenderness, Charity, Goodness, Magnanimity, Generosity, Honesty, Respect among the plethora of other things.

There are of course many valuable teachings and knowledge to be gained from sources such as the Bible and Koran for example but it is also a fact each have been Manipulated, Altered and even Rewritten over the centuries by a number of different hands that these things can no longer be taken literal but rather with a grain of salt.

Today we talk about many things such as Good vs. Evil, God vs. Devil and so on, however, in my view it is very alarming how little people understand about each of these things or how they come to be. I see passion from people arguing faith and beliefs they lack an actual understanding of, in my heart and soul this hurts me and makes me feel empathy and pity for humanity, for it’s by these observations I am witnessing the death throes of a dying humanity much like fish out of water as individuals affected by and suffering what I refer to as Artificiality, which is anything not occurring naturally or in layman terms, Lies. also how the ignorance of and denial of these artificiality perpetuate their existence, for at the end of the day we are what is, by that all things are manifested through us and by us be it for Good or Evil and how humanity has been made unwilling to acknowledge these responsibilities as our own and not of Gods or Devils, Leaders or Authority.

By my perspective and understanding humanity is free and humaneness is the freedom, for God’s, Kings, Power and Authority to exist these freedoms must be restricted, taken away and destroyed, an observable fact throughout known history. However, because I was raised with religion surrounding me I use the words “God” and “Jesus” very much metaphorically rather than by the literal interpretation, a summary of this is that God is our will and freedom of will, we are able to call upon it at any moment for any given thing and Jesus the metaphoric Image and embodiment of all things Human, Mind, Body and Soul, thus humanity as the whole holy thing.

Having faith and belief is one thing but when it comes to the Belief, Ritual, Warship or Practice of Religions that are in fact by many means forced upon the ignorant for the very reason of control, manipulated and worked to establish an Artificiality for the very sake of becoming and staying Gods and Kings, also that not one Religion has come by a means of or at a time of peace and that are manipulation propagated and often exploited at a time of calamity along with the fact that if you chose humanity over artificiality, you would end up Beheaded, Hung, Burnt or Crucified, thus the establishment of religions have always worked to Weaken, Diminish and kill our inner sense, passions, acknowledgement and understanding of the responsibility of humanity and what it is to be human and of its freedoms while equating humans to a Lamb or Sheep, as if religions make humans a harvestable and the expendable beast.

Religions have also been manipulated in ways inverting the truth and our first and only law that has been all but erased from the memory and human history, that was at one time a common sense and way of life and living, humanity has but one law obtained by the human experience and the Enlightenment.

“One must do unto oneself before doing or having done onto others”

Such as one must have Love to Love, Food to Feed and Shelter to offer Refuge, equally one must commit Suicide before Murder. because this one law makes all others redundant by establishing the equality necessary to facilitate the free will and freedom of humanity, the Gods and Kings have manipulated this simple truth which is freedom making it a complicated lie which is enslavement, it has been very much inverted which is written and understood today, in layman terms today’s law says that it is acceptable to Murder and worry about consequences later, this resulting in Humans being manipulated to form the Army and Soldiers to die for Man’s Glory, in effect creating the expendable Sheep and sacrificial Lamb that are all efforts to support the artificiality’s of God’s, Kings, Power and Authority, originally, now including global governments and money.

the unavoidable choice of religions and laws before and above humanity was not only forced by these Artificiality’s and the religious prosecution but also symbolized by such things as the cross and depicted metaphorically with the crucifixion of Christ Jesus, humanity and our humanness nailed to it further emboldening Artificiality so that God’s remain God’s and for Kings to remain Kings and for these to establish Governance Over Disobedience with propagated Rules, Laws, Authority and Power foreign to and deliberately against Humanity, Humanness and its freedoms by religion and its propagated rite.

The reality is if it requires any kind of Ritual or Worship it’s an artificiality, for both the Ritual and Warship are literally something fabricated and propagated, working to influence the masses to follow and to Manipulate, Inspire, Convince or force Humanity to interact with these artificiality’s, intern manifesting it as if in actuality, yet not something occurring naturally, thus these are the False idol, Golden calf, etc. additionally it’s blasphemous and hypocritical to the very religions that many are claiming to understand, follow and choose to believe in and preach today, however, each have been and continue to be influenced by culture, social acceptance, trends and agendas. the issue with this, is that artificiality cannot be sustained indefinitely as all forms of artificiality have an unavoidable, inevitable end much like that depicted in the matrix and its reset.

We simply cannot dance forever endlessly, this is a literal fact observed and proven throughout history and very much part reason we see much of what we do today, these artificiality coming to its inevitable end, also the exposure of truth that we have been lied unto Believing, Preaching and Murdering for these Artificiality’s and the lies required to sustain them.

“Paint on the stone will wear leaving only the stone, reality”

For example, they keep us in sin and sinning according to their propagated laws so that we forever seek forgiveness and acceptance while they exploit the feeling of guilt and fear of those that have chosen to follow and the ignorant, thus brain fucked monkeys reduce the sheep.

As for solutions, there is but one, the simple answer is unity and equality globally, however, until Humanity reestablishes the practice of this responsibility Humanity will always have some reason or excuse to take from, Hurt or Murder one another and be continually exploited for this vulnerability. I believe unity will come only once we have experienced great loss and calamity, in other words until there is no other choice for Humanity to revert to our Humanness while Abandoning these Artificiality’s. Religion and Race are the top dividers of Humanity today just as they have been for centuries, both artificiality’s.

lastly Jesus openly admitted that he is but a messenger and that he will rise again, thus metaphorically humanity will rise again and that Jesus said none shall reach the heavens and less by me, metaphorically peace and freedom are not obtainable without humanity and our humanness, Religions are not a requirement, nor is the belief in God’s, Kings, Power or Authority much as we understand and are subjected to believing today. It is literally humanity and our humanness that is the enemy of Artificiality, Power and Authority, the Gods and Kings.

“We have all known for a long time now the plan, however not all have chosen to follow or partake, We that live as common folk and the potato farmer, We stand and live in protest silently, We disagree, We choose reality over fantasy and it’s artificiality”

People are not even interested in the Truth, clearly only interested in what rocks their boat or entertains them first or most, we are fucking doomed…



A New World Order And Missing Files.

Audio Read “A New World Order And Missing Files”


It’s that Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking along with others have had many of their first theories almost all proven either incorrect or incomplete by the knowledge gained by first-hand experience.

Laika the space dog and the subsequent understandings and acknowledgements. It became apparent the theory and resulting sciences were very flawed, that they chose to completely destroyed all previous sciences that depended wholly upon these flawed and incorrect theories, hypotheses and summations, that where at one time sold as the requirements of reaching the Moon living, hence NASA claiming to be missing files and recordings that were “destroyed” along with being one of the US’s greatest embarrassment globally within the many closed societies and ancient family, for a time after many attempts have been made to disclose these truths, but silenced quickly by the many means including disappearing entire planes full of scientists and others credited and willing to discuss these things openly. Consider the education they still propagate and indoctrinate are fundamentally flawed, thus incorrect.

Some of these efforts managed to have some of these facts exposed publicly, however, because of the immense effect this has and will have on the scientific community, education and civilization as a whole, it hasn’t been fully disclosed or publicly acknowledged, today even with the advent of Technology and the internet, still only 20% of the whole of but one library is available to all. TOP-SECRET.

We can imagine the plethora of other “reasons” they still have not disclosed these facts, competition, control, domination and the list goes on and on. It was that NASA agreed to propagate the landing to act as a cover to this calamity that is a shame backed by big-money, the ABC’s and 123’s, otherwise they were to be shut down, in the end leaving NASA and these secret societies to start from scratch.

This is when they scoured the earth for the Scientists, Data and Technologies, Relics and Antiquities, they have Bribed, Kidnapped, Extorted and Even Murder To Accomplish This Goal, it was a matter of “Global Security” at the time and Today, that was under the direction of the United States and Germany, Global Secret Societies and Governments, and the (“Propagated Enemy and WAR as a Cover to it”), it is this calamity that both offered the opportunity and development of a “New World Order”, that is in fact founded by these “NEW” understandings and resulting technologies. That which facilitate these “NEW” beings and beginnings. The fact is unfortunate that even now these Secret Societies and Governments still do not have the understanding, knowledge or technology capable of measuring the immensity and mass, (“The Heaviness of Outer Space”), space beyond the VHB’s.

Consider if they were to disclose many of these truths we would see things very different then we do today.

Most “Main Stream” sciences were and remain copies of each by many means including Espionage, Secret Sharing, The Illuminati, Church, Popary and “Their” Propaganda, “Advertisement”, “Trend” and “Ritual”, much like the test results of the kid copying the answers of the students sitting in front, where the first student was wrong so was the second.

For Purity.
Nothing “living” or “alive” has exited or has entered into “Inner Space” from “Outer Space” alive or “living”, including all of Humanity, in fact the only thing proven to surpass the “Firmament” and “Van Allen Radiation Belts” is only machinery and that which is already dead, or that can be “Turned Off” and back “On”, hence, the “Mission to Mars”, would and will require the astronauts to be technically dead and placed in a hyper hibernation, a little more on that. The goal here is to download the mind and memory into data-banks that are to be re-uploaded to the brain of the astronauts once they exit hyper hibernation, as these are loss shortly after death and upon any destruction structurally, (“decay”).

It is also necessary for anything biological, thus cells to be frozen and placed in a solid or “Preserved” state or cells are degraded and are destroyed quickly, many being destroyed long before approaching the “Van Allen Radiation Belts”, simply put, if it is not solid it will be destroyed by the powerful Firmament, like they say.

“You Have to Be Dead to Reach the Heavens”, there are also considerations of the “soul”, however I will not elaborate here.

The Heavens.
If we attempt to take in a canister or lung for example, into deep space, “Outer Space”, it would simply implode due to the massive weight of space itself, that collapses in onto its self, in the case of “Laika The Space Dog”, becoming virtually atomized unto nothing more than a blob of unrecognizable goop upon return and coalition of the organic materials due to gravity.

To this day we simply do not have the technology durable or able to withstand the crushing forces of “Outer Space” itself, even with protection blood would boil and bone would collapse in upon itself, etc. The Firmament is a little more than just the belt to radiation.

Consider “Inner Space” and “Outer Space” are much like Freshwater Meeting Saltwater, if you have ever seen such a thing, it would appear much like Oil on Water, they don’t mix.

Van Allen Radiation Belts.
The “Van Allen Radiation Belts” is this boundary where the two meet and are a result of the friction (“Radiation”) between these “Spaces”, much like the Crusts and Magma of Earth, each are being forced together at immense pressures, More the pressure the grater the energy. Space also has no voids, thus “Outer Space” is consistently literally trying to collapse in upon itself where ever there is the opportunity or capability.

Imagine removing a bubble of freshwater (“Inner Space”), from an endless ocean of Salt Water (”Outer Space”) instantly, the “water”, “Space”, collapses upon itself filling the void, this occurs independent of gravity but rather because of the immeasurable magnitude and heaviness of “Outer Space” itself, also objects that are set in motion will forever move in the direction and velocity it was set, and will not divert unless interacting with other objects and “Inner Space”, because of this phenomena there is literally nothing to push or pull on, it is the weight of “Outer Space” itself that gives objects that are set in motion perpetual motion and has absolutely nothing to do with gravity for in “Outer Space” there is none.

Thus all well-known, along with the experimental methods of propulsion used to navigate or accelerate in “Inner Space”, have no effect only until eventually affected by a source of gravity. Such as an Object, Sun, Black Hole and or “Inner Space”, hence the study of light as a source of propulsion.

Imagine two bubbles of freshwater (“Inner Space”), in an endless ocean of Salt Water (”Outer Space”). We have control of navigation and acceleration in each of the bubbles but anywhere beyond the boundary there is none. The differences of in a “Inner Space” and “Outer Space” have been known for a very long time and has been described in scripture as the firmament and depicted as a barrier.

Consider the UFO can go into “Inner Space” but not to “Outer Space”, fact still to this day the mass weight of “Outer Space”, is still immeasurable and unimaginable, it’s absolutely possible to send the machine and dead thing to the surface of any planet, however, not the living. “Inner Space” is the “Space” that directly surrounds all objects in “Outer Space”, like Freshwater bubbles in an endless ocean of Salt Water.

When we attempted to send a dog into “Outer Space” the craft return to us with nothing more than a highly radioactive puddle and blobs, consider the dog upon the return to earth collated into a real mess. Monkey, Mice, Rats, Eggs, Fetuses, Baby’s, Cadavers And People, along with a plethora of other thing have been smashed into the Firmament as our artificial “God’s” work to penetrate the Firmament so to contaminate, not only others but the universe, the purpose and reason for the firmament, to keep that from happening.

The Firmament.
For the Firmament “Life” and the “Living”, are protected from life coming in, also going out, for without Humanity, “Life” would have been destroyed long, very long ago. it is Humanity who built the Firmament for this reason exactly, Humans are not perfect, but Human, and the Firmament a direct result of our honesty, acknowledgements, enlightenment obtained over long periods of time and dimension, resulting with Humanity’s first technology’s, that still baffle Man’s mind today, He even Struggles to Rely on AI for MAN is on a different Frequency, Literally, (“The Primal Mind and Frequency”, Mentality”).

It’s literally still Man pretending to be God’s, the God ( “CERN”, “Higgs Particle” and other), are what they are because “They” believe it may penetrate and create a “bubble” or void, Artificial “Inner Space” in “Outer Space”, which to travel, like a force field, still not a possibility today but a highly protected secret, science and study.

We should all be aware of and consider a “hole” or imbalance of the Firmament is the END of all things as we know it. the Firmament is a Necessity to life all living things and the record of if, also it is surmised that it may in fact cause our “Inner Space” (“Earth”) to collapse into its centre as the heaviness of “Outer Space” collapsing upon itself as supernova, annihilation that would leave nothing more than the pit, the stone like a freshwater (“Inner Space”), being popped in an endless ocean of Salt Water (”Outer Space”).

Humanity Exploited.
Humanity have repeatedly been exploited as they, gods and men continually collect data in hopes of discovering the key hidden deep in humanity unified consciousness, for we the manifest of all things.

Humanity are alien to earth, life itself is simply for opportunity much as are all things, existing simply because of opportunity, thanks to time that which is before all things, it’s by time comes anything from nothing and everything, equally for the sake of possibility and inevitability life is gifted eternity.

The UFOs.
I am sure there are people who will quickly have something to say in response to this, when we consider facts it is 100% more likely UFO’s and aliens come from inner earth where humanity began life on this planet we call home, consider the many differences from what we see as human vs alien on this planet are simply the direct results of exposure to the sun, weather, environmental. Differences of race of purely due to environmental response, geological locations and adaption over long periods of time.

The Aliens.
The first humans on earth where more greyish blue and somewhat taller, we were protected from the above-mentioned environmental stimulants for thousands of years or for as long as it took for the moon to collate and form is celestial body that we see today to be more exact. It’s the moon’s gravitational effect on earth’s surface and waters that caused flooding, in turn forcing humans to surface, we are the delivers of life and the living by the transformation and the terraforming of earth’s much as it is, we are the curators, collectors, and protectors of the gift of life and the living, by the waters and record of all life and its memory. When a human is protected from the environmental elements the skin becomes very thin and somewhat transparent, take a look at your arm, now imagine what you would look like within almost transparent skin, the exact skin you would have if you lived in a specific environment, one without the sun, weather and the many other things we have had to adapt to upon surfacing, over the ages unto today.

Yes, humanity and our true technology existed long before life on earth, we made earth habitable while life and humanity are themselves billions of years old, so the fact is we have not gotten to any moon alive or living because we are incapable and have been factually lied to, severely crippled and delayed by them withholding the truth, while they propagandize truths and facts for artificiality, for the sake of power and profit, influence and control, for gods to remain gods and kings to remain kings.

In many ways you can see the NWO much for what it is and how they have come to dominate by withholding factuality that destroy “their” artificiality, for if they did, they would no longer have power or control, irrelevant and completely unnecessary.

Maybe when the truth of how Einstein and Stephen, along with many others theories turning out to be fairy tales and art of the imagination and the imaginary, maybe then deep space travel could become a possibility and human will finally land on the moon by reverting back to “his” humanity, man becoming human the whole holy thing once again by his humanism, humanness, dignity and the freedom these exist only to facilitate, the free will and the willing, thus endless possibility.

The saddest part is they have no idea how badly they have affected history and the future, fact remains because of the lies we are told, we are more than 1000 years behind where we should long already. Something only achievable if information is truthful and shared openly with all, the fact that anything is hidden, top-secret or classified is to manipulate, much as they have been forever now, hey everyone wants to keep a job right, also consider all that is now and throughout history, in fact inspired, propagated, preached and advertised to collect data, not just of the responses of humanity to man’s tyranny and mentality, but also the effectiveness of the weapon that is enhanced upgraded and utilized, next time round with these newly gain understandings perpetuating the artificiality, its power and authority, so we can expect they will try all the toys before it’s all said and done.

A Big Rock.
NASA not long ago was propagating news that they were to attempt explore the heavens and space, however, the Black Night Satellite is one part of very many that have been sent in many different directions throughout the universe and into “Outer Space” long before “Gods” and “Men”, These probes seek Planets, Suns and the other Energies that are the minimum necessity for life and living. upon locating these energy’s, the pigeon returns to the Ark, The Ark is (“Earth”, “Record”) and a significant land formation that’s located in north Canada today. These probes will return and encapsulate Earth from the Firmament, upon doing so these satellites work in unison (“The Grid”) to support life and earth as it prepares for the next step on of our journey to gather, recover, give life and to safeguard the record of all life’s memory, our only responsibility. when earth is once again its smallest, thus upon its contraction, earth and all things become a solid, a “Pit” or “Seed”, once this is accomplished, we will begin our very long journey.

Nukes and The Mighty Glory.
Are Nukes for mass destruction? Yes of course, along with any country that would use them.

The logical answer is if ever they are to be used it would be used to destroy all things, not a winning solution. While the actual intention and reason was not necessarily for “War”, when we have had much more advanced weapons for a long time before.

Consider the simplest satellite can be weaponized very easily. A Nukes purpose is and has been since their inception propagated and widely misunderstood as mass weapons of destruction, which they are but not since the advent of the New World Order, these devices and the true intent is to cleanse and sanitize the air and lands that are the result of “Man’s” calamity that will bring Devastation, Destruction, Diseases and Decay at the pinnacle of an Artificiality Ending, leaving earth a very toxic place. Nukes are technically a weapon of peace and mercy, there will be many bad things coming, 5G sold as a necessity to facilitate the automation of a murdering and killing machine as “they” run deeper into the shadow and hide.

“It Is Not Them Against Them, It Is Literally Us Against Ourselves and Each Other, For We Are the Manifest, Thus Effect of the Matrix.”

“Let Them Kill and Murder Each Other. We Only Have to Clean Up”

“They are going to watch and interact with it via Remote Piloting, AI and The Automated Killing Machine."

Once it is said and done they will appear again as Alien, God’s, Angels and Kings to rebuild according to the New World Order, Matrix Reloaded.

They tell you in a metaphoric and symbolic way what is going to happen, Star Trek and the Cell Phone, so that you are not aware while it happens already in different parts of the earth, because we can share information so easily now a day this sort of deception no longer works, however, it still desensitizes us from realizing an actuality and from becoming alarmed by it, very much like desacralization the reverse of sacralization and occurs when a formally dedicated religious structure such as a church or religious school is given over for another purpose outside of the particular religious organization which dedicated it for a sacred purpose.

It is not china or Russia or Syria vs. USA, they work in Unison under propagated Deals, Tariffs, Attacks and Wars, while it is literally only “us” murdering ourselves, If you stand for Humanity and a Humanness, without the matrix, we are all that exist.

“They Will Be Watching They Will Be Interacting”.


New nuclear doctrine is scary as hell









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You want to cut off my head?

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You talked about gods before.

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My name is Bingozee and I hate Jesus.

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Is this one of the heads of the Hydra?

From time to time I find myself just taking a course using the MIT opencourseware. You should check it out. Engineering, Physics and Chemistry courses are very good. But tonight, I decided to venture off the path of illumination and knowledge into the dark cess pool of conjecture and deconstructionism.

I’ve pointed it out so many times, but THIS is why the country is upside down. This is the poison seeping into our childrens minds, and we wonder why they come out of these reconditioning camps monsters.

After digging around, I came to this hot steaming garbage:

And particularly this glowing gem:

Katz, Jonathan Ned. This resource may not render correctly in a screen reader.“The Invention of Heterosexuality.” (PDF) Socialist Review 20, no. 1 (1990): 7–33.

Looking at this entry a few things should jump out immediately do you. I’ve give you mad props if you get 3 of them.







I have never seen a serpent head with no body.