We Must Save Julian Assange


I live in the DC area and I want to start a protest demanding the release of Julian Assange. If you live in the DC area please get me your email. With Respect.


I saw a picture of him having been apprehended and he was giving a “thumbs up”? Q people take that to mean “trust the plan” as they have been forecasting Assange’s extradition to the US for sometime, for the purpose of good. So I’d just say, be very educated before you take a stance.


I think that is an overly optimistic view on the situation. For all we know Assange is being used as a negotiating piece. You do not have to come to the protest. Of course you are entitled to your opinion, but I would rather find people willing to help, than people like you who encourage other people to stop taking action. All this “Trust the plan” stuff is a fantastic way to get people to go back to sleep. So I question your motives, and your allegiance to “Q” whoever or whatever the fuck it is. I would prefer to stand up for real people who expose the rampant criminality in the world, not people claiming that its all being taken care of. The Federal Reserve is still operating, we still have troops overseas and not on our border, and there are plenty of pedo kill houses in operation. The world is fucked and people must stand up and be counted!


Something is going down!!!


No I totally agree with you. ‘Q’ might all be hope-porn, which is why I never say “trust the plan”. All I’m saying is don’t react too quickly especially if you can find interesting things like Assange apparently being elated to have been apprehended? I’ve given zero-seconds of research into this to be honest but I know that “Q people” have been crying for the extradition of Assange for years, so that he can testify to his source and kill the deep state. He HAS given hints that Seth Rich was his source.


Thank you, I’m just getting emails now. No rush.



I need to get that book by Gore Vidal.