Weekend Activism


Alright I hope everyone saw this weekend activism mission/challenge. Get out there and make Infowars proud!.. I also wanted to add to the challenge:
If you aren’t able to get out there due to whatever reason you can still be active. Some of you are new to this new activism world and maybe not totally comfortable putting a camera in peoples face or engaging in face to face conversation. That’s ok we all have to start somewhere. Everyone has access to their phone, tablet or computer so even engage in conversation online or they text with family, Friends hell even a leftist. Try to redpill them and see where it goes. It might get ugly or it might be a breakthrough, you never know till you try. Take screen shots of the convo or record it for proof.
If you need help or some advice on how to approach situations don’t hesitate to hit up myself @MAGA_TITAN @GreggHuestis67 @Texas_T @Mischief_With_Griff @Johnboy or @PastorSam with any questions. We all have our different expertises and have no problem helping.

 There will be prizes to win in upcoming challenges maybe even in this challenge.

Maybe we should formulate a List that We all could use to ask and inform others, rather then random and spontaneous topics, This will help those not so confident or sure of themselves.


I got cut off haha…
There will be prizes for upcoming challenges and maybe even for this one


Good idea. U should do that :grin: ur new mission. At least start it and post it and we can have others add to it. It could a helpful hints list


Sorry I am not the one calling for people to go running in to the street, I will leave that to those who call for such act of “Activism” that is in Fact not a form or means of activism at all… But I am confident the novice will appreciate such a list.

I think this Thread could serve as a Forum of which to Formulate this list with the Community before expecting constructive or positive results of spontaneous and random efforts. Polls and simple Votes can help us discern what we choose as Priority.

I am only sharing an idea I think may prove fruitful for those whom may choose to partake… Cheers.


Banner hangs count?


Thats awesome! Excellent work MinutemenofAmerica!


This is Advertisement, Not activism… I am confused… how has this anything at all to do with activism :ear:


I just talked with an old friend from school and he’s a real patriot too. I am optimistic I will have someone reliable to help with activism. I will try to get some videos churned out soon! Lets do this! Don’t waste time, you are the resistance. Do what you can!

Do not ever agree not to talk about politics or God and religion. Declare it, you have liberty! Use you first amendment. I recommend carrying a firearm for protection, this is a real civil war and you never know who may come by.


I’m down!!!


HRC gonna drone strike your house LuLz


Getting the word out is activism. People need to know about Infowars, infowars Army and Infowars store. So marketing, advertising, conversation is included



Being active is activism lol doing more than nothing for the movement is activism


Really,. or do they needs to know about the ISSUE discussed “On” INFOWARS… I think people have the WRONG priority, intention and reason clearly!

No, this is called Propaganda, hearsay, and Rumour, and in this case Advertising.

Still confused how you think or have confused Advertising with Activism… Or maybe I am missing something here?..

The Blind leading the Blind Leads to…

Or we are left making videos maybe 40 people might see, and totally forget directly after. :point_down:

Prrof omar navarro is a racist soy boy!

Get out, be active or don’t and stfu


@Bingozee is a ROTHSCHILD LOVER lol



I couldn’t give a shit for Alex or INFOWARS, I only Care for the ISSUES we live in, You can be fanatic and extremists, I am rational, logical and Critical thinking… CLEARLY

Wrong one @Mischief_With_Griff This is the newer one, that I haven’t updated for some time… I am not even sure why you posted that, but at lest post the CORRECT link…


PS: I do these things Professionally @Mischief_With_Griff, I am not claiming to make tutorials of software I have just started to use… LOL , Anyway I am sorry if you take offence to FACT and Reality, as I said, that is the issue with the Majority here, Hence we get nowhere…

Lastly, It’s not about “me”, and I will also inform you that the upmost response from the mentally Ill, Fanatic, are Denial and Deflection… Scroll UP… observe. The Idiots Come out of the Wood work… :slight_smile:

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My point is Neither does yours…

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@Bingozee, so, activism may cross over to marketing, advertisement. But then again, what doesn’t? Anything and everything that people do in their lives can be used to profit themselves.

If you connect the dots, follow the money, break it down, and study it carefully, you may see how people can do things and then benefit from those things.

Alex Jones does activism while advertising the Infowars Store and money can be good. Money does not always have to be only a bad thing. Making money does not always have to be a bad thing. It depends on a few things. Activism can be good as well, likewise. That’s good. Activism and advertising can cross paths and that does not always have to be a bad thing, automatically. It depends. So, long story short, they both may or may not be the same thing or not the same thing. Does it really matter? That’s a very important question. The answer might be that it may not really matter when compared to getting the job done in order to make the world a better place full of oatmeal castles.