What do yall think about the Rodney King Case?


I remember that it was horrific. It started riots in LOS Angeles buildings were being set on fire… One man.(Dont remember his name) was pulled out of his truck and beaten and put in the hospital. My sisters Brother–In-Law went to the hospital and interviewed him… It really opened my eyes to racism. and how that many cops could gang up on one man like that .and keep beating him.


The worst part so far is the way they tried to justify it, they argued in court that EVERY time they hit him it was his own doing via basically micro agressions on some SJW logic, saying that really he was hitting himself. That it was the only thing they could do so they didn’t have to shoot him.

This is beyond racism, this is the police state, this is todal disreguard/treason of the constitution and everything we are supposed to stand for, Its about a bunch of power hungery pussies with badges n guns thinking they are tough shit, under a goverment infected at every level with courption, evil, and zombies,

A few bad apples of the bunch my ass,
we need to empty out the basket and rewater the tree while we are at it,


The fact that the most racism is never far from democrats, isn’t merely a coincidence, and I reject the idea that we should now accept more “socially just” forms of racism to make history “fair”. I will not support any response that can only be defined vaguely, if specific policy changes are to be proposed, then we’re all ready to consider them. The LAPD was indeed engaging in despicable conduct, and thankfully since stopped such conduct since that event.

However we’re facing an severe crisis of legitimacy in all our institutions, but mandating less white people isn’t any sort of solution, and will only amplify the contempt the citizenry is having towards the state and its master the globalists. If we need less white people to simply not be racist, then it is not remotely genuine to continue as if we could ever remain as one nation, because it would result in avoidable suffering and injustice for all parties.

Progressive ideology has a bunch of contradictory conclusions, that are only ever considered selectively, but this shouldn’t surprise anyone paying attention. That they have now formally turned against the man that preached “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”, is yet another non-coincidence.