What Have you Done this Month and What are your Plans in the InfoWar for Going Onward?


I’ll start off by answering this question personally:

So my birthday was two days ago, but I also consider this my “birth month”. Not because I am egotistical, but because it is just too hard to meet up with friends and celebrate on just one day! :joy: I started celebrating by making a Facebook post on my public Facebook page about some famous people born on my birthday while talking about the tale of my birth and honoring my mom since this is the first birthday I have had to celebrate without her (RIP). I also poked a bit of fun at this @BradChadford guy because he happens to have a tattoo on his back of some guy that shares my birthday. Here’s the post:

Yesterday, I called into the David Knight Show and talked with Harrison Smith about how great Real Red Pill Plus and DNA Force Plus are together as well as this image that is circulating discussing some of Antifa’s plans for the End Domestic Terrorism protest and march in Portland on August 17th:

Just in case you missed my call, you can watch it on my YouTube and my BitChute at these links:

As I said on the show and have said elsewhere on this site, I plan on going to the even on August 17th in Portland, OR and my flight and hotel are already booked. A topic that @Will made has some links to other topics related to Portland, mainly linked by @DJADJ1, and you can view that topic here:

I also would like to call into the War Room today or sometime soon to talk with this shower head salesman and news reporter, @OwenShroyer, about how happy I am with a product of his that I installed last night:

So what have you done this month and what are your plans in the InfoWar? Let us know here!


I’m about helping Biggs and WTFA… I lost faith in IWA.

Lots of Loony Toons on here…


I am sorry that you feel that way, @Minutemen-Of-America. I also have no clue what WTFA is, but I think I have a pretty good idea. If you dislike this site, then you are always welcome to not use it. However, you seem to be posting on it still so I guess that is not the case.



I… DO NOT/WILL NOT… support IWA. I will not participate in activism in Infowars name. Pretty simple…

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The ANTIFA poster is a ruse. Just in case you missed these posts…

Not saying they might not try something similar but, I wouldn’t be pointing to the “poster” as evidence.


Awesome. Then you should probably stop posting here instead of derailing my topic, @Minutemen-Of-America. If you have something productive to say that is on topic, then you are more than welcome to say it. I am being very nice and welcoming and I can’t say the same for everyone on this site, but that is expected with just about any social media site. Please post on topic or just move along. Have a nice day!


I’m aware of that, but thanks for pointing that out because I wasn’t clear about it in my original post. I too wouldn’t put it past Antifa to try something like this or even something much more violent and dangerous. We need to be careful, aware, and alert!


Free speech is great…isn’t it! Kindly click the ignore option if you don’t like what I say.

You asked a question… if you don’t like the reply or the possibility of someone having conflicting opinions then maybe you shouldn’t post.

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I have been to busy with work, and mental stress of dealing personal issues at home. I helped in doing some important things with WTFA. I have made some new friends here along the way… I do want to say happy belated birthday. Are you a cusp? @NoFoolinTulin I am. I’m an Aries/Taurus. I guess I don’t need to ask I can find out myself.


Oh… Interesting. You are not a cusp. You are a Leo ll. The day of the double agent. That is your title.

I won’t go into detail about what it says of people born on that day. Crazy how accurate this book is…


I do believe this is what @Leviticus was talking about last night. Funny how they call Trump supporters patriots. They pretty much just gave away themselves that they are terrorists. (prices right loser sound effect comes to mind) if only I had the sound bite.


My plans are to go to the library today, print out some important articles. Then make copies put them together like a magazine. And start distributing them. Nothing fancy just a start. I’m going to print that article Infowars had about Trump going in to stop big tech censorship.
I don’t plan that much ahead of time I just go one step at a time.


That sounds like a good plan.


I just got back from the library. I just printed some articles off and stapled them together.! The Trump one I printed from Infowars.20190809_134824|375x500

I have some more I’m going to leave places.


@NoFoolinTulin HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! May God bless you in the next year.