What If I Told You Over Half Of The Accounts Here On INFOCOMMS Were Less Than 3 Paid Shitposters?


You folks have no clue how infested this forum is. Even I don’t have the full picture. I feel fairly confident this post will not be taken down because I know the admin’s schedule. Members here could not possibly know how infiltrated this site is!!!

Even to this day I am shocked at how this resource was commissioned and abandoned all at the same time. I am not special but I am real. There are sick degenerates here, some of the sickest I have seen in 30 years of frequenting bulletin board systems and the like. What will it take for you to understand what is being done to you here???

It is sick…It is the only word that washes!!!

I will most likely leave for awhile and leave you to the wolves because not one of you understands what is really happening here!!!

So for now…I will take a backseat and watch to see what they do while everyone laps up the shit of the bad actors that have come here to eat your substance!!!

I will check PM’s from time-to-time but…for now, you feeble minded fucks are on your own!!!


If I WERE the enemy
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Touché Mr. Leviticus!!!


I thought about what you said way before I came here. Sent you a PM.


60 Users and 136 Active Users in the last 7 Days according to site statistics on the About page.

Doesn’t make sense. More people active than actual users.

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Saw that before your post. 1 ip or 1 email with multiple accounts.


You cannot see IP’s to this forum unless you are an admin!!!

Are you an admin?


Actually just one person, me. Every single person in and on Infocomms, including @Leviticus, is me, are me, Oatmeal Joey Arnold.



Accounts like “Oatmeal” are shitting themselves to cover up what has been said here. I have hosted many forums in the past and it all ends up the same…bad actors committing fool fuckery!!!


…And here comes the dumbest mother fucker of them all Oatmeal’s alter ego!!!




The first exchange I’ve witnessed 30 yrs ago were filled with predators. Possibly the sites you frequented were uniquely unattractive to pilfering degenerates. Idk

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Every male child is as you labeled myself.

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I have no idea what that means.

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So who is the dumbest mother f’er? You are either pointing to specific people or all of us. You never know who might be reading everything you type.


Leviticus doesn’t want to respond for fear of somebody pointing fingers back. Lol lolol

@discobot Quote

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:left_speech_bubble: Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul; the blueprints of your ultimate achievements. — Napoleon Hill


Some people just talk to much, while others just go straight for the jugular. So what is it that we’re all doing here?


Being mind fucked…how does it feel???


I’ve been mind fucked throughout my life. Already know what it feels like. I do not put full complete trust into just anyone. I choose my battles. I am surrounded by people who are in a constant mind fuck every day and don’t even realize it. And im not talking about on here. Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night, and see something black sitting on your chair just staring at you? Have you ever had something leap on top of you with glowing eyes and talk in a language you never heard before, holding you dowm on the bed? Ever had a dream were you woke up several times in the same dream to find a demon like spent rose up next to you, hissing with big round deep red snake eyes? Should I continue? I can keep going. No I don’t worship Satan so don’t even go there with the shit. Not saying you will.


Even with my fear of heights I still jumped off the cliff and into the water.


I have no fear when it comes to idiots on the internet. Arguing on the internet is like running in the Special Olympics…win or lose you are still fucking retarded!!!