What is going on here..? I have been doing custodial work for 12 years. The district were I work is run by the state and has common core. The state has wrecked the school system. And this is a result of when kids are no longer disciplined


This is the first day back from spring break in a new teachers room who I pretty much have no respect for anymore.


Do you have any sort of voice to request of the teachers that the students assist with at sweeping up, or at least picking up the large stuff? Because as much as you’re hired for it, that much isn’t fair to you.


oh its okay kids fuck the room but keep my little area nice and neat.


I have told my supervisor about it and he said he’s going to talk to the teacher about it and if the teacher doesn’t give a shit which she pretty showed that she doesn’t today and even Tuesday then he’s going to tell the principal about it and the principal will deal with her. I don’t know what’s up with this teacher. She came from another school. Brought all her shit with her that she had from the other school, just to be thrown away. She had boxes and boxes full of crap. All of it thrown away. It wasn’t like it came out of the room she moved into, no she brought it.


She’s probably under a CBA that has packers and movers on her behalf, hence all the stuff coming over. I have a feeling she isn’t going to care. I know if I were in the position, I would have left a note that I was insistent to the students and they refused, and would have invited you to their next class to give a lecture about the importance of picking up after themselves.


Yeah this is an Obama run school, these teachers don’t think like that.


Common Core standards is the grooming and destruction of entire generations, by design. It’s communism, it’s standards, it’s a one size fits all dumbing down of our culture, it erases history, rewrites history, and removes the parents from a family unit.


… Well understand this, I really should not have to be the one that gives a lecture in front of a class the importance of picking up after themselves. My duties are to clean and maintain a building. There is no reason, despite not being able to paddle kids or do whatever means to discipline and show that doing wrong, in any way is unacceptable. Especially taring up the room. Don’t get me wrong, other teachers have been bad but I have been polite and wrote them notes about pencils on the floor and could you please have your students pick them up because my vacuum does not suck them up, thanks. Other rooms have been messy too, and then there are a few that are never really messy at all. But this new teacher has been one of the worst I have ever seen. There has been a few teachers through the years that were physics teachers that were organizely clustered rooms.


Wow. I had classes with some of the rowdiest kids in school - and I mean rowdy - and it never looked like this. At least they didn’t blow you off right off the get go and tell you something like ‘Job security pal, you should be happy about it’ . I’d like to know if anything comes out of this for you though so try to give an update if anything happens!


… If I was to go in your room, and start destroying it, throwing all your stuff everywhere, launching toilet paper, wading paper, raring up your bed, drawing on your walls, spilling drinks on purpose, putting glue all over your office desk you would be pretty mad wouldn’t you? And probably want to beat my ass.



To be fair, I can understand if you’d rather your supervisor instead of you. However, I’d still have given you first lien since you’re the one that actually does the cleaning.

BTW, I’m surprised they don’t put chairs up on top of the desks anymore. Or are they not able to do as such?


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I remember when I was little our teacher would never have let us leave a mess like that.


There are some teachers still like that today…


I would have to tell the teacher about that… The whole chair on desk thing… But these days that’s pretty much a long forgotten thing…


… Yeah that sums it up…


Got news for ya buddy, the kids didn’t do it. The union teacher who has the class room trashes it every evening for you to clean up. She hates your conservative gutz.


Eh… I can’t say one way or the other… But I’m positive that it’s her lacking in controling her classroom. How can you be so sure it was her?


One of the oldest tricks in the book by a leftist college educated hate filled B*tch.
You can easily catch her at this.
Look in the class room right before school lets out, it will be fine.
Pop in with phone camera while she trashing it and you got her.
Known other ganitors/custodians who have gone thru what your experiencing right now.
Enjoy paying her back in spades.