What is going on here..? I have been doing custodial work for 12 years. The district were I work is run by the state and has common core. The state has wrecked the school system. And this is a result of when kids are no longer disciplined


Hm… Well she doesn’t know my political stance… But it doesn’t mean that one of these teachers here have listened to my infowars official app going off… And spreaded word to others or her like omg he’s an infowars supporter blah blah blah… I’ll keep that in mind though… Thanks.


She damn well knows your political stance good buddy.
A liberal can smell a conservative a mile away just like you and I can smell them.


I’m curious… Are you just calling yourself Mick… Or am I texting a Rolling Stones legend…?


Eh I doubt I would be that lucky lol…


If it was during an exam period I can understand, because you want the students to exit the room without making noise if that’s the policy. However, for normal classes, it was always, if you were the last one of the day, to put the chairs upside-down on top of the desks. Obviously if the chairs have armrests or are attached to the desks you can’t easily do that, but the whole time I was in school, we always did that.


You’re not going to be able to fire teachers. At least in my state, it’s practically impossible, as the union’s too strong. Maybe “administrative duty” at best. But either way, it’d be interesting if that were the case.

Do classrooms have cameras now, and would your supervisors and/or administrators be able to review those?


They do not have cameras… Just the hallways.


Oh if I caught them on film wrecking the room and then showed my principal… Red flags would definitely go up… Plus she’s hot, married though but always really friendly with me…


Somehow I have a feeling it isn’t the teacher doing it, but rather the students, while the teacher feels powerless to be able to do anything. Perhaps why she was moved in the first place.



That is like what I keep hearing about… Schools sexuallizing children. I never had a teacher like this. But the high school were I used to work in, there were male teachers that had sex with high school senior girls. I started out working in the high school at age 20. Can you imagine how hard it was for me not to hit on one of those girls or make a move on one? I never did though. I would have lost my job despite my age. I had a girlfriend back then though too. We broke up within a year of being together.


Man parents are refusing to discipline kuds they do no wrong and you cant hurt their feelings…same liberal trash going on every dsy…hell i work with a guy who refuses to sleep alone in bed with his wife he has his 6 year old and 8 year old sleeping with them every night…its just crazy


I feel for ya man… looks like you’re in my Hometown! Chicago haha
I’m gonna have to save up and send my son to Private School. It’s just Brutal out there.


Doesn’t help that they all have cell phones and will call CPS the moment the parent “puts a toe out of line”.


Yep and its like thiose phones are owes to them they are entitled to it


It’s what happens when the government digs its fingers into everything…


Either that, or the schools are now mandating them. I was a bit disturbed to read that they were contemplating going to pencil and paper for common core tests… Shouldn’t they be using those normally?


Those pictures I took… doesn’t even compare to everything else that I have witnessed. That is just a pencil prick. A fraction…


Not only have I witnessed, but heard through the grape vine that turned out to be true. Teenagers and at least one adult I know of who have committed suicide in the high school where I used to work in. I have been transferred to a middle school now, I had to get out of that high school. 9 years of going through the insanity is more than enough for me.


Why the hell are schools and libraries accepting drag queen story time? I have not come across this yet at my school. Heaven forbid it ever happens.