What is going on here..? I have been doing custodial work for 12 years. The district were I work is run by the state and has common core. The state has wrecked the school system. And this is a result of when kids are no longer disciplined


But they do have Obama’s face plastered on the fucking wall… so who knows whats going to happen.


If anything else comes up… I’ll be posting it on here…


Probably because they’re open forums, and the evidence of pedophilia is kept well hidden.


The problem with the high school, and probably other schools within the district. When a fire gets started, not literally, but metaphorically, they don’t put it out before it gets bigger and blows up. They wait for something bad to happen and THEN they do something about it.


Oh I’m sure, there are a lot of skeletons in the closet… I have always known that.


They care more about making money through school events and activities, than they do about making repairs such as leaks from the roof, bad pipes, carpet, wall paper, ext.


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… That wasn’t really necessary to spam that on here. Of course, expose it. That’s why I’m here…


Seriously dude take a joke


How many of those teachers are also parental child abductors that don’t need the father in their child’s life?


No need to get offensive.


Good point, I don’t know for sure. But considering liberal schools are all over the country, I would not put that past me.


I wasn’t the one who flagged you for spamming.


Public schools are now just tax payer funded child abuse centers for parental child abductors / rapists / etc. by parental child abductors to force parental loss, have an easy way to force drugs or fraud medical therapy on them, and keep them from their real parents who want to educate them in how it really is. These criminals abusing your kids on my money commit more crimes at work and off.


Very powerful statement, my brain just kind of shut down for a minute after reading that. I genuinely care about the kids here and the people I work with… I feel like everyday, that I am walking into an environment surrounded by people who are less informed than I am and generally have no idea what is really going on. It’s hard to just come out and tell some people about it because it is so complex and orchestrated… What you wrote could not be more true.


… Funny, I’m sure you have watched movies were a person works inside a corrupt establishment, and they are trying to collapse it from the inside out. I kind of feel like that.


“SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING” I can’t remember who said that.

Tattle tellers don’t have many friends.

Here’s an idea - HELP the teacher be a better teacher and don’t stop helping until she/he improves. Do not accept failure, be merciful, follow True wisdom, and you can HELP teachers become better teachers.

Teach the teacher that that priority must be given to curiosity, physical fitness,courage, honor, imagination, and love over boring IQ tests. That will make better citizens who can pass not only man’s written tests but also God’s test of life. Everything else is just icing on top and helpful in all walks of life. Unfortunately, she is most likely bound by a speach-clause contract. Sad!

When was the last time someone passed you a piece of paper with questions and answers that YOU HAVE TO GET RIGHT by a certain percentage before they agreed to a mutually exclusive business transaction with you? Never!


This reminds me of the story of how Samson died in the Hebrew Bible. @well_well_well


Yes, true. I agree with that.


It’s been advertised since 9/11.