What is going on here..? I have been doing custodial work for 12 years. The district were I work is run by the state and has common core. The state has wrecked the school system. And this is a result of when kids are no longer disciplined



There isn’t a single song I don’t like of the Rolling Stones.


I’m probably not drinking all this Cherry coke… Can’t believe I’m even drinking it.


For a moment, I thought you were referencing the Coca Cola that is flavored “naturally” with a strong hint of cherry. But then…it dawned me…the conversation was concerning The Rolling Stones who are renowned for their brilliant music and massive drug addiction problems. Sad!


I was talking about cherry coke… And this isn’t the healthy kind… Which is why I’m not drinking all of it… I want my own soda maker :frowning:


I think we need more family friendly US hand made music examples like RR and the family band:

• Fatherless children are twice as likely to drop out of school as their classmates who live with two parents.

Source: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. National Center for Health Statistics. Survey on Child Health. Washington, D.C.: GPO, 1993.


enjoy the song mate.


YOU SPEAK IN CODE! What man wants a “soda maker?” That just sounds weird. Only women worry about sugar/fat/cholesterol consumption. Men don’t fret over those things. Perhaps, I am totally misunderstanding you. If so, I will retract and correct my statement.


… Ummm… Nooo I’m not speaking in code…? Why would I not want a soda maker? Why does that have to be a girl only thing…? Are you sure your not on drugs…? Did you date fat obese guys or something? O.o… I could careless about what the Rolling Stones do with their bodies…


Am I forbidden to eat and drink healthy foods? Do I have to be a pulmpus asshole?


Of course I have loud farts sometimes. Im not a fruity fucking cross dresser or something or a damn drag queen for story time. I am a man, if I want a soda maker then I’ll get a soda maker. O.o


I’m not some Beto male, who is going to be manipulated and have to end 10 year fucking friendships just because you said so. I’m not going to bow down to you because you’re a feminist with a damn wonder woman picture. If I have something I don’t like then I’m going to fucking say what it is I don’t like.


Beta not Beto sorry misspelled the word but whatever you get the point or am I not being clear enough for you?


Zor, you can edit your post. It is one of the choices in the reply section. Then you can delete the post you just added and it will disappear in 24 hours.


What the hell was that about?

therecfem = The Recovering Feminist and the wonder woman picture is a picture of my mom.

Amen brother!

Any other personal questions Zor? I might entertain if I feel like it but I probably won’t.


-. - alright… Fine. Great, sorry.


You’re funny…what is your heartache? In other words, are you hear to scream something about freedom or are you looking to pester the weaker vessel? Don’t take my question too personal…just wanting to know if you are Hume-ain.


And no I don’t have anymore questions…-.- Don’t know why you think it’s weird for a guy to have a soda machine. Or why it’s a problem for a guy to be healthy.


Don’t turn this around like I’m the one who started this conversation. You came back with a smart-ass comment that got this all started and I said something about it.


All I said is I wish I had a soda maker and you twisted it around like it was some fucked up thing for a guy to have.