What is going on here..? I have been doing custodial work for 12 years. The district were I work is run by the state and has common core. The state has wrecked the school system. And this is a result of when kids are no longer disciplined


Sean Hannity likes them. I don’t like to twist the words of others just as I don’t like them to twist mine - feeling is mutual.


Okay can we move on from this now?


I don’t watch Sean Hannity.


I don’t tend to hold grudges - I have a paradoxial kinda attitude about being hurt by people. I count it all joy. Looking forward to more conversations with you Zor.

“Take it back take it back to where we started”


Hopefully not ones like this.


Those kids need a good old fashion ass whooping! I think we should bring back rice kneeling for kids like that three minutes on the rice you little worthless shit.


OK, this is sick…



… Wtf are you serious?


I guess it’s okay to be a pedophile in Rhode Island.


I’m not looking forward to going into work today… :unamused:


Are you sure that it is not the TEACHER’S LOUNGE?


Yes, I’m sure its not the teachers lounge.



If I was a kid and attended a modern indoctrination center I would not give a crap about the place either.

The answer to you question of whats going on it is the kids are just reacting to their environment . The adults too. I like the part in the video where they say the vandals just finished the job.


Thanks, I’ll watch that when I have a chance.


Its a really good one. Enjoy. To keep my link credibly up I try not to post duds.




This kind of thing really bugs me, this is a waste of produce. So much food gets thrown away at my work. I’m taking this shit home. Perfectly fine, it’s all getting washed real good but I’m eating it. I can’t stand wasting food.


I’m going to to make a big batch of banana pudding with the bananas and whatever I don’t use, it’s going to be used for cereal or oatmeal. The apples can be used for apple pie so you know why waste something that can be used for something else?


Some people would be like eeewwww gross you got that out of the trash? Trust me folks I don’t get already eaten food out of the trash or if something is wrong with it or is just down right nasty. I’m not like that. And plus it doesn’t make stuff, like what I showed you, automatically dirty just because it’s in a trash can. As long as there is no spills or whatever the bag is pretty much okay. I replace these every day, I know what goes in and out of them. I’m not going to make people sick. Stuff like apples and bananas not gone bad are okay but everything else like pizza or un opened milk, or whatever that has not been eaten I don’t go after that.