What is going on here..? I have been doing custodial work for 12 years. The district were I work is run by the state and has common core. The state has wrecked the school system. And this is a result of when kids are no longer disciplined


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“BaManna Bread!” Keith Green


I just hope they aren’t snooping around here and try to have you arrested for theft. I know you probably aren’t worried, but I do know a number of places that are this petty about their trash.



Oh man, are there chocolate chips in that? I am starting to envy that bamanna bread. You made something beautiful Zor!


It’s pecans instead of walnuts


I put 2 drops of iodine in the batter for two loafs.


Do you think that was a good idea?


Not a doc Zor, couldn’t tell ya. :] What ever floats your boat some people say.

I will occasionally add homemade Kefir to my bamanna bread. Tricks the most sensitive palate.


I made two one for my house and the other for my co-workers.


It is really good. My first time making it.


You warm my heart Zor!


Now that I have done this once. I want to start just making my own loafs of bread instead of buying it at the store.


Yeah I guess I did do something beautiful…


A lot of sugar was put into making the bread. Couldnt believe it. That’s what the recipe called for, and sour cream.


Himalayan sea salt was used, pure cane sugar, pure vanilla extract, 4 eggs because I made two loaves, baking soda, melted butter that I put on a pan and melted instead of the microwave.


The butter was Challenge butter.


I used a lot of natural ingredients. The best that I could use. The eggs weren’t bought from a farm I would have preferred that but store bought.


Easy peasy lemon squeezy/
Favorite first bread maker book “ARtisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day.” It can be done - use super clean ingredients and if you first don’t succeed try try again until you do. Don’t try - do or die, even with artisan bread. :]



Hey, while I’m on vacation which starts this Wednesday, I’m going to start a thread about medicinal herbs and metaphysical stones. I have been doing a little bit of research on different stones, Baltic amber isn’t necessarily a stone but is said to have healing qualities, could you do me a small favor? Can you help me look up where to buy online Baltic amber beads that I can make into a necklace?