What is going on here..? I have been doing custodial work for 12 years. The district were I work is run by the state and has common core. The state has wrecked the school system. And this is a result of when kids are no longer disciplined


Glad to hear your thinking about Metamorphosis Healing Stones.


Hello Zor,

I am not into the healing power of stones because I put my healing requests at the feet of Jesus and trust REAL Doctors who love Truth.

I have a to-do list that transcends your needs at this time. Apologize for not being able to help you. Hope your bread making is a great success and you enjoy your time off.


I trust real doctors too… Whether stones heal or not, they are still fascinating and have been used for thousands of years…


I got my preferences but appreciate the jest- chur


I guess you can call them metamorphosis stones but are metaphysical in property…


I am all about being one with divine loving energy… Jesus is part of that pure divinely energy as well.


I pray to the angels and the divine beings of everlasting eternal energy. Reiki is all about that. Anyone can do reiki.


He is the only “Way” Zor. I am grateful you recognize Jesus and you don’t have hatred for Him. He is more than a role model and He is more than a man. :] Takes a while to process that but if you contemplate it deeply and ask God for Truth, it will come to you if you are open minded.

God is not one of force. He does not force His children to worship Him. What a concept for a God. Human gods and idol gods demand worship. The God of the Bible is counter-culture and sometimes counter-intuitive and sometimes counter-logic. The original Hebrew/Greek historic Bible is testable so go test it with your best abilities. If you have good motives, your efforts will not be in vain.

Pray to God and cut out all the middle men. He likes that! :] PEACE!


I have prayed many times to God, and my prayers have come true. I have often seen Godsigns in my own life. I ask for guidance, spirit guides are with me.


Most of my prayers are not answered and legalistic Christians will blame me for that. Sometimes God allows suffering for His Glory. Trusting Him no matter what is what matters. It is good to know you Zor, got to run. I am baking bread on a canvas. :]


Maybe they have and you just aren’t noticing…? We are on the same path to righteousness but I do not now how to explain were my religion lies. I do like the Buddhist teachings but I am not a full fledged buddha. I am very spiritual in nature and are open to many things.


I love specific stones and find them not only fascinating to study and research but many can be overwhelmingly beautiful to gaze at and contemplate. My favorite lately is atomic number 83. I am utterly amazed by this chemical element.



You don’t scare me you dirty little man. Go hide in your closet and beg God for forgiveness for harassing an innocent woman. It’s just not RIGHT! Where are the Christians in here who are noticing the same patterns with lickymick. He thinks he is a force to be reckoned with as it seems he will not stop being mean and making threats against those who follow Jesus.


… People may think I’m crazy for saying this but I believe mythical creatures existed in the past and may even exist today. I know there are evil negative energies that exist on this planet I have seen with my own eyes, several times in a state between being awake and not. I do not know how to explain that. I have seen things while being awake. I have dreamed them. I have been around good energies too. Angels are real just as much as devils are. The saying always goes there is an equal and opposite opposing forces always clashing each other.


Nastiness is ugly! Ugliness is unattractive!

Granted, nakedness is not ugly if it is respected in a God honoring way. God allows for us to appreciate the beauty of the natural form but I highly suspect He disapproves of the exploitation that you advocate.

Photoshopping Brigitte on a cross won’t offend savvy Christians but it might irritate the God of the Bible so that is who you will have to reckon with not man.

I hope you don’t have explosive diarrhea. That would be uncomfortable for someone who likes to party all the time and spread his poop everywhere. You got so many dirty diapers that you can smell YOU through the internet. Weird!


Um… Okay… This off topic… But at times I feel that when I’m around someone, could be of whom I don’t know, or work with, or someone I do know, are up to something. Then I find myself thinking and feeling when I’m acting like I’m not paying attention, that this person is going to ask me something, and then it actually happens. Or if there is a question I want answered… Sometimes the question gets answered for me without even asking it even though I’m thinking about it…


Hmmmmm…sounds like might be a female Zor. Either that, or you appreciate the female sixth sense that is a blessing from God and honor that intuition as a man. :]


Proof is in the pudding. Will never report another for sin. It’s not my job!


I don’t think you are understanding what I mean… I am very intuitive yes.