What is going on here..? I have been doing custodial work for 12 years. The district were I work is run by the state and has common core. The state has wrecked the school system. And this is a result of when kids are no longer disciplined


It is easy to misunderstand others here. Happens to me all the time. I have been falsely accused of horrific things here and it hurts a bit but God can handle it for me. :]

Nothing shocks me anymore because I know God is watching for me through my redeemed eyeballs.

Please forgive me for misunderstanding you Zor.


It’s alright, don’t worry about it…


Mick… Please stop okay. You made your point.


Um… Okay… I’m going to take a step back. Are, you done…?


Feeling a little awkward… Wonder if I should of just left everything alone.


Don’t fret. This is common. Water off a duck’s back. :]


I think we can all agree that we are sinners and probably done some things we aren’t proud of… I’m no goody two shoes either…


And I’m just going to shut up now…


Don’t shut up. I’ve done that before…it doesn’t help. Watching the tongue is different from shutting up. Know that you are welcome here and your ideas are welcome and people who do mean things are going to do mean things everywhere - even on the WWW. Speak up and don’t let the meanies discourage you in any way. That is what I have to remind myself daily because the Truth matters and the Truth sets people free and those who don’t want me to speak must know this and their main motivation for threatening and scaring people into silence. Don’t fall for their empty threats.


Yeah… You’re right…


You do know all those stones listed are metaphysical right?


I hope your surgery was a complete success Mr. Jagger. I pray you recover from your heart problems and have a long contented life. GO WITH GOD!

I also wanted to apologize for my poopy talk. It isn’t like me. I will leave it for all time so that people can see that I sin too and have to repent and ask God to forgive me and all that jazz. If you are the real Mick, which I highly suspect you are not, I want to say a couple things to you.

First, I truly meant my words about your surgery and recovery. I wish the best to you. Second, I reacted to your nasty pictures (now I notice they are withdrawn) but that’s cuz I’m a mom and a wife and I just don’t get into the nasty stuff. Lastly, I meant what I said when I wrote GO WITH GOD! That is the best way to go these days, with God. Otherwise, you go with His arch enemy - Satan and Satan is bad for the liver and bad for the heart and bad for the brain. He is worse than any drug you could ever abuse your body with. Hope that wasn’t too harsh, I’m just speaking the Truth and I want to do it in LOVE! So, forgive me if I come across too harsh.

As a peace offering, how about listening to a nice calm album while you heal from your heart surgery? I recommend something like Poco a Poco or anything by David Brymer.

Here is a picture to say that I offer you only beauty and no harm:


Flag me anytime friend. I don’t mind at all being “moderated” and welcome a gentle rebuke by those who have the authority to do so.

I’m not so sure that this Mick is the real Mick (sarcasm) and it would be a shame if his identity were being used for political purposes here.

FOR THE RECORD: The smearing poop comments were made to prod in a non-violent way and obviously makes decent people very uncomfortable! That being said, I can say poop if I want to and talk about poop and dirty diapers if I want to. I don’t prefer to, as I’ve changed too many myself, but I can talk about it and joke about it if I want to, at least for now. Just know that it is not my typical language but sometimes you have to speak the language of the offender to help the offender understand how dirty he may be.

Please feel free to flag any post of mine. I consider it a badge of honor even though I hold to the “Badges?..WE don’t need no stinkin baddddggggeees” rule.


It is what it is. IDC if you say poop or whatever… I’ve said some bad words on here too. Poop isn’t a bad word. It was just how it was directed. But I understand what you mean. But it might be the real Mick you never know?


No matter what, I am praying for “this” Mick and I have others who care praying for him too. It is my only option in situations like this. I meant the well wishes from my whole heart, it was not sarcasm.




All are saints that accept Jesus. ALL!

I am thankful you have stopped flipping me off. I only do that when I’m really mad. I reserve the F word for those times too but tend to use the word more than I should. A powerful word indeed the F word.

Mick, tell me more about that song. Is it sarcastic? I want to read more into the lyrics than are probably there. I watched most of the video, “My Creed,” speaks to being “different.” Beautifully written words.

I challenge you to work through Song of Songs with me. I will teach you beauty beyond what you can see in these videos and hear in these songs and it will have nothing to do with me, it will only be You and God. Unless you are a chicken? :]

Also, I have long thought that hell is a very cold place, void of warmth and comfort. Of course that sounds strange given the fiery pit but I can’t see it any other way if God’s presence is not there. His Light is warmth and if it is missing, I can’t imagine any warming heat at all.


I think hell has many layers, probably the coldest all the way to the hottest place ever…


Satan’s kingdom is just the reverse side of God’s. Everything is ugly all around except were Satan’s palace is, probably made of gold. In a very dark dissolute place were the ocean runs blood red.


That is just what I think…