What is your reasons for not watching Fox?

  1. Gay grandstanding. Ansley Airhead corrects old man Doocey on TV …LIKE a true BRAINWASHED Progressive cuckservative POS…when he calls Bradley Manning a man?
    WTF??? She told him, “She’s a woman!” Um, were CONSERVATIVES…we know better, who’s going to correct us on our own programming…and take Fox off the air for calling a spade…a spade??? This Liberal progressive shit!!!. Sheppard Smith is a got dam embarrassment to men, that feminine cuck drives me batshit crazy! That fag needs to be over at CNN where he belongs!

  2. The progressiveness is fucking killing me!!! CONSERVATIVES using SJW vernaculars. affeminent male position when they sit…they BASH TRUMP ALL DAY…WHILE WERE AT WORK…and FROM MIDNIGHT TIL 5 IN THE MORNING…Now Fox and Friends sounds LIBERAL!!! We dont participate in their muturally accepted faggy mannerisms! Were CONSERVATIVES…we dont believe this crap! I will be damned if that little bitch Ainsley corrected me on TV! During a break, I would snatch that whore by her throat, unzip my pants and stuff my flesh pop in her mouth until she gags from my Russian gerthy Kielbasa!

  3. BRINGING annoying gay progressives or cuck Liberals on their shows, the homosexuals they bring on now make Juan Williams look MASCULINE!!! I dont care about their opinions, I dont want to hear their opinions, it’s like WHO’S’ TEAM ARE YOU ON? I borrowed a lot of money for me…tolive away from these progressive Liberals for the most part. DO THEY NOT GET IT.???..WE DO NOT WANNA ASSOCIATE WITH THEM! They are the PRODUCTS of everything WRONG in America!!!

  4. The Zionist shilling HAS BECOME A PROBLEM, were not ALL Jews… I could care less about ISRAEL…I am fucking AMERICAN…If your audience loves Israel so got dam much…MOVE THERE!

  5. We did not evolve into this, Fox has totally started going against the grain here, calling ASSANGE a Traitor was the straw that broke the camels back!

I dub FOX News as bad as CNN next level lying, next level CIA propaganda…I fucking hate Fox!!!

  1. It’s MSM, even though they try to brand themselves not-MSM

  2. They hired Donna Brazille who should be in jail.


They would never be allowed to exist on Mainstream if they weren’t controlled opposition.


Almost everyone there is a closet liberal. Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson should call Fox out for what it is and leave.


I use to be a Fox News Junkie. What a waist of time that was. I got tired of the brainwashing.


I cant watch it anymore it is like Fox brand conservitism has merged with ULTRA LIBERALISM into this bland faux American, family friendly, gay rights approved , programming that has to be in Manhattan…where it is nothing but Liberal!!!..This abusive, angering, MONSTER of New York crap! Fox is like driving us ANGRY with things like ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION… they got camera men going to the border…pointing these people out…and they are just letting the illegals keep going into the interior of our country…I would tackle these motherfuckers if i Icame into contact with them and hold them down until the border patrol people we rolled onto the scene with came and got em…this immigration shit is everyones fight…it is just infuriating! Like why even show us?


I wish Sean and Tucker Laura would start their own independent news. I think if they did that a lot of the American left would wake up real fast. But they would need to start their own network on tv. Because I think the tv is still the main source if news
for alot of people.


I wish they would leaave too…and let Fox keep Mark Levin…and Mark Steyn…fucking Zionist neo con shills!


Mark Levin: “There is no such thing as populist Nationalism!”
Globalism doesnt exist! Multinationals buying out your country is FREE MARKET!


Yeah if Sean, Tucker and laura had their own tv network they could also invite people like Alex Jones on. I bet their network would do really well and with internet censorship we need a foot hold on tv news.


Not enough of long legged, brunette foxes


My reason: The cord was cut.


Fox just infuriates me…they talk about how wrong open borders is but they never give Trump the backiing he needs, they put commies like Andrew Wang on…and let the women run shit on there! The women are in- house pussy…nothing else!


I identify with #4 and #5 but the reason I don’t watch it is because it is not news, it is not informative, and it is not intended to help.

PS Tucker does not want you to be able to grow what ever plants you want for your own consumption on your private property free of government harassment. NOT conservative.



Yeah Weed is a healing plant…I would smoke if I had cancer…but I wouldnt smoke regularly!


It’s a tree. Not a weed.


I don’t watch any Television at all. I may rent a movie here, and there. I subscribe to PureFlix. I have cancelled my subscription to NetFlix. I only stream Info Wars, and watch a few YouTube channels. I have found that after praying for discernment that I can now instantly see the propaganda that is hidden in media. It’s everywhere.


I only watch bits and pieces of Fox on YouTube but only after knowing the specific stories that they’re covering and I do as a contrast and comparison compass mechanism for determining how good and bad they can be. For example, I watched The Five react to Julian Assange and they emphasized on hypothetical theories that was too emphasized which lacked enough context and Greg Gutfeld must have mentioned how Assange was yelling when he was arrested but nobody said what Assange was yelling. Alex Jones talked about what Assange said, something about how the UK should resist the Trump administration.

Lionel Nation (who is not on Fox) talked about how Assange would be guilty if he was guilty of trying to break into something, hack into something, similar to things that Democrats do like Hillary Clinton, Obama.

So, on The Five, they briefly mentioned how the left loved Assange when he was exposing Bush and that now not so much because he was exposing Hillary. So, the biggest problem is that they just focused on how Assange may have broken laws. That is like a distraction. They may present some truth as there is a bit truth in what they say but the presentation of the truth is very misleading for example. A lot of what Fox does is very subtle and that is why my step-dad may not notice. He watches it. Older people have a habit of watching Fox because change is hard. Younger people are less attached.


Here is a list of my media choices:

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDuIxfEt_VoI1yfARYmfCGA Vincent James of The Red Elephants
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdVSlmNi1uyfsgOAT_TbVyg Black Conservative Patriot
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCavk8KLWg5sWuDGrNIiqZ4A DronetekPolitics
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzUV5283-l5c0oKRtyenj6Q Mark Dice
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPz1ReSz6ce_TA9xjGs3DqA NeoUnrealist
and of course a few of the Infowarriors channels.

This is what I choose to watch, and is not really a suggestion.


redice.com, antineocon.com, whatreallyhappened.com, propertarianism.com