What is your reasons for not watching Fox?


Cut the chord almost 2 years ago. Fox news is trash, they tip toe around the real issues and are pushing the globalist approved narrative and agenda. Even the better commentators like Hannity and Tucker are not truly allowed to express their full true opinion w/o being removed/suspended.


Remember when news was slow on Fox News and they exploited kids to get ratings.


I rember when news was slow, those were the good old days!


News wasnt slow then, just better hidden from the masses


That honestly gave me a lot to think about. Hannity basically cucked for Donna. I’m a Q follower and he’s told us to listen to Hannity’s words more than once. But now that he’s cucked for Brazille? Fuck him, and fuck Q for that one.


AOC you are a globalist, but I very much agree we must end prohibition.


I watch Sean Hannity sometimes, and Tucker Carlson often. Obviously Infowars I watch most. Though I also check what the left is saying to its activists.

A lot of Fox news is still too centrist, splitting the difference on things that shouldn’t have been split. Working with neo-cons, but lets see how the newest investigations are covered.

I also think instead of just stressing the importance of Isreal, they need to explain more about how our relationship with Isreal best serves our national interests. I belive it is in our nation’s interests to maintain close US-Isreal relations, and Russia has close relations with Isreal also. I don’t want globalist allies, and if we have no allies it means we get attacked from all sides.

To think that Jewish people are aligned with globalists, because identity specific globalist organizations claim it so, is like thinking all black people are globalists because globalists run black identity organizations. Those organizations HATE whatever people they are pretending to care about. Inside every nation there is a struggle between nationalists and globalists, Isreal very much included.



Fox news in a nutshell


Neo Conservatives are Trotski-ites…true story!


Fox has NEVER been the PRO TRUMP PLACE TO GO…Never was, NEVER HAS BEEN…All Fox news is…is a LIBERAL…ZIONIST JEW…NEO CON ESTABLISHMENT…CIA enhanced. Medium for GLOBALIST PROPAGANDA…MAGA PATRIOTS ARE NOT ISRAELI SHILLS…Tucker, Hannity, and Laura, are not JEWS…But they might as well be…the way they stroke Jew schmendrick for the schekels! The deplorables dont have a voice in CORPORATE MEDIA! That is why we come here!


Fox has, for the lest two or so years been a waste of time.


I’ve limited my Fox consumption to Tucker. And even he gets it wrong sometimes, like when he explained away the outrage at Biden’s touchy-feeliness as a symptom of our increasingly cold society.


I am tired of all these limosene patriots like Mark Levin, Dan Bongino, Hannity, everyone over at Fox, they are all just riding a trend, thinking you people will get sick of Trump if they flood the Conservative movement with Agenda 21 traitors, Zionist traitors, honey pots like Levin and Beck, we are done with them, we are smarter than these hacks, we got our own platform, we watch people who have been in the trenches, they dont sit in trailors, cake on make up, and worry if their sponsors approve! Fuck Fox FOREVER!


Fuck Hannity, heis a traiton too…Mike A dans gives him too much credit…until he goes solo…he is a honey pot Zio fash! Trying to tell AMERICANS Israels cause is our cause! FUCK HIM…