What Should Trump Do Now?

  1. Invoke God’s Word in public - Unashamedly!
  2. Make sure his family are surrounded by those who are pro-human and pro-Jesus.
  3. Expose the literal truth to the “witch” hunt claim.


Build the wall/fence?


Call and deputies the American people to revolt, to peacefully go into the press offices, Washington, etc and arrest those deep state traitors and tri them for treason.


Don’t deputize me, I have limited leg strength.




Give the White House an ultimatum. If president Trump will not start clearing house, then the general public takes action in constitutional form over a government clearly versed in tyranny. Which would be in defense of the country since Congress is not doing their job. Congress is refusing to follow through with the wishes of the American people. Information was never meant to be suppressed in any form. Political, like the gen pop is currently experiencing with speaker of the house Duncey Pelosi and the Democratic left. Economical suppression is unconstitutional as well. As we are experiencing through the federal reserve and banking systems. Now the big one, we will also go for every secret suppressed technology location across the nation releasing every form of technology that has been suppressed in various places like Dolce base, Area 51, the ELF tower radio frequency mass microwave system aimed at the earth itself, even DARPA. It is general knowledge that these places exist and are strategically kept under wraps as to protect from foreign entanglement, which is a virtue signal. Suppression of technology is rather a power fulcrum used against the gen pop. We the people will act to expose to the world every technology that has been used for wrong doing against the American people in the globalist interest whether it was used to hurt and hinder us, or rather suppressed technology as to continue the enslavement of the freedom seeking Americans that resonate with god. The Globalist elite are giving us an ultimatum of sorts in the form of saying they will revoke constitutional rights to the fulfillment of agenda 21. So it seems we are being presented with another testament to the fact that we are going to have to fight again for this country regardless of the outcome. Unless President trump exercises his full power as constitutionally elected president by the American people to stop the political cancer rotting this country from the inside out. He needs to stop holding back and declassify everything pertaining to the suppression of the people and endict the people doing the suppressing to gain ultimate undying favor in the form of a built upon foundation of trust by being our light to the areas of darkness that are necessary counterparts to the entire illumination of the American people. He can secure a huge victory for us in the Infowar. More importantly save America a lot of bloodshed that’s being forced upon us by the satan worshipping, globalist, non-elected, nation destroying, Anti-American United Nations agenda.


This is really good,thank you for laying it out so eloquently, but yet so directly honest…We all need to wake up to the fact,we are in a real fight for our lives,our families lives and our nation’s life.If Trump doesn’t act soon,we are in deep shit…


Thank you. I’m just doing my best with what the lord has given under the circumstances we are all facing. It would be much better to be ahead of the opposition instead of waiting for their ultimate demolition plan where a physical altercation is inevitable, calling for the derailment of the second amendment and the introduction of the green new deal should be huge red flags to this reality. The bigger questions are when exactly is the right moment to engage before the infowar is lost for good to the fulfillment of agenda 21. Where they want a civil war to happen, which waiting for them to make their move would be the exact counter-part of what’s more common known as a checkmate to our constitutional rights as the American people because it plays right into their pre-loaded trap. The second question being how do we rally the republic without drawing ourselves into a Civil/Cold War mashup that the world has never seen before. But all hypothetical, and we seem to be kicking the globalists asses in America. Especially after that speech that golden trump gave as his SOTA. You could feel gods precense in that auditorium that evening. The American spirit was on fire that night. Completely vindicating his initial plan and solidifying the changes that the republic wants so as to secure our future children’s influence on the world ahead making Americans more aligned with the constitution and none the less be more in alignment with GOD.

God Bless America.


Well said. I have been discouraged on this forum but your post was well worth the time to read. I think that a public reading of the original Greek and Hebrew bible (as close as we can get) would be helpful in dispelling fear among the populace. To fear God is wisdom, to fear man is foolishness. Yet, it is easier to be foolish when facing men who act like ravenous wolves sometimes and so anyone who has faith like a child would be naturally afraid. I falter in this area and give in to fear as someone who knows better. God is so patient and compassionate with the weak. He keeps picking us up to stand on two feet every morning. Peace to you Greenman!

If only you had the King’s ear. This was on my mind today:


I know everyone doesn’t believe like I do, and that’s ok,it’s your choice. God works in mysterious ways,he must,because Libertysmith got to speak to Pete Santilli &Deb tonight,it was Awesome. Thanks Pete&Deb :slight_smile:

#AlexJones#MAGA#KAG#ITSOKTOBEGOOD this what God put on my heart and mind…


Great :+1: Thanks for that,so true.


What name did you use when you called in. I’m listening now.


Libertysmith of course :slight_smile::sunglasses: