What's in the 8 Pack Power Stack


I just got my order of the 8 pack power stack in the mail and I’m excited! I have a ton of other Infowars products like the Red Pill, Vitamin Mix, Turbo Force, Iodine, and the Ultra 12. Which of these conflict with the 8 pack power stack? I want to finish it up before I start the 8 pack and also which supplements can I add to the routines. Basically, which Infowars products are already in the 8 pack?


Please let me know if I need to update this list.


  • A Flex and Joint Support Formula: BodEase
  • A Energy Kick-Start Formula: TurboForce
  • A Krill Oil Formula: Ultimate Krill Oil
  • A Nootropic Brain Formula: Brain Force
  • A Greens Detox Forumula


  • An Immune Support Formula: Bio-True Selenium
  • A Sound Sleep Formula Knock Out
  • A Krill Oil Formula: Ultimate Krill Oil
  • A Bone Support Formula

They’re the same right? NOT THAT THATS A BAD THING!

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Reeses Peanut Butter cups…
I believe the Breakdown is on the website