What's IT about Really?


What’s “IT” about Really?

"I am not against, God, religion, belief or political understanding, but how these have been manipulated, altered and weaponized in many ways for the sake of destroying our knowledge, understanding, sense and practice of humaneness and “humanity”, my use of this word literally represents the “humaneness” of humanity, such as care, dignity, compassion, brotherly love, fraternity, fellow feeling, philanthropy, kindness, consideration, understanding, sympathy, tolerance, leniency, mercy, mercifulness, clemency, pity, tenderness, charity, goodness, magnanimity, generosity, honesty, respect among other things.

There are of course many valuable teachings and knowledge to be gained from sources such as the bible and quran for example, but it is also a fact each have been manipulated, altered and even rewritten over the centuries by a number of different hands, thus these things can no longer be taken literally, but rather with a grain of salt.

Today we Talk about many things such as Good vs. Evil, God vs. Devil and so on, however in my view it is very alarming how little people understand about each of these things or how they come to be, I see passion from people arguing faith and beliefs they lack an actual understanding of.

In my heart and soul this hurts me, and it makes me feel empathy and pity for Humanity.

It’s by these observations I am witnessing the death throes of a dying Humanity much like fish out of water, as individuals effected by what I refer to as “Artificiality”, that which is anything not occurring naturally, or in layman terms, A lie, and or lies and the belief in such things.

Also, how the ignorance of and denial of these artificialities perpetuate their existence, for at the end of the day We are what “is” and that all things are manifested through us and by us, our belief and hands be it for good or evil, and how Humanity has been made unwilling to acknowledge these responsibilities as their own and not of gods or devil’s.

By my perspective and understanding, Humanity is Free, and our Humanness the freedom, and for gods, kings, power and authority to exist, these freedoms must be restricted, taken away and destroyed, an observable fact throughout known history.

Because I was raised with religions surrounding me, I use the words “God” and “Jesus” very much metaphorically rather than the literal interpretation, a summary of this is “God” is our will and freedom of will, we are able to call upon it at any moment for any given thing, and “Jesus” the metaphoric embodiment of all things Human, Mind, Body and Soul, thus Humanity as the whole.

Having Faith and belief is one thing, but when it comes to the belief and practice of Religions that are in fact in some fashion forced upon the ignorant for the very reason of control, manipulated and worked to establish an artificiality for the very sake of becoming and staying gods and kings, also that not one religion has come by a means of or at a time of PEACE, and that are manipulation, propagated and often exploited at or during calamity, along with the fact that if you chose Humanity over artificiality you would end up beheaded, hung, burnt or crucified!

Thus, the establishment of religions have always worked to Weaken, Diminish and Kill our inner sense, passions, acknowledgment and understanding of Humanity and what it is to be Human and it’s freedom , while equating Humans to a Lamb or sheep as if religions make Humans a harvestable and the expendable beast.

Religions have also been manipulated in many ways to invert the truth and Our first and only “law” that has all been erased from our memory and history.

Humanity only has one Law.
“do on to one self before doing or having done to others”.

Such as One must have love to love, food to feed, and shelter to offer refuge, equally one must commit suicide before murder! Because This one law makes all others redundant by establishing the equality necessary to facilitate free will, and freedom of humanity, the “Gods” and “Kings” have manipulated this simple thing (The Truth, which is Freedom), making it complicated (a lie, which is imprisonment) it has become very much inverted, that which is written and understood today.

In layman terms today’s “law” says that it is acceptable to murder and worry about consequences later, this resulting in Humans being manipulated to form the “Army”, solders to Die for Glory, in effect creating the expendable Sheep and sacrificial lamb, that are all efforts to support the artificialities of Gods, kings, Power, and Authority originally, now including governments and money.

The unavoidable Choice of Religions and laws before and above Humanity was not only forced buy these artificialities but also symbolized by such things as the cross and depicted metaphorically with the crucifixion of Christ “Jesus”, Humanity, Humanness nailed to it. Further emboldening artificiality so that gods remained gods, kings to remain kings and for them to establish Governance Over the Disobedient, with rules, laws, authority and power foreign to and deliberately against Humanity, Humanness, and its Freedoms.

The reality is IF it REQUIRES any kind or sort of ritual, it’s an Artificiality, it is literally something Someone made up to influence the masses to follow and to manipulate, inspire, convince or force them to interact with these artificialities, in turn manifesting it as if an actuality, or better, not something occurring Naturally. (false idle, golden calf, etc.)

Additionally, it’s blasphemous and hypocritical to the very Religions that many are claiming to understand, follow, and choose to believe in and preach today, each influenced by culture, social acceptance, trends and agendas.

The issue with this is that artificiality cannot be sustained, all forms of artificiality have an unavoidable inevitable end, much like that depicted in the Matrix and it’s RESET, we simply cannot dance forever endlessly, for this is a literal Fact observed and proven throughout history and very much part Reason we see much of what we do today, these artificialities coming to its inevitable End, the exposure of Truth, that we have been led to believing, preaching and killing for these artificialities and the lies required to sustain them.

For example, they keep us in “Sin”, and Sinning according to their propagated laws, so that we forever seek forgiveness and acceptance while they exploit the feeling of guilt and fear of those that have “chosen” to follow and the ignorant.

This may sound rude, but it’s true if you understand it correctly. Try to see beyond the words, discover a truth.

“Brain fucked monkey’s reduced to sheep.”

As for solution’s, the simple answer is Unity and equality globally. However, until we reach this point in human history, we will have some reason or excuse to take from, hurt, or murder one another. I believe Unity will come only once we have experienced grate loss and calamity, in other words, until there is no other choice for Humanity to revert to our Humanness while abandoning these artificialities.

Religion, Race, are the top dividers of humanity today just as they have been for centuries, both artificialities.

Lastly “Jesus” openly admitted that he is but a messenger, and that “he” will rise again, thus metaphorically humanity will rise again, and that “Jesus” said non-shall reach the heavens unless by “him” … or in layman terms, none will have peace or freedom without humanity and our humanness, Religion is not a requirement, nor is the belief in Gods, kings, power or authority much as we understand and are subjected to believing today.

It is literally Humanity and our humanness that is the enemy of artificiality, power and authority, the gods and kings.

We have all known for a long time now, the plan. however not all have chosen to follow, or partake, we that live as common folk and the potato farmer, we stand and live in protest Silently, We Disagree, we choose reality over fantasy and its Artificiality.

There is of course much more, however I believe this may give a basic scope and premise of which I base my opinions, posts and responses. Of course, I am open to discussion, and questions for even if this is my view, I welcome others, even that which I may not agree.

If anything, I stand, fight and support Humanity, and our Humanness."


People are not even interested in the truth, Clearly only interested in what rocks there boat, or entertains them, We are Fing DOOMED! LOL

Yellow Vests Or Trumpets Speech just Quick Thinking? unorthodox solutions to issues long projected by the use of AI, that formulates various solutions to issues “For seen”, Could it be the “Government” knows full well, that PEOPLE are on the edge and things are very volatile.

An elaborate Distraction… Conspiracy??? or just a Big Mind Game. What happens once all these things are in place, A wall, that not only stops people from coming in, but also from getting out, and there are thousands of soldiers who are indeed willing to kill their own for the sake of an order guarding the gate?

What when these things are turned against the people that have cheered for it, more so WHAT soldier or Person of the right mind would agree to take “guns”, “Children” and freedoms away like a dog to a whistle, sheep to the Crook. Consider it is the FACT people play along that this shit continues, military, “authority” is willing to kill their own people, what is the difference then they becoming “Terrorists”.

When we really get down to it, it is literally people killing people for what? And what if we stopped, what would be next? Wouldn’t that “END” it all?

I just don’t get it, why would anyone be so weak to not tell the mother fucker giving the orders to do it themselves! Drop the Gun, Walk Away~ Change this world in a DAY!!

Or are we so pathetic to not have peace, murdering for religion, profit, political gains and entertainment. but It is not really between us, is it? it’s between them, Put them in the Ring, and stop killing and getting dead for such BULLSHIT! it’s VERY SAD!. however, for us to be human again may just be an impossibility while we remain comfortable being sheep. I doubt many could even imagine a global Choice for unity, as they push us to irrationality.

Symbolism and the Craft.

The NWO and missing Files

Global warming and reality

Activism and the Art



Nukes and the Mighty.

Deceptions and Dissociation’s.

The human experience and it’s library

Genetic memory, the soul, and life eternal.


Lastly, I understand, have knowledge of, and see in a much different light. For me this light shine’s from before Religion, Dinosaur, and the new Moon, so in my view, “we” humanity are being lied to, and have since the “written” word such as the Bible, unto the TV and the Landing on the Moon.

In some cases it is literally written on the wall. (Egypt, is only one example among many).



Rules for radicals up your fucking ass
Donald Trump is a savage
Who wants to create a youtube channel where we continuously plug in information exposing the system
Trump! Divine intervention?
Tax payers funding not just their own destruction
Rules for radicals up your fucking ass
Rules for radicals up your fucking ass
Trump's address setting the tone or just plain weak?
Where are all the men?
Sorry INFOWARS comes to this


Be safe…


I thought you were leaving? What happened?


@Bingozee you might find this guy’s views interesting…


You can not play the game unless you’re a player, Nwo played trump card on people’s claiming to be awake. Which is an impossibility while they play too.

TRUMP is only undoing the things that have been in place to be undone, while getting done what must be, consider all this boarder wall drama is to futher convince the people there is actually two sides to a single government, and that there Trumpet is playing for freedom.

Fact is, if it was true he would have been assassinated on his first day.

What made the “New World Order” possible…

you will find it here…

The Moon landing

Trump! Divine intervention?

Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

2 Timothy 3:7


TRUTH is only what we’re wiling to accept and choose to believe, nothing more.


The truth is the truth… It doesn’t change… It is what it is…

Perspective… Alters opinion, but not the truth…

Left, right, up, down, good, bad… All perspective.

Living, dying, immortality… Flesh, spirit…power.






  1. the quality or state of being true.

“he had to accept the truth of her accusation”

synonyms: veracity, truthfulness, verity, sincerity, candor, honesty, genuineness; More

  • that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality.

noun: the truth

“tell me the truth”

synonyms: the fact of the matter, what actually/really happened, the case, so; More

  • a fact or belief that is accepted as true.

plural noun: truths

“the emergence of scientific truths”

synonyms: fact, verity, certainty, certitude;More


One of the most profound and eternally significant questions in the Bible was posed by an unbeliever. Pilate—the man who handed Jesus over to be crucified—turned to Jesus in His final hour, and asked, “What is truth?” It was a rhetorical question, a cynical response to what Jesus had just revealed: “I have come into the world, to testify to the truth.”

Two thousand years later, the whole world breathes Pilate’s cynicism. Some say truth is a power play, a metanarrative constructed by the elite for the purpose of controlling the ignorant masses. To some, truth is subjective, the individual world of preference and opinion. Others believe truth is a collective judgment, the product of cultural consensus, and still others flatly deny the concept of truth altogether.

So, what is truth?

Here’s a simple definition drawn from what the Bible teaches: Truth is that which is consistent with the mind, will, character, glory, and being of God . Even more to the point: Truth is the self-expression of God . That is the biblical meaning of truth. Because the definition of truth flows from God, truth is theological .



Lol. Of course it is, but I am referring to the truth people choose to believe is true, clearly people don’t actually care for the literal or actual interpretation of the word or it’s intended meaning.

As a fact truth is at most avoided because literal truths are undeniable, simple and free. Who likes truth when we are comfortable living a lie.

Red pill, blue pill, but no pill at all, that’s just to confusing…


I think people justify their own existences by what they hold as “truth”.

The fact of the matter is we could all argue “truth” with one another until our final breath but it won’t have accomplished anything except a waste of time.

I accept what I have been been given by my Creator. I humbled my soul before the power than is outside of my being. I acknowledge Him as God/Yaweh. He has instilled within me a peace with certain understandings. Along with that peace I also sense a sort of guidance or compass toward ideas and knowledge that correlate with the understanding and peace. That is how I know “truth”… It does me no benefit to argue what I understand to be “truth” with any unbelievers.

Arguing perspective definitely does no one any benefit either.

Anything beyond the fundamentals of life, death, salvation and my Creator are consequently, irrelevant.

All knowledge can and will be given at the Creator’s discretion… acknowledgement of that is the key…


Sorry @MamaPotato I moved it down as I elaborated a bit.


I agree… Religion is the distraction and control…if you want truth and knowledge, you must go to the source…the Creator…


Just a side note, @Bingozee, I don’t direct these posts at you. I know you have more understanding of things than most people I’ve known…I try to break things down simply for others lol… As if that were possible… One can only try… :joy::rofl:


Trying to get people to understand they are fighting the wrong battles is a noble task… And one that I find myself questioning the point of… People prefer ignorance…or the path of least resistance… It’s absurd to me a majority of the time… That’s why I won’t argue with anyone anymore… Time is too valuable to waste on fools…


We must also first have a solid understanding of “Truths” foundations and source before we can say it is truth or true.

Summarized dramatically.

In short, all religions are a compilation of a very large number of materials that describe the human experience and understanding, be it Songs, scriptures, poems, riddles, carvings and even jokes, gathered from around the world, that come to create the library beneath the Vatican. For this was the first source of empowerment, knowledge gained over the ignorant and illiterate, exploited no different than it is today, the first completed compilation called the manuscript or scrolls, that was hidden in the ark of the covenant, that has been hidden since after the creation of these first religions, again so no one knows the Truth.

It really is the simplest things that are the most mystery.

All the religions have come from one source, and not of gods but men. Each leader told to take from it, and make it of their own just as it has been. This is why the formation of the convent, to protect these truths about humanity, human, humanness and the glory of its freedoms for the sake of influence and power, wolves shepherding sheep.

It is the priest that makes the king, it’s the king whom will murder and form army’s to protect the priest.

PS: Also, I to make my statements in general, “We” as in HUMANS, not a race, color or creed.


Two things come to mind as I sit here tonight…

A. People like you (@Bingozee and @Ian) and I are very rare indeed (also we are coined crazy and ultimately seen as a dangerous threat, hence the reason why most write us off and question our sanity)
B. Why did they have to screw up the weather? It’s such an annoyance!! Seriously. It was 75 degrees during the day and a very mild 60 degrees at night for the last week here in SC (which is odd anyway) and now, bam, it’s 30 degrees again overnight!! :rage: RIDICULOUS!

And how the hell can people carry on like these things aren’t suspect?


Yes and No.

Yes, there are two sides. No, the two sides are not what some people may say it is. But that doesn’t mean there is no such thing as right and wrong, good and evil, which are, objectively, not subjectively, the real two sides. Either you align more towards perfection or more towards depravity, evil.

Good Vs. Evil?

No, the war is not between Rhino Republicans and Donkey Democrats in America for example.

Getting Back to the Root of the Problem?

But it is a battle between nationalism and globalism. And that is common sense. And when I say nationalism, I am talking about family first focus, community first priorities, patriotism, free markets, smaller government, minimalism, etc. When I say globalism, I’m including all related stuff like China, Islam, Jihadism, Big Pharma, corporatism, technocracy, plutocracy, monopolism, totalitarianism, the NWO, UN, EU, Bilderberg, Clinton, Obama, Bush, Google, Facebook, IBM, Apple, Microsoft, Bill Gates, bad vaccines, CFR, big tech, spies, deep state, swamp creatures, etc.


@JoeyArnoldVN…you missed the point…all of those things are irrelevant distractions honey… :expressionless:


@MamaPotato, nope. @Bingozee said something about sides. So, i am addressing what was said. Because there are sides. The sides are not what some people say they are. But that does not mean there are no sides at all. That is what I am talking about. It was mentioned earlier. That is why I am addressing it right now, because it was mentioned by @Bingozee. And it seems that @Bingozee has been using that argument about sides again and again in many threads many times and other people reference it as well and I disagree and believe there are two sides, good versus evil, but not fake Rhinos versus Rats but rather good versus evil and nationalism versus globalism, etc.