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@JoeyArnoldVN ok you’re a little closer… Yes, good vs evil… Keep it simple… When you start getting into nationalism vs globalism, you start losing focus and teetering towards the distraction…


@JoeyArnoldVN it is literally humanity’s souls hanging in the balance between good vs evil…doesn’t matter about the rest… Those things are the control factor of man…

That is what @Bingozee was trying to convey…


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Keeping it simple is what CHRIST was trying to say when He told the people to believe as children do…

Matthew 18:3 King James Version (KJV)

3 And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.


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BINGO! We will remain the SERVANT, lamb and sheep, with out our Humanity, and humanness, other wise an impossibility.


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@MamaPotato I really think it is interesting that you are very good at finding things… I say this because I do not watch videos, nor have I scoured the net so efficiently seeking them. Fantastic work! :slight_smile: I am honestly impressed, Do you work for INFOWARS, that is a skill they share in common with you, and maybe you would make a Very efficient asset.

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I’ve just gotten good at research… I’ve researched things my whole life… Before technology, I spent alot of time in libraries… I’ve always read alot and fast… Lol I don’t think I would work for anyone… I do what I do because I enjoy it… It wouldn’t be enjoyable if I added pressure of employment and accountability to it …


It’s kinda crazy watching his compilations…“and you will know them by their fruits”


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@Ian @MamaPotato

Short answer No, however I am assuming your referring to after death.

I may see the “spirit” or "soul" in a different way.

by my understanding of the basic, and deeper Psychology’s, Psychiatry, Physiology, Bio chemistry, neurochemistry, among many others sciences, I base my opinion, I am not religious but I am “spiritual”, I believe in "energy".

I say No, because it really does not work in such a way to be external from us, the mind and body, I’ll try summing it up using “Synapses” and “Emotions” or in other terms Electronic Motion, “Broadcast” “Frequency” and the resulting energy’s such as one’s soul, aura, ghost or better the electrical field of our “living” being, the Body and Soul.

Telepathy is very much the expression of an emotion, thus “Electronic Energy” Expressed or in laymen terms, “Broadcast”, “Transmitted” and detectable by the mind and technology today, a powerful and very well guarded knowledge and energy that can be influenced by deeper understandings, however I will not cover it here, maybe in the near future, “what is ESP”, also “ESP” is something natural and universal to the living thing, Humanity’s first voice and language.

It was this “language” depicted in the story of Babel. When we all know the truth it’s impossible to lie.

when we pass, this Energy is very much “expelled” from the flesh of the body, it is not sent on to “heaven” per say, but dispersed and absorbed by all things. We are born again when any portion of our DNA and its Memory may be reintegrated unto a living thing such as the developing fetus or seed, it is this that allows for individuality and the differences, “life eternal”, it is also something being manipulated in very destructive ways today. ie. The vaccines and Drugs, among the plethora of other things.

the Haunted place are such because of these energy’s, and “Telepathy”, often negative and powerful emotional energy that has been projected literally “scorching” the space surrounding the individual expressing it, this is how Some people whom are aware can sense and even describe these events long after they have occurred in great detail, The projection of emotional energy that has “scorched” and or that has saturated the surrounding space (church, ancient place), becoming embedded unto stone, wood and open space, “the Blessed object” and “Cursed Doll”, “Magic medallion”, and “cap” of a pyramids. Each material having it’s own unique capability of recording such energy’s, Gold being know to hold its charge longest, and plane stone the shortest. We do not use Diamond, Gem or Crystal.

We also should consider life it’s self is purely because of it’s opportunity, a gift provided by time, that which is before all things. water is the record of all living things and their memory, for water literally has fractions of all life’s DNA and its memory, so it is very much environmental opportunity, where life can be it will be inevitably.

“Humanity” is passed on now by Education, where before it was genetically embedded by experience, life’s harshness and our survival, this is what often leads to the gifted and the pedophile if not mentally ill and instability, as psychopathic tendencies are typically gained by some source of pain or traumatic experience, resulting in the emotional memory of the experience to be “Temporally” “scorched” in to the genetic memory of the individual experiencing it, generations later the individuals offspring whom inherit this “memory” often sense as if instinct and result in psychopathic tendencies and other abnormalities that are not always negative, also known to extend generations if sustained or embolden, but degraded without. However, because of these facts we see the push to kill our Genetics and Humanity’s memory, not just of the pedophile but of all humanity, Humans and our humanness, by forcing Vaccines, Drugs, GMO, Trends and many other things.

Consider that if you are cremated, you cannot be born again, hence the Burning of the witch, If you want to be born again, be sent to sea.

Beyond these things, I do not believe or understand why at the point of death or after that we would question or worry, consider all the things we say we will miss, we will not, for at the end of the day these things mean nothing and become irrelevant while we become a part of everything, for we are not left wanting thy soul and spiritual energy’s or the physical thing.

Thought to mention as it’s kind of related, the insane asylum was not for the “insane” but rather people “they” would seek, discover and “TAKE” because of an awareness, "ESP”. not because they were “Lunatic”, Lunatic the result of the many experiments on these people, creating the “zombie” and image of “Insanity”, at a time when this awareness has not been so desensitized, people with ESP were considered a very real NATIONAL and GLOBAL THREAT!

In effect we can image, “Humanity” the soul, mind and our individuality riding the back of “Biology” the bone, body and Brain (Humanity exists BECAUSE of nature) thus we can acknowledge that “Humanity” has not come naturally, for we must be apart from it to perceive, appreciate and preserve it, for eternity, hence our living for eternity very much just a genetic memory.

I am going to end this response with a statement to consider.

the body occurs naturally, but not that which is “Humanity” and the “Human” so in effect we, our consciousness alien to it, and that we are the delivery of life to earth, thus “we” from a time before earth are the curator and guardians of all memory of it, a literal record we have gathered, discovered, and compiled from among many different times, thus dimension over billions of years.

Hence the variety and it’s diversity, the insect, animal, mammal and human, there is not such thing as evolution, rather only adaptation.

Thread for jackasses that don't know what OFF TOPIC means

I follow none, I am a humanist, I believe in Humanity but have taken the time to research, study and understand the principals of many beliefs, religions, some that are mainstream others that are not, from Black magic to voodooism. I choose none. In my mind we cannot know half a thing so I have not closed my mind to any.

I have not, nor will I pick a "Team" or "Side" I have only cared to understand them to the best of my ability, thus for me these are division, not unity, an artificiality.

I have been blessed in my life to have “Time”, as I am not Brenden by “the everyday necessity”, It’s time that is necessary to truly attempt to comprehend and contemplate wholly any given thing, today for many, something not truly obtainable, again something deliberately kept from Humanity for the very sake they cannot comprehend, or contemplate, while humans are left seeking satisfaction and gratifications that come instantly, be it by, irrationality, aggressively, violently, illogically, nonsensically, and many other e’s.

This is obvious throughout today’s cultures, society’s and the resulting histories.

No, rather when you are truthful the infinite consciousness is with you, it is not a matter what has been written in stone or pen. this is the primary truth kept from “Humanity”.

And this is the POINT of many of my posts. this “References” is what is propagated and preached so that they “MEN” or better the Ignorant Make it a Actuality. NOT a reality.

“MAN”, “MEN” are not a reference to “Human”, “MEN” and “MAN” to dissociate “Humans” from being human, we can be Men. “Its a Man war”, Not “Its a humans war”, Its a "MAN"s world, not “Its a Humans world”.

I mention it here.

Absolutely not. it “gods” and “kings” that devised boarders, to divide and segregate,it is artificiality that defines a “Country”. We are the keepers of not one thing, but all things, more so “Earth”.

Incorrect, it is Freemasons whom understand much of what I am saying here, it is not religion or witch craft is it quite the opposite, hence the “Power” and “Authority” projected and literally forced unto you and I, in so many ways. They are Criminals against HUMANITY! A Blasphemous to their foundations and belief, as it has become tainted LONG AGO!, by Greed, “Money in the temple”. for there Shame they work in the shadows and are forced to HIDE! along with the other many secret society’s.

Of course NOT, when considering Actuality and Reality is is Nothing, words on a paper, that can be set a flame as easily as any other, ending its artificiality instantly. an illusion of a Right, and Choice.

This is a factuality, If you do not Join the Tribe, Team, or pick a side, you can not play the game, so there are no benches to sit on, you are Forced to play, cultural upbringing, Social acceptance, Exploitation of Guilt and Fear, not to mention a plethora of other things.

True, it is also true, many do so unknowingly, unwillingly, unintentionally and even subconsciously, This is also much of what my post speak about. The Artificiality.

Correct, for they are literally preached, indoctrinated, educated and propagated still to this day.

Incorrect, it is possible individually, we who have such understands, equally understands others may not, it is a SAD fact, such as depicted in the “Matrix” some will kill for the sake of staying in the comforts of there artificiality, more so that it is almost an improbability for man to be Human when he is comfortable being an expendable sheep, and sacrificial lamb.

These things are very much what disgusts me.

Thank you @Ian.


Is a quote from above. We are what we are, to think otherwise is the delusion.

To me, it seems you are feeling discouraged, but don’t be. It really take a lot to strength and time to accept the responsibility of our selves fully, for once we are enlightened we cannot repeat or plead ignorant.

Truth is a heavy responsibility.


Sorry @Ian your last post was very difficult to read.

again something from the top of this thread.

"The reality is IF it REQUIRES any kind or sort of ritual, it’s an Artificiality, it is literally something Someone made up to influence the masses to follow and to manipulate, inspire, convince or force them to interact with these artificialities, in turn manifesting it as if an actuality to believe, or better, not something occurring Naturally. (false idle, golden calf, etc. artificiality)

Additionally, it’s blasphemous and hypocritical to the very Religions that many are claiming to understand, follow, and choose to believe in and preach today, each influenced by culture, social acceptance, trends and agendas." thus I say they are an enemy of Humanity.


and what it has lead to.

Just more efforts for the very sake of suntanning this artificiality.

not sure if you have read the following. It is a long read and only for the Willing.


The next installment…not saying I really believe all info from these guys but they do have some interesting content… :thinking: