What's IT about Really?


They are very much saying the same thing I am. I did not expect I would be alone, however in way’s the same knowledge that has come by very different manner and means, for example I did not have to steal anything or have some one tell me. as mentioned I don’t typically watch videos, but I am pleased to have watched this video. thank you @MamaPotato

It’s much as if there filling the gaps :slight_smile: very interesting…

Thank you anonymous.


I’m trying to catch up… Y’all sure do have lengthy explanations lol :grin::revolving_hearts::+1:


Mark Dice does not work for Infowars but his videos are shown on Infowars. That’s what decentralized independence is all about. That’s something that the Left does not have. We can do better as we are independent, as we are not ordered around like the left is.


Even though I’m turned off by stupid long replies/responses, at the same time I like it because it shows that people are doing their homework. I applaud them for that. Did you hear that, @Bingozee??? I gave you a freaking compliment.


lol as mentioned Words are not meant for Truth, Truths are supposed to already be known and common knowledge, so explaining a simple thing is very much the most complicated thing.

@Ian @MamaPotato
Also I thought to mention I had the time to elaborate of the following, it may be a bit easy to read, if you’re interested.


I am just trying to include starting points for people whom care to discover. If it is helping then thank you, but even so in the end it is really up to the willing to research for there own, could you imagine the length of a thing if I had to include that knowledge and understandings also… LOL I say sarcastically… Don’t worry I wont be doing that, links are good enough :slight_smile:

Thanks @itsLenox I can appreciate and respect the time it has taken you to read what you have, thank you. :+1:


All I’m saying is that you’re sometimes the life of the party :kiss:


I can assure you not intentionally as I do take very seriously and honestly my responsibility. People do often resort to humor or smiles when they are nervous, uncomfortable among others things, but very seldom because there happy.



Oh, don’t worry; I understand just how seriously you take this because of your lengthly responses. Like I said, it’s a turn off for me but I respect that about you because no matter what you believe in, you do your research. I’ve noticed that more people are beginning to do that, which is great. I just don’t have time to read 10 minute responses because I prefer the basic, straight forward method. No time wasted, even though time is irrelevant.

That’s my frustration with you; your logic is so complicated that I lose patience. Try being more direct with me and maybe we can learn a thing or two from each other.


I hear you, however if you scroll all the way up there and take a look at the first Post, you may notice that my post are not necessarily “Responses”, they are in fact all portions and bits of one thing, thus the same answer from the beginning, if that makes it any better :slight_smile:

It is unfortunate that to fully comprehend we must be willing and have the time, I also have many skills in Video, Photography, Production, among others, and I have been considering producing videos that people can watch and listen to rather then read, however at the moment Time is unforgiving as I am currently working on other projects, but yes truly considering.

Lastly the last time I attempted to UPLOAD a Video, I was unable to, it seems as if I have been censored LONG before Alex and Mike even knew he was next until I told him lol…via his YouTube live chat to boot!


If you can produce a video again and successfully upload it either to YouTube (and provide a link) or on here then I will attempt to watch it.


I am thinking, F-YouTube, they really really don’t like me! :slight_smile: ditto Facebook.

Been looking at the following…


OMG this had me laughing…it ain’t nice but my goodness… :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy: For shame!!


Didn’t even play it before I started laughing! Thank you for that :slight_smile:


WOW here is the 2 Corinthians bit… The fakery 🤦


The following post is being developed and is Subject to change without notice.

Thank you, be safe, be smart not only entertained.


Here’s the next installment…serious implications here if they are for real… Only time will tell…


Interesting how we seem to cooperate lol, however I can assure you we don’t, but I can tell you, they know the truth is coming, it’s literally posted on the wall…


Also it is interesting how they are exposing the political side and I… ?

Coincidentally or conspicuously, no matter, it will come to an end.


@MamaPotato, these videos being on YouTube makes me think AI. Hence the anonymity and intelligence use of key words, RESET.


An attempt to use the Trumpet to redirect narrative… we must consider, at times of war, which narrative is most logical.

Consider also that this is two days now they have altered pretty much what I have “said” here politically. Notice they started different, more aligned, it is when there is a division of truth that we should question most. …

Make it real, or keep it political.