What's up with 19 hijackers I thought it was 911 inside job


We can’t flip flop on this? 911 had to be helped from inside.


9/11 was orchestrated by Larry Silverstein, Dick Chaney, The Bush Family, CIA, Mossad, and Saudi Arabia. No question in my mind.


Mueller was warned and stood down. I think it was in Florida.


Donald Trump knew about the bombs in the buildings the next day.


I have seen videos of trump going both ways, Makes you wonder how FREE he is to speak?


CAIR is covering up for fact that the mosque in Tucson knew future 9/11 hijackers were meeting there on a regular basis.


Ilhan Omar is a terrorist. If you want proof of that, call OBL a homosexual in front of her. Be sure to get it on video.

Ask Ilhan Omar to call OBL by name and call him a terrorist. She will never do it because of her Bayyat to him.


Why are so many americans so brain washed about 911, The evidence is so overwhelming and yet
it seems we are all so silent?


false flag 911 the money trail
engineers and architects
Loose change 911
JFK to 911
From the families, pilots, pentagon, firefighters, whistle-blowers, survivors
Building 7 when will we all reach to HEAVEN



Both can be true. Even if there was help from the aforementioned powers, it still could have been carried out by the 19.


I think that is wishful thinking


Well someone had to, and the players you’re mentioning all had alibis.