When and Where is Roger Stone to Be Arraigned

  1. I read that Roger Stone is to be Arraigned on Tuesday January 29th at 11:00 AM.

  2. Please someone correct me on the date / time / location, is the address 333 Constitution Ave? What is the address?

  3. RE-EDIT, 2/2/19, Do not wear a yellow vest. Leftists will shoot at you. Leftists will euthanize an innocent infant in NY even after birth.

  4. Understand the tactics of the paid MSM leftists.

  5. This really is the start of something BIG.

  6. All DC veterans, please post all your lessons learned here to help our protesters.

  7. As of 1/28/19 no updates yet, waiting for any updates on time and location, please post link to
    your source.

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All I can say is take lessons from Tommy Robinson.

Now it’s on American Soil. The UK’s people made an impact without a Trump figure.

You can too!



I sent you a side message with this link: https://www.wmata.com/


We must chant on Tuesday at that location, “Free Roger Stone.”

Chant it before anything happens to Roger Stone.

Don’t wait for them to imprison Roger before you chant it.

Go now.

Do it now.

Don’t wait.

Be prepared for the worse.

They are trying to imprison Roger.

SNL and others are demonizing Roger.

They’re trying to kill Roger.

If not, then at least imprison Roger.

We must be there before they do.


POLICE STATE THEATER: NO DIFFERENT THAN THE SANDRA GRAZZINI CASE https://redherringalert.wordpress.com/2019/01/27/police-state-theater-no-different-than-the-sandra-grazzini-case/