Where The Heck Is Ghislaine Maxwell?


Why is she not behind bars as well??

Epstein Suicide

Old article about her father:

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Look at what she was reading :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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That Document Dump the day before Epstein died was from a Court Case against her…

It was settled; I don’t know the details of it though… A bunch of witnesses came forward in Court.
She had nobody come forward in her defense.

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Hinting that Epstein was an intel asset with the book-maybe that she was too.Some believe she has links to Mossad like her dear old Dad.



Alex said it could be staged the day it came out! He said more like a staged photo-op, but this looks like they made up the photo entirely. Photo Shop instead??

Who knows where she really is, or if she’s even still alive!

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Yeah they say it was all photoshoped… I remember Alex a couple days ago also talking about that it was staged as well. She is definitely in hiding and trying to throw people off her trail imo.

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