While America is falling apart... Our President is tweeting about golf?


Irrelevant to someone who doesn’t believe in Jesus as GOD.


Do you now?? Are you sure you know me? Or is it just your perception of the words on a screen from an anonymous user in a forum… Think before you type… Always… God sees everything… And I’m held accountable to Him alone…




GOD IS A GRACIOUS FATHER, unlike you who threatens the innocent. I see not by my eyes and you should try it sometime.

Where do you stand! What is your core theology? If you are willing to throw it up…


I’m sorry you see it as an insult as I meant it as a helpful hint… Your words not mine… Your comprehension not mine…


You are the one whining.


I am not God therefore to compare me to him is a fallacy… As I stated above, I am only accountable to Him and I only need justify myself to him… You obviously see with your eyes, how else would you contrive your responses here… And your judgement as well… Carry on… And so shall I… Peace be with you sister as I have no quarrel with you…


You took me out of context, I was not comparing you to GOD! That’s impossible.

You may be “good” but just pissed off that you can’t watch a golf game like the Pres. Perhaps you are stuck at a desk and not home with your kids making potato soup.


One thing that the President MUST do is pardon #JulianAssange…IF doesn’t that would be MAJORLY a sign that he’s compromised…

I’m thinking that he’s playing the #LameStreamMedia like a cheap Fiddle…I’m not 100% positive of this but that my hope & prayer.



I think he plays more than chess but that’s just a dumb phone user talking.


@therecfem your responses tell me all I need to know about you… As mine should to you… Your negativity towards a person based on your interpretation of their responses has helped me to see that you are not interested in seeing others perspectives… You only try to force your own… It’s ok… Like I stated before… Peace be with you… I have no quarrel with you and I will pray for you in all earnest… :heart:


Hopefully he reads that.
Maybe he’ll retweet it and say some stupid shit.


Golf has always been a way to do business outside while being competitive at the same time. It is a talking man’s game. :partly_sunny::golfing_man:


Don’t need a talker. We need to get the job done.


@Ghost_of_Griff I LOVE the tweet response :grin::+1:


It most certainly does not.
I want to thank you for reminding me to think before I type ALWAYS slafj;aodfj 'oawefj voa;isdjfc;oaiucfnr90aqwioeuntfc9aovqweunrfoxialsunjrcfoiauwnev09tcuaeo;rvubcw9oarvnoaq;wcern90awvnuecfr;uWEVB9CRNUwe9ruvtnch90wevnurtfc’90q3tf0c9qopawuevnjrcio;wSVNDFCOIWEAUBNTV0’9CWAEITJCN09QAE4NURTY0C9Q34BVETN0C9OAQ4WUESVNT0C9QO43AUWEVNTC09WEUVNTJC0M9AWOEV8NUTCM09AWPEUVNTC09AWEVNUTC09AWEVRUNTC0AWERNUVT0C9AVTN09CAEUV09TUCAWE9BTUNCAW9ENUVTC9N8PAWEBYNTC9P8WA


My point exactly… :wink::grin::+1:


Mama Potato forgive me for being Katteee, I am a Recovering Feminist after all.
Not to make excuses BUTT I am so sick of people whining about stuff like this. It is petty in some ways and distracts everyone from the things that truly matter, FAITH/FAMILY/COUNTRY like the cheap wallmart signs say but also ART & MUSIC: