While America is falling apart... Our President is tweeting about golf?




Poor Trump, can’t have a day off.


I guess its all work for Trump.


I need to get out of here or I wont’ be able to hold my toooooooooooungue anymore. Just wanted to say that I think you hit the nail on the head! All his work this AM didn’t matter. We should reverse everything he signed today! See, I told you I can’t hold my tongue! :]


I have lost everything three times MamaPotato. I could pack up my car with my stuff move anywhere start over and be just fine. I lost any value for possessions the first time. Made it easy giving the rest up every other time. It was a struggle and I was still struggling trying understanding myself and this world at the time but them days are over. I see now that all I went through was the lesson I needed to drop in a hat and move when the time comes, if needed. Putting less value on things that really don’t matter. Much deeper than that but a start.

Trump Tweeting about Tiger Woods I think is good for Trump since Tiger supports him. It’s the game Trump has to play to keep relevant and in the news. I can’t blame him for that either. Election type of manipulation. Him promoting whatever station that it was on is concerning but that is because Trump really has no choice. He was in with these people before and he has to play the game. Trump has been around all the Illuminati his entire life. He has to promote them and he could very well be one.

If Trump went against the Networks by not promoting things like the PGA, Trump’s golf industry would fail. They would boycott his golf courses. In this TV culture of ours, they use the tool the way it was designed for, to Advertising to the population using brainwashing to get you do something you normally wouldn’t. Like buying junk or giving your house away just before you die kind of bullshit. Take this drug for the problems that other drug causes. Convince sheeple to inject poison in themselves and families over sinister reasons. Making the majority of the masses think those of us who don’t want to inject these diseases and viruses via Vaccines in us should be a crime and convincing the fools who do get them they are safe. TV is great.

I’m a mad elf as well so you are not alone though I’m more preparing my head for what’s sure to come. I hope the world enjoys all your new neighbors coming in sanctuary cities. That gets all the fools happy to pay them cities back for voting for Polosi types. We will all pay for their mistakes including this one. It will backfire on USA and will further go to effort to destabilize the USA. This is all a chapter in the movie we are living and the one huge Psychological Operation… so we should all just enjoy the show. Our lives are the entrance fee.


The thread is speaking in tongues again.
That was a funny.ha


He has a job to do. Sorry to be blunt about it but it’s too late in the game to be fucking around.


I’m just waiting to see what happens in the next two years with Trump.


We got some problems but are not “falling apart”.


For sure… it will be interesting no doubt. I am just an observer of this world. I have zero power but a vote.


Huxter - you are the power source so don’t be so hard on yourself. Your light is a source of power.


This is true but I never trust someone who winks all the time.


Incorrect! You have “Less than Zero” power but do not be discouraged. God knows.


I think he likes golf…:slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, I think Golf is wasteful time spent - but…maybe for Trump it is a way to ‘unwind’ and if we can, we ALL need to do it! UNWIND!


I am not voting for Trump next go round, there has to be some one out there who is willing to TELL AMERICANS THE TRUTH…One who can adequately and articulately explain to CONSERVATIVES that LEGAL and illegal immigration is a PROBLEM, especially NON WHITE IMMIGRATION…when IT IS 90% of ALL immigration and they ARE ALL 3RD WORLD DREGS… 70% of them are SOCIALISTS who will NEVER…NEVER…NEVER!!! VOTE REPUBLICAN!
How HARD is it to get through to YOU civic NATIONALISTS!!! WE ARE GOING TO LOSE!!!


I see the points here. It is taunting to those who are not able to enjoy it.

I remember seeing tax payer funded government posters on the subways for years during obama in the metro areas with a tatted up dark Mexican looking guy holding a stark white baby near his junk saying, “Real fathers parent their kids.”

How about a post like this, “US Citizens here legally living on a Native American Indian Reservation with out shelter are now able to spend ONE WEEK at any single Trump hotel with 18 holes each day. You must provide your own transportation.”

How about, “Any US Vet over the age of 60 gets 9 holes for free each week.”


Please explain how you planned to vote for Trump in the first place? hahahahaha


Trump is a failure, I think I am done, waiting for a better candidate…one who WILL BAN IMMIGRATION period because he understands that IT is necessary…for the survival of CONSERVATIVES!


Please explain how you plan to vote for Trump from Russia? Your opinion DOES NOT MATTER!!!