While America is falling apart... Our President is tweeting about golf?


Just because it is @therecfem.

Many people (99% female) are taught to use the “walking on eggshells” theme in an attempt to shut up any dissenting opinions. Then they use the “you have mental problems” theme to shut them up if that does not work. It is like the anything you say will be used against you. It does not bring people together and instead is designed as a harmful relationship tool syndicated through media. In court lawyers and others make big money saying “walking on eggshells” to describe the reason why people need to get divorced and end their relationships.

It is not a jail sentence and you don’t need to live your life walking on eggshells because he is crazy right?

This is why it is part of the DV cult. Then the kids are stolen and used against the other parent with threats of turning them into a girl when they are a boy etc.


It sounds like you have personal experience with this AOC. I’m sorry.

BTW, I do not use phrases as manipulation weapons. Only God’s Word is my SWORD.

I know people who have been abused by the ideology in these books and use them as weapons.

I have not, will not, and do not ever advocate shutting people up or accusing people of mental problems out of simple jealousy or not being able to win an argument. Winning is not everything. Losing can be the most gracious and God-fearing route in some situations. I am not inclined to do that to people, it is not in my nature.

I also disagree with you 99% stat. Would like to see the data on that one.

Sounds like a shitty lawyer; in it for the money and not promoting redemptive solutions to broken relationships.

This sounds like inside knowledge that I should not comment on but I’m sorry if this is your situation. “DV cult” is also not a familiar term to me. Regarding the “threats” towards children and their GOD GIVEN biological sexuality, that is abhorrent behavior that must be confronted!


I see your desire to actually pay attention to the lame stream media has compelled you to play the Bush in Crawford game.

Of course, many of us on the right were complaining about Obama golfing…


Not really about me but spent years doing all of that. I helped left behind parents file to get into court which would never help.

This is a phenomenon.

Lawyers don’t make money putting marriages back together.


Familiar with MGTOW. Sad!